Se afișează postările cu eticheta aspects. Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările cu eticheta aspects. Afișați toate postările

If positive thinking seems to be the key to a happy life because it can affect both your health and your bank account, should you make lucid dreams a priority? No matter what you think, the answer is not exactly what you think.

Is it like a world in which thoughts would catch life, according to the criteria of the law of attraction, so intensely publicized in recent years? For me, I think it would unfold as follows: I would successfully investigate the secret of eternal youth, or at least self-esteem, and share it with ELLE readers instead of camouflage tricks or intervention articles - I bet that it would be worth it and a Pulitzer Prize. Then I would schedule a world around with my girlfriends, because, deh, someone has to win the lottery as well. And on a wild safari afternoon, my soul mate would be knocking on a white horse so I could recognize it first.
But if I dreamed white horses on the walls, I am very good at it, unfortunately, the ancestral or fabricated fears can not control me, no matter how much I try to think positively. And materializing the things I imagine, with or without permission, could easily make a black comedy script. For example, every evening when I arrive home I would expect a Japanese strike with long and dark mowing in the bushes, as in The Grudge. The authorities would pick up my car whenever I parked in an unacceptable place. Where do you find that the mother's insistent phones would tell me about family deaths and not about the weather, as it often happens. And I would probably end my glorious existence in a tsunami, an earthquake, or a hot air balloon accident during the detour of the world.
Because we can not just have beautiful thoughts, do we? And I double my negation, even if the rules of American journalism would suggest I abstain because I came to believe I would not want to live in such a world - and one day I would be fatal. On the other hand, I tend to think that the law of attraction, popularized by the book and the documentary The Secret, can have a bit of truth. I think we all convinced to some extent that sometimes the planets are aligned favorably and fulfill our desires, and others apply the reverse of the medal and we can not escape even what we are afraid of. And under these conditions the pressure to think positively has a stake ... incomensurable. What to do?

The power of visualization
I recently shared with my friend (much more initiated than I in spirituality) the hypothesis of a loving failure when he gave me a reserved glance and interrupted me: "Shss, do not say such things because this year I entered fourth dimension and everything you verbalize materializes much faster. ' Oops! That may be so? A short search on Google approves its sayings (although the search engine can confirm or refute any theory ever issued). But many medical studies support the idea that how we think affects our lives and health.
"We are the only creatures on Earth who can change their biology through thought, feelings and intentions. Our cells constantly eyelinate and are influenced by them. When we fall in love, positive emotions invade our body by strengthening the immune system, while worries and depressions predispose us to diseases, "wrote Deepak Chopra, a guru (with medical studies) of self help literature. Moreover, scientist Masuro Emoto revolutionized the scientific world when he demonstrated that water molecules crystallize under the influence of thoughts. Let's not forget that we are about 80% H2O and maybe happy people can not really be perceived as ugly.
Another measure of the power of visualization is the experiment led by Dr. Guang Yue of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio (published on The doctor divided the study participants into two equal camps. One half has been physically trained, and the other half imagined just doing sports. The results surprised many people, because the exercises showed a 30% improvement in muscle mass, and the participants who viewed only in the excellent form achieved a muscle growth of 15% (half of the the result of those who mobilized).
It's fascinating, but also bullish to know that you are responsible in such a way for the way you look. Because it's far more convenient to blame genetics, stress and food chemicals than to recognize that you are your own architect in a much deeper way, not just about lifestyle control. According to these conclusions, we can look at our minds as a muscle that can be trained. And that can get us closer to everything we dream - after all, and the plasma is made by it too. "We are living a moment when oriental philosophies (Buddhism, Hinduism) unite with the latest conclusions of quantum physics, and we realize that the universe is actually consciousness. All of our relationships are based on images, so there are no real relationships with others because they only link us with some impressions. And the exercise of mind power is just as important as exercise, if not much more important, "says Alin Simion, Shakti Center manager and a passionate person in this field.
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