Se afișează postările cu eticheta energy footprint. Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările cu eticheta energy footprint. Afișați toate postările
29 octombrie 2018

How can you send healing energies to other people and how you can heal your energy footprint

Man is an energetic being, and indeed everything that surrounds us is absorbed with energy in one form or another.
Thoughts have an unexpectedly great power. The energetic fingerprint is so powerful that we can even create images and ideas in the minds of the people on whom we focus our mental energy.
Awareness of this energy and its potential allows us to develop our mental capacity and channel the energy of thoughts towards self-healing and the healing of our closest friends.
The ability to transmit energy is, in fact, something that anyone can use. Through exercise, we can amplify and direct this energy at will.
Can he cure our energy footprint to mind and body? Can we send healing energy to other people?
Concrete modes of transmitting energy!
1. Exercise and practice energy design only in quiet, clean places, and that make you feel good.
2. Relax your mind and empty the negative thought balloon by concentrating on your breathing pace and disconnecting yourself from the stimuli around you.
To transmit the healing energy more easily, you can speak out the person's name out loud.
3. Amplify energy.
To transmit positive energy, rub your hands together with circular movements. When you move your hands apart, you will actually feel the energy pulsing through your hands.
4. The energy sphere.
After going through the above step, project in mind that the energy in question compresses and takes a spherical shape.
Color the sphere of energy through the power of imagination. Depending on the form of healing targeted, here are the most beneficial colors:
• Blue - for emotional healing
• Orange - for the healing of physical affections
White - for spiritual healing and the body in general
• Green - to heal the heart
• Violet - for healing and mind protection.
Focus your attention on this energy sphere, watch carefully how it gets bigger, clearer and stronger with every deep inspiration.

5. Transmit energy.
When you feel that the energy has become strong, project in mind that you are sending it to the person you want to heal. you can even imagine that the person has already received the transmitted energy and already enjoys its healing effects.
6. Reload your forces.
The energy transmission effort exhausts the body and the mind of the transmitter, so it is important that after each such turn you recharge your forces. The best ways to recharge yourself with energy are walking through nature, meditation exercises and hot baths.
7. Other important issues:
• The healing energy quality is strongly influenced by the individual's condition, so it is best not to practice energy transmission when you are sick, indisposed, nervous or restless.
• Although it is not obligatory to do so, if you let the person who is addressing your healing energy come to receive this energy from you, you are more likely to receive it altogether, because it also manifests itself open to it .
• Needs feelings of love every time you transmit energy. It does not transmit healing energy to people who inspire negative or mixed feelings!
• All the transmitted energy of one returns to the emitter. So, whenever you send positive or negative energy, that energy will return to you amplified three times.

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