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The most common mistakes you make before, during and after sex

Just as in all other aspects of life, and in the bedroom there may be problems. Byrdie made a statistic of the most common mistakes you can make in sexual life.
If you think sex life is just about sexual intercourse yourself, well, know that things are not that! In short, sexual life affects us emotionally, physically and mentally. From a physical point of view, there are many actions in our body when we have sex, but the most important consequence is the change of frequencies in our brains.
A successful sex life has many benefits: it gives you energy, makes you happier, makes you feel better in your body and is an experience that strengthens you mentally. Wendy Strgar, sexologist and author of "Sex That Works: An Intimate Guide to Awakening Your Erotic Life" explained best in an interview for Byrdie:
"When you have a good sex game, you are responsible for your sexual needs and you have no problem claiming your rights. But when you quit trying to prove something, it is possible to be really sensual with your partner. And your body will become a symphony of sensations. "
But in sex life may also occur situations that can affect your life at all levels.Here are the most common mistakes you can make in sexual life:

Before sex

If a couple tries to make a baby, there is the myth that if you do not ejaculate for several weeks in a row, then the ejaculation that will occur during ovulation will increase the chances of the woman becoming pregnant. However, if ejaculation is delayed for more than a week, sperm quality may suffer.
Another mistake that often happens is not reading the list of ingredients of the sexual hygiene products that we use. Many women do not give the importance of the ingredients from which they get the products they usually use, and they can affect the quality of life in a number of ways: from dropping their chances of getting pregnant to irritation in intimate areas or even infections urination.

During sex
If you want a baby and use a lubricant, make sure its ingredients are safe, because not many types of lubricant are safe from the point of view of fertility, most of them affecting the quality of sperm.
There is the myth that some positions are more favorable than others when you want to get pregnant. The truth is that all positions are equally favorable and the chances of getting pregnant do not depend on the position in which sexual intercourse and ejaculation occur.

By sex
After sexual intercourse it is important to urinate. In this way, the vagina is cleaned of any impurities. In order not to diminish the chances of becoming pregnant, many women feel they should not urinate after sexual intercourse so as not to "lose" sperm.
This is not true, it is important to urinate after a sexual intercourse to eliminate the risk of a urinary infection.
But, beyond physical mistakes, it is important not to neglect yourself and think about the way you felt during sexual intercourse, which are the parties you liked the most, and if you are in a relationship duration, share these thoughts with your partner.
Caring for you and your relationship with yourself are just as important as the relationships you have with those around you.

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