Se afișează postările cu eticheta and still. Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările cu eticheta and still. Afișați toate postările
28 octombrie 2018

The surprising qualities of the signs and still unknown to you

If your morning activities are holistic reading horoscopes, it is clear that you are a fan of astrology. Probably from the primary school you have found out what are the attributes attributed to your sign and you have already mastered them, assumed them and used them as an excuse to justify at least one reckless thing you did.

 Perhaps the horoscope gave you an idea of ​​your love life, helped you make small career choices, or maybe it's just an activity that makes you feel and enjoy yourself, noting how stars can decipher both your personality and what happens around you.
One thing is for sure: the more you read the horoscope, the more you want to know more about your sign and what your future may hold. That's why I've written a list of the most surprising features of your sign.Aries: Do not be afraid to make the first move
You are sure of yourself, enthusiastic, and truly believe in whatever you say and think. You are not afraid to make the first move, no matter what. It may be a first kiss, a reproach that has to be revealed in friendship or someone's attention to work on a job. Although sometimes surprising, your candor can put you in the best light and you can simplify things for others.Taurus: Physical touch is your version of the language of love
Yes, your nature is practical, with feet on the ground and patient, but a hug or a kiss can shake the inner universe when it comes from the heart. Indeed, you express your love and affection through physical contact, and when you get the same answer back, you feel that the person next to you has made your day more beautiful, whether it's just a simple handhold. They can be simple gestures but they improve your enormous state and you use them to show your appreciation.
Gemini: You have a native talent at whatever you propose to do
A feature envied by most, is incredible how you get from the start to whatever you do. Let's take photography, paint, or cooking lessons, most likely, you'll start doing right away. Being curious, intrigued and looking to grow from any point of view increases your ability to understand new concepts when it comes to new talent that you eventually make better than most.

Cancer: Your therapy is great
Literally. The sea relaxes and sends you therapeutic effects when you are in her neighborhood. The presence of water can refresh you, especially when you go through heavy times. Your nature is emotional, empathetic, and loyal, and ultimately, you show a sense of common sensitivity and apply also in this case when you let the water reassure you. No wonder your friends know you as the biggest fan of the beach.Leo: always in the limelight
Jovial, charismatic and very creative: the recipe of success in a situation where you have to have a good audience. And you're all three. You can sing in the middle of a room full of people in a cafe, you can present the idea of ​​a movie in a minute and get sponsorship. Whatever it is, you will do fine, for eventually putting you in the best light in public is in your nature, especially when you know that you are good at doing what you are doing.Virgo: student of grade 10
You are practical, indisputably diligent and tend to be perfectionist. Bonus: All this makes you an exceptional student. During the school or university year, what most people think is a nightmare can even fit into your favorite activities. Taking notes, reading them, teaching them can be the activities you really feel you want to do, and clearly not from the obligation. Virgins are also prone to attend a master's program or a course even after finishing the faculty.

Libra: you have the talent to listen
You are sociable and impartial, and your ability to listen, to be there for a friend who downloads his or hers, characterizes you. This ability can even be regarded as a gift because it is not only listening, but also understanding and retaining certain things. Give unlimited attention and patience for a friend who needs help.Scorpio: Nobody is surpassing humor
What may not be known about you is the fact that your humor is unique and you have a sarcastic feeling unprecedented. You are sincere, courageous and determined, and all this helps you to express your humor at the right time, in which you feel you have to give a humorous note to a situation. And your friends certainly appreciate innocent sarcasm from time to time.Sagittarius: Travels with you are practically revelations
Your energy helps you enormously when it comes to going on a journey. You have the ability to bring out anything in common, you have the ability to give a new perspective on one thing, motivate those around you to have more enthusiasm, and even you are the one who comes up with the idea of ​​a spontaneous journey. So, your character is open to the new and your appetite for appetite is always present.Capricorn: Closet with tight secrets
Because you are responsible and self-control is impressive, you are the one who can keep a secret safe. In your view, it is normal for you to keep a secret for yourself, nor do you think about sharing some private stories with someone else, and the one who appeals to you to share some delicate details of life will not regrets the decision.

Aquarius: Give the best advice

Being sincere, thinking freely and independently, but always acting with a golden heart, puts you in the first place with the greatest skill in giving advice to your friends and family. Even if the truth is hard and difficult to digest, your nature ingenuous and the ability to communicate turns every tip into a valuable counseling session. For those who do not fall in this sign: the next time you have a problem, do not avoid your Aquarius friends.

Fish: You always give a helping hand

Intuition, compassion and kindness are among your basic features. But a result of them lies in your incredibly helpful nature. Whether your friends are moving or needing to drive them to the office when their car is gone, you are always there, ready to help them out of pure will without waiting for something back.

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