Se afișează postările cu eticheta 7 days. Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările cu eticheta 7 days. Afișați toate postările

Grab the strap.
Do not be a broken hand.
Put your money on sock.
Here are 3 things that the Romans often tell you at home or in society when talking about money and savings.
You may think that each of them is an important lesson of life, which helps you to finally live prosperously. Get rid of the worry of tomorrow. And in a way, it is.
But besides the positive message, which is easy to see, the above sentences bring with them some hidden messages, which many Romanians take unconsciously and then pass them on. Family, friends and even children.
One of these messages is that you can not save yourself if you do not sacrifice yourself. If you do not give up most of the pleasures, maybe at all.
Then another hidden message is that you have to keep the money close. Do not quit, because you might not see them again.
And this is best seen in the attitude that most of the Romans have to invest.
Studies show that most Romanians prefer to keep their money in the mattress or savings account instead of investing them.
What I want you to know is that over time these hidden issues, such as fear of investment and the idea that sacrifice is mandatory, come to influence our actions most, while the message that is in the light (that's good to save) gets to either ignored.
This happens especially when we act on the automatic pilot, when we do not go through the filter of conscious thinking the decisions we are going to take. When we leave the subconscious fear to lead us.WHY WE THESE TO BECOME MY MESSAGE FROM THAT ASSOCIATION?
I have just finished the biggest financial challenge of the end of the year and there are still hundreds of messages from the people who signed up and who have received small but powerful steps that helped them put money aside.
The first 24 hours after I sent the last challenge were thousands of messages. Just a few:

More than 14,000 people have enrolled in total. That is, a city has learned to save, if we think about the population of some cities in the country.
Many of those who said YES and joined the 7 Day Challenges managed to put more than 200 ROL on average on their savings account or account.
But there were people who have exceeded 500 lei and this is just a few simple tips for a week.
Even those who have gone unconcerned, under the influence of unconscious fear or the limitation that you need big sacrifices to raise money, were surprised to discover that in 7 days they already put their first money off.
And this has given many power to see that financial freedom is something they can get.
They find that they can end the month with extra money. And that they can get a prosperous livelihood, where money works for them, and not the other way round.
And the interesting part about us is that, first of all, to get something different, we must first think it's possible. Otherwise, it is very difficult for us to act.The role of the 7-Day Challenge was this one.
To show as many people that financial success is not only for the most "special" of us, those who come from wealthy families or those who turn into high circles.
And that's what happened!
More than 14,000 people, like me and you, have discovered that money does not have to be a headache, but that they can also be financially successful as long as they make some small changes in their daily habits.
Besides, they have been able to get beautiful results with just a few simple methods! They set aside 200-300 lei in a week!
I know it does not look like much, but it's ... Think about what this means if you do not stop and apply the methods for a year: save between 10 and 15 thousand lei.THIS IS ONLY A SMALL PART FROM WHICH IT IS POSSIBLE FOR ANYTHING TO FIND OUT BETTER FINANCE!
And if you are one of those who want better financial results, today I want to make an invitation!
I do not promise you will get rich overnight! But I tell you that if you do the step now, in three months, your relationship with money can change altogether.
What is it about? I invite you to join the Talking about Money, the financial education program that I created with my team.
And who has already helped over 1,800 people in Romania to make more money and better manage them!
Now is the best time to join you!
I do not want to let the 14,000 people stop here with the results they have achieved. And I decided for a few days to offer a 62% discount for De Vorba cu Banii.
I want the 62%Why sign up for the program?

you get financial security, you learn to think prosperous and find out how to put the money to work for you when you invest smartly!
learn how to get rid of your debts to the bank and how to stay with your car or home, but also with money in your account
find out what are the hidden messages that we have in the subconscious that prevent us from living prosperously; then learn how to remove them
find out what is passive income and why he is your passport to a living-free life; more than that, you learn how you can generate that kind of income
learn how to prepare for the next financial crisis (which is closer than we think) and find out how you can use it in your favor!

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