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30 iunie 2018

Mac cosmetics☻(Sin) lipstick w/ (Nightmoth) lip liner Makeup Tutorial 2018

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BULEARCA.RO is almost over! With the end of the year comes parties and nights out. So, you need to start thinking about your NYE look. One of the most important elements is your makeup. With makeup you can experiment and create many different looks from sparkly to bold and dramatic. To give you some party Glitter Eyes + Dark, Matte Lips.

Here are some gorgeous prom makeup looks that you will positively love! Prom night is really soon, so start thinking through your image!

11 martie 2018

BEAUTIFUL LOOKS USING OFRA, Eyes and brows, Maybe not so light foundation

Das ist das Makeup Geheimnis von Kim Kardashian

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Kim KardashianPeople have been trying to keep up with Kim Kardashian ever since she was young! Shown in her junior year photo from L.A.'s Marymount High School in 1997, Kim once told Seventeen, "I was in the popular-girl group, but I was nice. I was best friends with my sister and the nerds."
Kim K without make up. For all the people (mostly men) who do not understand what a difference hair and makeup makes! Not tom mention all the other stuff she has had done, even in the no makeup pic she still has fake hair extensions
kim kardashian plastic surgery... she looks exactly like her mom now!
now, the nose does look different here.. ? Kim-Kardashian-before-nose-surgery-chemical-peels-botox, Here Comes The Plastic Bride! Kim Kardashian 'Aging In Reverse' Thanks To Plastic Surgery, Claims Top Doc   
 Kim Kardashian Fashion by 2018
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