Se afișează postările cu eticheta claim that. Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările cu eticheta claim that. Afișați toate postările
02 noiembrie 2018

Brilliant phrases, from those who DO NOT claim that life is perfect!

Life is not always simple and beautiful, and those who say we should think positively in any difficult situation are usually annoying, but they are helpful. And with all our heart we are "for" a cheerful approach to all things in the world, but we also have to be honest, for sometimes it simply does not work.
For this very reason, I have gathered some brilliant phrases from people who have been tired at some point to claim that their lives are fabulously beautiful and where they speak frankly about real problems that hurt people ...Here it is ...
"Courage is the sight of one's own being and of any danger of a purpose." - Nicolae Iorga
"Some people think it's a sign of inner power to resist and insist. But there are moments when it takes much more inner power to know when to quit. "- Ann Landers
"The brave is the one who, being afraid, is going forward." - Gabriel Liiceanu
"I would rather be the first in a village than the second in Rome." - Iulius Cezar

"Abandonment helps us to live in a state of peace of mind and helps us find our balance. Withdrawal allows others to take responsibility for their lives and lets us take our hands off situations that do not belong to us. It relieves us of unnecessary stress. "- Melody Beattie
"Ambition is not condemnable, nor should you blame that ambitious person who wants to reach higher situations through honest and honorable means; on the contrary, they can do great and sublime things. But whoever lacks these aspirations has an inert spirit, inclined to laziness rather than action. "- Francesco Guicciardini
"And the weak, if they are united, become strong." - Friedrich von Schiller
"Force has effect on the servants, not on the free ones."
"Courage does what you are afraid to do. There can be courage if you are scared. "- Eddie Rickenbacker
"Many of them had extraordinary skills, but because they had no courage, they lived like dead and ended up being buried in their inactivity." - Nicolae Iorga
"We do not always have to turn the page, sometimes we have to break it!" - Achille Chavee

"The one who does not have the courage to talk about his rights can not win the respect of others." - Rene Torres
"Patience is the power of the powerless." - proverb
"Ambition is enthusiasm that has a purpose." - Frank Tyger
"He who imprisons and executes throws mistakes upon another. It is, then, weak. For the stronger you are, the more mistakes you make of mistakes. They serve you as a lesson for victory. "- Antoine de Saint-Exupery
"Courage is, I would say, a fear in which order has been made; which helps keep you on the side of fear where the losses are lower. "- Octavian Paler
"The ambition of eternity melts in the sun we are at the mercy of a dying star." - Valeriu Butulescu
"The first principle in life: do not be beaten in the face of people or happenings." - Marie Curie
"I'd rather be a coward than a brave man because you hurt people when you're brave." - E.M. Forster

Brilliant phrases, from those who DO NOT claim that life is perfect!

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