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02 noiembrie 2018

The parable of the two trees ... You read it in a minute and you remember her all my life! 02.11.2018

It is said that a man had two apple trees in front of the house. A tree was good and another was bad and uncomfortable. When the master came out of the house, the two trees always prayed for him. The evil tree every time required differently:
- "Get me around," "Break me down", "Pour me water", "Get away from the mud from my stem", "Cover me with the heat of the sun"!
And the good apple always had only one prayer: "My master, help me bring good fruit."
The farmer was gracious to both trees, cared for, listened carefully to their desires and fulfilled all their demands. He did everything that he prayed, and the first apple and the second, in other words, the evil tree he gave him all he wanted, and the good tree gave him only what he thought fit to give a rich fruit, so as he asked.
And do you know what happened then? The bad apple grew big, the stem and root were shining as if they were anointed with oil, and the foliage was often dark green. Unlike him, the good apple through his outside did not attract anyone's attention.

When the time came, however, the poor tree produced some small and green apples that did not manage to ripen because of the foliage they were surrounded by. And the good tree brought forth great and tasty apples. He was ashamed of the evil tree that he had not given such a rich fortune as his neighbor, so he began to mourn against his master, blaming him. The master was mad at him, and said,
-I am I guilty of what happened? Was it not me who year after year did you fulfill all your desires? If you too would only have been groomed like your neighbor, and I would have helped you. But you pretended to be wiser than me, and I planted you for that, and you remained unproductive.
Much has been done to the evil tree and he promised that next year he will ask nothing more from the master than to help him make the fruit, and the other will all be left to his care. As he promised this, and he did the next year adat and he produces rich as his neighbor. The master's joy was great.The morality of this parable is the following. The lord is God, and we humans are the trees that he planted.

Ca şi orice stăpân Domnul cere de la noi să aducem roade. Iisus Hristos a zis: „orice pom care nu aduce roade se tae şi se dă în foc”, Deacea noi înainte de toate trebuie să ne îngrijim să aducem rod. Şi trebuie să-l rugăm pe Stăpânul D-zeu să ne ajute să aducem roade bune, dar nu să-l rugăm pentru orice măruntiş. Priveşte, doar nimeni nu se duce la un rege pământesc să-l roage orice fleac.
Domnul nostru este Domnul Care dăruieşte, zice Sfântul Ioan Gură de Aur. Şi e bine de la Domnul să cerem daruri mari, vrednice de un Împărat.Cel mai mare dar care Dumnezeu Îl poate oferi oamenilor este Împărăţia cerurilor, acolo unde El însuşi Stăpâneşte. Deacea şi Iisus Hristos ne îndeamnă: „Cereţi mai întâi Împărăţia Cerurilor iar celalte vi se vor adăuga vouă..”

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