Se afișează postările cu eticheta A wonderful. Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările cu eticheta A wonderful. Afișați toate postările

It is said that once a woman came to God. His back was bent by the weight of a big bag he was carrying ...
- Are you tired, woman? God asked worried. take your burden off your shoulders, sit down and rest.
- Thanks, I will not be much. I just want to ask you and leave immediately. I'm afraid something does not go wrong. I could never forgive this!
- What can not you forgive?
- If anything happens to my baby. That's what I came for. God, take care of him and protect him!
"That's all I do," God replied. did I give you reasons to doubt your care?
- No, but there are so many dangers in life, bad influences, and he is at an age where he wants to try everything, reach everywhere and assert himself. I'm so afraid she'll get a turn, hurt and suffer ...
"Well, next time he will be more cautious, because he has learned on his own skin what suffering means," answered the Lord. It's a great experience! Why do not you want to let him learn?
- Because I want to keep him from any pain! The mother exclaimed with anger. See, Lord, I always have a straw bag with me to put straw where it could fall.
- And now you want me to cover it with straw from all sides? All right, look here!
and God immediately created a bunch of straw and spread it into the world.
The woman sees her son trying to overcome that pile of straw, but in vain. The son was trying hard to get out of the circle limiting it, then falling afraid. eventually got matches and fired the straw. The flame contained the stack of straw and the smoke covered everything.
- Fiule !!!! The woman cried. I'm coming to save you!
- Do you want to throw straw on fire? God asked. Remember, the more straws parents put around the children, to protect them from all evils, the stronger the child's desire to escape from the circle. And if this does not succeed, man begins to burn his own life.
He does not know what pain or freedom to choose ... You think it's just a bag of straw, but it's actually a bag of trouble. in him there are all the fears, all the fears that you feel. Everything you think and worry about, grows and becomes strong because you feed them with energy. That's why your burden is so heavy, and your back is bold ...
- So, I do not have to worry about my son, what do you say, Lord?
- Take care what it takes! But you do not have to worry and worry about it. For I also care and care for him. Let me do my job. It does not prevent me from doing it. But understand, it's all about faith!
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