Se afișează postările cu eticheta according to. Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările cu eticheta according to. Afișați toate postările

I am afraid that every pain, every beginning of the illness is the way my body reacts to what I'm thinking, but at the same time I'm glad to know that I can improve physical problems with positive affirmations.Because positive affirmations have an effect on the body and solve the physical problem, the author of "Positive Affirmations," Louise L. Hay, says, "Look at the mental cause. See if this can be true for you. If you do not stay calm and ask yourself: 'What are the thoughts in me that created this disease?' Repeat all the time: 'I want to free myself from the template in my consciousness that created this condition.' Repeat a few times the new pattern of thinking. Consider that you are already in the process of healing. "In the list below you will find the physical problem, what has brought to this problem and the positive statement that you have to say out loud, to become aware of it, to visualize it.1. Stroke - Thoughts that ferment to pain, contempt and revenge - Ingadui my thoughts to be free. The past is over. I'm crushed.2. Accidents - Incapacity to take your own defense. Rebellion against the authorities. Belief in violence. I release the template from me that created this situation. I'm crushed. I'm valuable.Acidity (digestive uterus, stomach problems) - Fear. Fear. Fear. Fear of grasping. I breathe freely and fully. I am safe. I have confidence in the life process.4. Acne - Self-Acceptance. You are displacing. - I'm a Divine expression of life. I love and accept myself right here and right now.5. Addictions - Get away from yourself. Fear. You do not know how to love. - I find out now how wonderful I am. I choose to love and enjoy myself.6. Listen (oral candida) - Mania about making the wrong decisions. - I accept with love my decisions knowing I am free to change. I am safe.7. Alcoholism - What good? Sentiment of defamation, guilt, inappropriate. Self-denial. - I live in the present moment. Every moment is new. I choose to see my own value. I love and approve.

8. Allergies - Who are you allergic to? - The world is good and friendly. I'm safe, protected. I'm living with life.

Positive health claims9. Dizziness (vertigo) - Flight, scattered thinking. Refusal to look. - I'm well centered and full of peace in my life. It is good for me to be alive and cheerful.10. Tonsillitis (a sore throat) - A strong belief in the inability to take your own defense and ask for what is right to you. It is my birthright to receive what I need. I ask now what I want, with love and ease.Anus (hemorrhoids) - Elimination point. Terrain of disposal. - I release myself comfortably and easily from everything I do not need in my life.12. Anxiety - You do not trust the flow and the process of life. - I love and approve and trust the life process.13. Apathy - You resist feelings. Desensitization of the Self. Fear. - There is no risk in feeling. I'm opening my life. I want to feel and live my life.14. Appetite (excessive) - Fear. You need protection. You're judging your emotions. - I'm protected. It's good to feel. My emotions are normal and acceptable. 

15. Appetite (low / anorexia) - Fear. Self-protection. You do not trust life. - I love and I approve of it. I am safe. Life is protective and cheerful.

16. Arthritis - You feel unloved. Critics. Resentment. - I'm love. I now choose to love and to approve. I see people around with love.

17. Asthma - Suffering Love. Inability to breathe for yourself. You feel strangled. Crying off, stifled. - It's good for me now to take responsibility for my own life. I choose to be free.

18. Attack of apoplexy - Family run, run away, run away. - I'm at home in the Universe. I'm safe and protected and understood.

19. Asphyxiation attacks (respiratory problems, hyperventilation) - Fear. You do not trust the trial. You're stuck in your childhood. - It's good to become an adult. The world is safe. I'm protected.


Aries loves the challenges, so he prefers flirting to be a kind of competition. If you want to conquer an Aries, do not let yourself be seduced immediately and let it struggle a little to spend time with you.


When Taurus flirting, he prefers to look mature and can provide stability. This may indicate that she wants a serious relationship. At the same time he appreciates the touches, so if he makes a joke, laugh and touch it lightly on his arm.


Gemini love communication, so there is no surprise that they prefer flirting that includes many jokes and stories. They also appreciate written flirting, so you can send all sorts of funny messages. Do not forget to always be happy around him.

Cats flirt in a very protective way. It is unlikely to hear from a Cancer man hangs, he wants to know he can rely on the person with whom he flirts. He is looking for an emotional approach rather than a sexual one.
Leo people are good at flirting. These are romantic but also dynamic and know how to combine these two styles. They appreciate the great, stunning gestures that prove to them how important they are. The lions usually flirted in a very playful way, with the amusement being the most important.

Virgo men are manners and know how to flirt in a polite way. They are retained and instead of giving you lots of compliments, they prefer to give you advice. In their case, a polite style of flirting is the right one.

Libra was born with the gift of flirting. When a Libra behaves very nicely with you, well, it flirts. A Libra man responds with romantic gestures and makes sure you feel appreciated.

Scorpions flirting intensely and sometimes in strange ways, as if their passion could erupt at any moment. Because of this, Scorpio men may be too difficult to understand for some people. In their case, it is better to approach them more easily, in a more fun way.

Sagittarius men are always open to new things, so they can flirt more and more. They adapt their style according to the person they want to attract. If you can accept the fun, spontaneous and sexual freedom style, then you will attract Sagittarius.


It can be quite difficult to make a difference between the way Capricorn flirting and applying for a job because his style depends on his career. It is attracted to a person who can show them by flirting what ambitions they have and how much they want their success.


Aquarius have their own style of flirting and can sometimes get emotionally off. The best way to flirt is to show him how smart, fun and amazing you are. If you do that, it's impossible to resist.



When Pisces flirting, they can be pretty shy. They love romance and appreciate suave flirting, sweet kisses, but also empathy.

Sagittarius and AriesExtremes attract, and this rule also applies to these signs. A sagittarius and a ram will have an intense, passionate and envied relationship with everyone around them. Despite the fact that both of these signs are sociable and loves to spend, this does not affect their compatibility or longevity. Sagittarius and Aries are mature, with intense and long-lasting relationships.Gemini and LibraThis relationship is very strong due to a rare intellectual connection. Gemini and Balance make up a wonderful couple because they live in peace, balance and harmony. For these signs, physical attraction is necessary, but the foundation of their relationship is spiritual attraction.Cancer and ScorpioThese signs will have a balanced relationship, as both show strong feelings. Signs of water are sensitive, profound and emotional. A Cancer and a Scorpio will make a perfect pair because they both value fidelity and consider that mutual respect is essential in a relationship.Taurus and CapricornThis couple represents the definition of the couple's souls. The connection between the two zodiac signs seems to be broken out of the most beautiful love stories. The physical attraction between a Capricorn and a Taurus never goes out because it is also supported by an intellectual balance. Thus, this pair violates Beigbeder's theory, which affirms that love lasts only three years.Gemini and AquariusThese signs fit perfectly because they do not care about the opinions of the people around, but only the belief of their loved ones. Gemini and Aquarius have unique personalities, but this does not destroy their compatibility but strengthens their relationship. They have a lot to learn from each other and they will live together magically, as they complement each other.Pisces and ScorpioFor those born under the sign of these signs, romance is everything. They consider that the details make the difference and are the kind of couple that gives attention to the anniversaries, candlelight dinner and goes on exotic holidays. For both of these signs, the partner is the most important aspect of life. Pisces and Scorpions are convinced families, and this common feature is the key to their relationship success.

Even if you do not believe so much in astrology, you can not deny that you read your horoscope from time to time. Generally, there are a few signs that are romantically compatible with yours, and others that you should avoid. Some of the signs look for the opposite in their life partner, while others want someone similar to them.No matter what you are looking for in a loved one - the sense of humor, romance, stability, etc. - it is clear that you deserve the best. Try to look for the qualities you want in a man, in his zodiacal sign, so you can orientate yourself. Astrology knows what she knows when it comes to love.Here are the most important features of each zodiac:Aries: The Intellectual ManAries are very rational and smart people. They are independent and like the depth in everything they do. As such, they will look for these characteristics in a man. They want long discussions to think and seek honesty and trust in their partner.Taurus: Strong ManBulls are the most indulgent people because they love their guilty pleasures. When I am in a relationship, however, I dedicate myself completely. Native Taurus is looking for romantic and passionate men. Also, men are very keen on the situation: nothing is more attractive than a strong man who knows what he wants.Gemini: The Onest ManGemini love challenges and are always ready to try new things. They have adventure in the blood and are very social, so they will always expect to keep up with them, no matter what the situation. Their partner must be a man who always says what he wants, but he also has a playful and fun side.Cancer: The Soul ManNo one is better at heart and more sensitive than a native Cancer. They always want the best in a relationship, but that does not mean you can take advantage of them. Cancer natives want a man like them: Honest, sincere and capable of doing both on their own and in a relationship.Leo: Male FlirtyHis native Leo characterizes his loyalty and motivation. If their partner does not have these characteristics then the relationship will have no future. Native Leo want a man who is directly, just like them, to be generous and always have flirting at hand.Virgo: The Masturbating ManVirgins are some of the most attentive and mysterious signs. They do not hurry to open too quickly to others, which can make a relationship difficult at first. That is why the native Virgins will have men who are patient, with their feet on the ground and very supportive. Virgo spends a lot of time in introspection.Libra: The Loyal ManLibra is known to be very stubborn. This can be a good thing, because it seems very motivated and ambitious. He also has logical thinking, which means he always analyzes the situation. A loyal and easily adaptable man is perfect for the Libra woman. Other essential features are good communication skills because Libra does not support when the partner is not interested in important things.Scorpio: The Passion ManScorpions are very intense and sexual. Many times they get into tangles because they throw in temptation and do not think about the consequences. A man who fits with the passion of native Scorpio will create a deep connection with them from the beginning. Scorpio natives are looking for a man to be fun and patient, especially when there are problems. You need a lot of time to gain their trust.Sagittarius: The Sensual ManSagittarius have a great adventure spirit and are quite open. They will always want to try something new, but they do not even get away from the opportunity to sit with the quiet partner in the house. Sagittarius loves men who are sensual and use the sense of humor to get rid of tension. They also need someone active and full of life like them, otherwise the relationship is destined to failure.Capricorn: The Man WorkerCapricorn natives are smart and serious, which is why they want a man who is not serious all the time. It also appreciates the partners who are like them, because it helps them to establish a much stronger relationship. They're going to look for a working but funny man, of course. They also want stability in the relationship to better focus on good things.Aquarius: The Sarmant ManAquarius are very creative, which is why sex with them is very intense. I love to use their qualities both in the bedroom and outside, which makes them perfect partners for the adventurous signs. Some Aquarius is looking for a charming and passionate man. They also want someone to be sociable, because they trust them in their own person.

Pisces: The Romantic Man

Pisces are emotional and very introspective, and they know when to take advantage of these benefits. Do not be fooled by others and know how to tell you when something bothers them. They want a relationship with someone who's passionate, just like them. Native Pisces appreciates the little romantic daily romances, so do not be afraid to show them your sensible side from time to time.
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