Se afișează postările cu eticheta happy couples. Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările cu eticheta happy couples. Afișați toate postările

Sometimes, depending on the reason you have been arguing, it is good to violate those rules that you have set out to strictly observe. Experts explain how their non-compliance can improve your relationship.

You have certainly heard of the suggestions you are about to read, and you inevitably believed in them, thinking it might be the secrets of a happy relationship. Well, the experts contradict us, having discovered that more and more couples are happy without considering them. Here are the 7 rules that happy couples DO NOT follow:

Do not get nervous
You've heard it many times, but sometimes, a quiet sleep can better end the argument than the exchange of replies for the next few hours. While the counsel has a good intention to base, the ability to keep your calm and reason diminishes as you get tired. In some situations, it is best to sleep and continue the conversation the next morning after you have rested and set your mind in mind.
There is quite a possibility that the reason why you scolded yourself was insignificant and you realize that the next day. If it is an important topic, however, it will be much easier to discuss the issue.

Do not keep secrets
Depending on the situation, total sincerity can do more harm than good. According to experts, the women who confessed about the transparency they have to their partner have said they do not tell their husband or boyfriend the amount of money they spend on clothes or other products that are not essential to them . I also do not tell them about the personal discussions they have with their daughters, considering discretion an important aspect in the mother-daughter relationship.

Speak openly
If you expose absolutely every aspect of your life and every opinion you have, you will not have time to spend together. Moreover, the relationship can become monotonous. In this context, some couples believe that former relationships should not be discussed in detail with the current partner, as undesirable conflicts may arise.

Do not try to change your partner
If something bothers you from your partner's attitude, finds a way to explain it. Instead of trying to change him, tell him exactly what your needs are and which aspect of their behavior should I pay more attention when you are together, so do not feel uncomfortable.

Follow your own interests
Compliance with this rule can often lead to a distance. Engage each other in your common interests and try to make a compromise even if the activity does not make you the most pleasure, eg going to football matches.

Divide housework equally
Experts argue that the priority of the relationship must always be happiness, not the proper division of household duties. For example, women who devote their entire time to raising children feel responsible for doing all those household chores while their husband is at work. Other women believe that this topic can create unnecessary discussions between partners that can lead to serious conflicts. That's why they prefer to do it on their own, ignoring this aspect and these rules.

Romanticism is a priority
When responsibilities such as raising children, paying bills and household chores arise, romance seems to make its presence felt less and less, and it is perfectly fine. You do not have to make considerable efforts just to comply with this rule. Most couples are happy even if they ignore romance, keeping their own little gestures of affection that keep them close.

7 rules in a relationship that happy couples DO NOT follow
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