Se afișează postările cu eticheta a long life. Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările cu eticheta a long life. Afișați toate postările

No one is losing anybody, because no one possesses anyone. This is the true experience of freedom: to have the most important thing in the world without possessing it. "- Paulo Coelho
Jeanne Louise Calment was a person who reached the age of 100 and met Vincent van Gogh. Well, it seems she has spoken about the presence of signs that attest to the fact that a person can have a long life.
Let's see what these are!
You are full, but not sick
Centennial people do not necessarily have a low weight to reach older ages, but it's enough to keep their normal weight so the body mass index is between 18-24.
Go fast
It is scientifically proven: the speed of walking is closely related to the state of health. Thus, following a large study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh on nearly 35,000 subjects, it has been shown that those who go faster are less likely to get sick and have 50% fewer risks of heart attack. An average speed of 3 meters per second is enough to realize that you are relieved of health problems in the future, so move around daily and avoid sedentary.
You are stubborn
Emotions can influence health, which in turn influences the aging process. Optimistic attitude, stubbornness, lack of stress and positive emotions balance cortisol levels, also called stress hormone. An excess of cortisol can lead to damage to brain cells, favoring the emergence of age-specific illnesses such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, which significantly shorten the duration and quality of life.
Do you have many friends
Social involvement can play an extremely important role in our overall health. Numerous researches have revealed that isolation and loneliness are responsible for various mental disorders that can affect our quality of life, the most common being depression, the disease that afflicts over 121 million people around the globe.

You are educated
A few years ago, the Berlin Institute responsible for Population Development argued that people who come from an educated family or have a particular education have a tendency to live longer, and even more, we think about 100 years addition. Another reason that it is worthwhile to be educated.
You're socially involved
If you did not know, volunteering or helping, without waiting for something in return, can help you live longer. So if you're the kind of guy who helps unconditionally and without waiting for a reward, you're all set to live a lot!
You steal a nap
Do you remember our articles telling you how important it is to sleep a day? Well, the researchers have come to the conclusion that this practice can even help you live more and more healthily, because through sleep we can get our cells back much faster.
Consume lots of vegetables
Okinawa, in Japan, is recognized as the island with the most elderly and most longevity. Scientists believe the secret lies in the high consumption of vegetables every day.
You think positively
No matter how much weight you go through, you have a positive thinking and you are sure you will have something to learn or you will go through all over. Well, scientists say about this thinking that it can help you live even 100 years!

You're a woman

Sorry, men! In 2010, there were about 80,000 people passed in the US for 100 years, of which only 15% were men. The cause of this gender imbalance is not known precisely, but specialists believe that the low risk of various diseases in women may be due to female sex hormones and menstruation, low cardiovascular disease rates, and the lower incidence of smoking compared to men.


"Life can only be understood by looking back, but must be lived forward." - Soren Aabye Kierkegaard

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