Se afișează postările cu eticheta personality say. Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările cu eticheta personality say. Afișați toate postările

After an exhausting day at work, how do you like to sleep? No matter how you prefer to sleep on your back or side, the way you stand can tell you a lot about your subconscious. The position you prefer to sleep will help you understand new, unique things about your personality.

The idea of studying body language and what it says about us is not necessarily a new thing. For centuries, studying the connection between mind and body has led to the discovery of revealing things about who we are and how we choose to project our image outward. So it seems that the position we are sleeping can also tell us a lot about us and can help us understand who we really are.

Some researchers claim that there is not only a direct link between the position we are sleeping with and our personality, but even an overlap between the two. The way you sleep can say almost everything about keeping as a person.Fetus position
The best known sleeping position is that of the fetus. The fetal position is where you sleep on your side with your knees slightly raised to your chest. This position suggests that you are an introvert person or feel the need to protect yourself very much from the world around you. Also, people who prefer this position are timid and sensitive. They have a state of anxiety that sometimes makes them lose in detail.On the back
If you like to sleep on your back with relaxed muscles, you are a reserved and calculated person. It is said that many times people around you are asking for a lot of things because they feel they can rely on itOn the stomach
Those who prefer to sleep on the belly are generous people who like to help others. This position is not particularly favorable for our body especially for the neck. We can also wake up with backache for this reason. In a more funny second day we will have pillow marks on our face, and we certainly do not like any of us.
What is the ideal sleeping position
The best position for sleeping is the one on the back, because all the muscles are relaxed, or the one on the side because it favors the circulation of the blood. But if you suffer from sleep apnea it is not advisable to sleep on your back because it will be harder to breathe.
Anyway, you will not get too strained because of your sleeping position. Do not put so much emphasis on the way you choose to sleep, because there is no universally valid theory in this respect, it is much about common ties between mind and body.
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