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Se afișează postările cu eticheta relationship. Afișați toate postările
28 octombrie 2018

Can not you have a long-term relationship? Here's why:

A relationship is made up of two partners. Do not blame the other only when things do not work. Discover 9 kinds of mistakes you make and your relationships are too soon to end up.

Stay and wonder why there is no relationship and end up suffering. You're a disaster when it comes to relationships. Stay calm, to a certain extent we all believe that about us. If you have not had long-term love of love so far, it does not mean that you are condemned to loneliness for life. Stop short and analyze why each relationship has ended and you may realize that some situations are repeated.
Correct those aspects and see how changes emerge. Read 9 common reasons why relationships do not work and see if you identify with them.
1. Past failures make you reluctant when it comes to love
We all have broken hearts and suffering and it's not at all pleasant. I will not even try to sweeten the feeling! It's really hard to get over those moments and leave you a bitter taste. The tough reality is that if you do not confront the past and not overcome the suffering caused by former relationships, you will not be able to have a healthy relationship at present and you will end up in the same situation.
2. Use your past to interpret present and future
Any unpleasant experience, be it indifference, abuse, betrayal, but also others seemingly innocent, can affect your way of dealing with the current and the way you design yourself in the future with you. Do not let this happen! If you have not worked with yourself on this chapter, then it's time to start now to have a harmonious relationship. If you do not fight negative emotions, they will inevitably feel in the couple and will affect you. So take action for your future in love!

3. You are only blaming your partner

For various reasons, it is difficult for many to recognize when we are wrong. As Aristotle tells us, justice is always somewhere in the middle. If you look at the situations with maturity and attention, you will notice that in any situation there was a part to blame for you. A reaction, a replica, a behavior might have made a difference. So do not look for your excuses and assume your mistakes. Lack of assumption is one of the main reasons for separation.

4. You have unrealistic standards

Let's be honest here! I do not say to give up all your principles and to lower your claims to the minimum because that would bring in your wrong people, but the compromise is sometimes healthy. And you have defects and he will accept them if he sees you the same attitude. I do not think you want to end alone as you read these lines. So refresh a little list with criteria and see what you can cut off from there.

Things that foretell a long-standing relationship since the first year

Psychologists call the first year of a honeymoon love affair, as the sweetest and most enjoyable days are usually the beginning. There are, however, signs that appear early in a relationship and which can predict its success.

The first year of a relationship is one of the most important because at that time couples adopt healthy and unhealthy habits that will shape the relationship in the future.
The habit that can save the relationship from many inherent dangers is an open and sincerity-based communication. When this habit is developed, any unpredictable obstacle can easily be resolved by partners.
Although there is no secret formula for a lasting relationship, I am, as I mentioned above, some signs that can tell you what to expect.Take time for each other no matter how busy you are
It's a very easy thing to do when the relationship is still fresh, but after a period of one year everything may seem increasingly loaded. Of course, everybody's program will not be perfect for the other, and that should not worry you. What you have to do is plan ahead somehow so that your activities have moments in which they intersect. Relationship requires more quality when it comes to time together than quantity, so priorities should be carefully chosen.You listen to each other
Maybe it sounds boring, but it's not as simple as it sounds. Many people find it hard to survive a year of relationship and often because they do not listen enough or are not listening enough. Keep in mind, the more problems you encounter and try to solve them ever since their appearance, the more you win.

You are open to what you like or do not like to bed
Sexual pleasures should not be a taboo subject, especially in an amorous relationship. If you are the best friend, as ideal, you should not be ashamed to show each other 'strange' parts. Nothing's weird, and we're different.You know what you should do and what you should not do when your partner is upset
If you want your relationship to last, you need to know how to communicate effectively in various situations, including when the partner is unhappy. Some members of couples can not solve a problem when they are 'fresh' because of feelings of nervousness, and in this case it is best to wait until you too are at point 0 and you have clear minds.Work constantly on the relationship
The key to a long-term relationship is effort and work. You have to learn from the very beginning that a relationship is a work in progress, so it's not all over after you conquered your boyfriend or he conquered you. Intimacy is not only about sex, but also about small details such as handhold while you are in bed or on the couch.You have total confidence in each other
This may be difficult many times, especially when the luggage of the past is not locked by a lock even by one or both partners. Everyone has to know that every problem can count on the other, and that will give you as well as a feeling of unbearable safety. You can consider this as a node that strengthens your relationship.You leave space to one another without getting hurt
When your partner asks for space, it can make you feel hurt or anxious. The key to going over this frightening stage for many is to not take everything too personally. It is healthy to have space for yourself as long as you and your partner are comfortable.

You show appreciation to each other
As you get closer to your first anniversary, start feeling comfortable with each other. At this point many partners tend to let the relationship collapse by forgetting to maintain it. For example, to show your appreciation, you can offer to cook for your partner when you know he has had a busy day and probably no longer has the energy for that.You know how to overcome conflicts in a healthy way
Couples must have a clear vision of their relationship, their limits and the state they are in. Until the anniversary of one year, you should know what your partner needs and wants and vice versa. So you know what to expect, you know where it is to work, and you know the strengths you can use to solve your couple problems.
So if you are at the beginning of a relationship and already meet with your partner the signs mentioned above, do not worry! Most likely, you will live a love story in all.


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