Se afișează postările cu eticheta might make. Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările cu eticheta might make. Afișați toate postările
At the beginning of each relationship there is a pleasant feeling of enthusiasm about this new person, with which you seem to understand perfectly. Although there is chemistry between you and you can communicate very well, you should pay attention to these mistakes that you might make at the beginning of the relationship, without realizing it.

1. You are already on social mediaIt's no surprise that the most resilient couples are the most discreet. If you have only a few days to meet, it would be wiser not to post pictures together. Also, do not tag it in the photos you put and forget about the check-in. Try not to involve your families and stay away from their parents' Facebook profiles.2. Do not think about the pastUntil now, you probably had some relationships that have failed more or less painfully. It is normal to be afraid to become emotionally involved, but if you do not try to overcome these unpleasant memories, you lose the chance of a relationship that could become what you both want. Try to look at your future with confidence and enjoy every moment spent together, without thinking that you may not stay together. At the same time, never compare it to the former partners. Just because you were injured in the past does not mean it will happen now.

3. You share too much informationAt the beginning of each relationship you want to spend as much time together and learn all about each other. It's normal to know what each person does, if he's alone and what hobbies he has, but try to keep sensitive information for when your relationship will be serious. What should you avoid? Serious discussions about childhood issues, dramas related to ex-lovers or family. For these topics, it's good to be sure you can have full confidence in your new lover.4. Ignore the big differences between the two of youIf you like to spend your time reading or doing other relaxing activities, and the new boyfriend enjoys more to have fun in the clubs and can not live without adrenaline, you may have problems in the future. In addition, it is not just about spending time. If you have different opinions about marriage, financial issues and even religion, you should think well before continuing this relationship.Read also:What causes a person to remain in a toxic relationship

5. Do not trust each otherYou may not have enough confidence to talk about the secret secrets, but if you worry that they do not answer your phone and think you might be with someone else, then maybe you better assess this situation. It is assumed that you both have a new beginning, so none of you should be jealous. Try to leave enough space for the relationship to work and, at the same time, accept that each has other activities.
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