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Se afișează postările cu eticheta make you. Afișați toate postările
28 octombrie 2018

6 qualities that will make you notice at work

Most of us want to be remarked by colleagues in the workplace, all the more so than superiors, and not to hide in a monotony without paying attention to more responsibilities that can lead us to a possible promotion.

We can not all be the deinvolved colleague who can handle all the situations and successfully complete all the projects, but we can strive to follow their example. In this sense, there are a few qualities that you can address and where your position in the workplace can change for the better:

It can be frustrating for someone to promise that they will carry out their tasks, then abandon them in favor of others. Although we think that the obligations are fully respected at work, this is not the case. That is why your colleagues and superiors will appreciate a man who does what he is asked for. Being available when others need it is not the hardest thing to do, but as simple as it seems, once respected, it will bring you more positive attention to work.
A certain percentage of professional competitiveness is required in your career, but when you help a colleague without your necessity, your gesture will not be forgotten. Ask a colleague if you can help him in any way to ease his or her job. By demonstrating that you are focused on the good of the team and the company, and not just fulfilling your own attributions, you will impress others.
It's very simple to quit. Even the shame or guilt you feel after a failure is far more constructive than abandoning a problem. That's why perseverance is a quality so sought by employers. Leaders want to build a team of people able to adapt and find potential solutions instead of those who withdraw from the moment a situation has to be resolved. When you feel stuck, try to resist. Being the one who has not quit looking for solutions will help you gain the appreciation of others.
If you want to be observed, you have to overcome everyone's expectations. The initiative may refer to the decision to lead a project that no one wants to take over. It may mean asking questions when you are constructively critical of demonstrating that you are committed to your own progress. People who notice themselves at work are those who are not happy with their present status. There are those who are concerned about steady ascension, learning as many things as possible and improving skills.
Even if you love your job, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with the challenges you have. We are confronted with deadlines of surrender, conflicts and much stress. These things can hinder us, but a very important aspect is to keep our calm. Do not think that goodness includes colossal gestures, even when you pay attention to a problem faced by someone next to you or help with advice, you will certainly make them a better day.


The enthusiasm you show every day will not go unnoticed. Would not you rather be that person in the office, even in the morning, with the smile on your lips? This way, you can even bountify those who get harder to recover from weekend activities.

It can be quite difficult to get you noticed at work, especially when most of your colleagues have the same qualifications. Try to follow these six features, and your reputation at work will certainly be a positive one.

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