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Se afișează postările cu eticheta say about. Afișați toate postările

It is said that your destiny is written in the stars, so we thought you wanted to find out what awaits you in this life, depending on the zodiac.
Ram. You will destroy everything you create, then you can rebuild everything better. It will be very difficult for you to settle in, because you are in a continuous search.
You must understand that the anxiety you have will not disappear in a particular city, but it is your inner power to eliminate it. You have independence, and this desire turns your destiny into a carousel.
You want to be the best in everything you do and your leadership skills, so you're looking for a successful career. You will not have a problem to make money, but you will go through some financial cash.
It is best for you to engage in risk-taking jobs, such as a cop, prosecutor, racing pilot, firefighter, forester or businessman.
You are a conservative, working and powerful person. You will slowly evolve in your career, but surely. By the age of 40, you will be able to have a bank account that you can rely on for old age.
The natives of this sign are understandable and have a lot of patience, a quality that will help them easily cross obstacles.
For them, failure is an opportunity to discover new paths for success, and they have no trouble quitting a dream if they do not seem to have a chance to do so.
The family is all for them and they will have a lot of them. They are best suited to financial jobs, but they will also perform in the artistic environment.
You will only do what you want and you will not be willing to compromise at any point in your life. You are full of ideas and you know how to get in touch with people who can help you achieve your goals.
Because you are very good at words and given advice, you could make a career in literature or business.
You move fast, think fast and make decisions without much thought, so you will be very much appreciated in your field. The right job for you is a journalist, poet, travel agent or teacher.

You are a cautious person and you think very well before you make a decision. But when you do, do not go back. At the beginning of your life you will not be very successful, but you will work hard to get where you propose.
You are prone to a sedentary life, and you will not feel comfortable just around the closest people.
It will be very difficult for you to trust people, which is why you will not have many friends. It is best for your hotel or arts craftsmanship.
If you can get rid of fear of the unknown and the sedentary lifestyle, you have the chance to travel and see exotic places.
All your life will be your focus. You have a passion for luxury and you are keen to be part of the society's elite. The confidence you have in you will help you easily make a career in the arts or business.
If you do not get famous, you'll do whatever it takes to get around in the circle of celebrities. You will be extremely unhappy if you will not know success and lead a mediocre life.
You are an organized person and do not like to take the risk. Because you tend to underestimate yourself, you will occupy functions that are below your capacity. You will always seek to evolve, and in the second part of your life you have every chance of knowing success.
You like to contribute to the community you are part of, and you will be more helpful to help others than to get rich. It is best for architect, designer, computer specialist, mathematician, scientist, banker or psychotherapist.

You are not interested in material goods and you put more value on the people you know. You like to make friends and maintain relationships of all kinds, but at some point, your destiny will experience a change.
There is little chance of getting rich, but you have a special sense in arts or fashion and you have a great chance to work in these areas.
You do not really get tired of working, but you can make yourself known by your personal charm. No matter how much money you will earn, you will never have enough, because you like to spend.
You are a flexible person, so you can do all kinds of crafts, from a journalist, to a singer, florist, gardener or fashion designer.
You will not have an easy life, but you will not lose your patience at any time. Money is very important to you, so you'll tie all your relationships accordingly.
You have an overwhelming sexuality and you are passionate about occultism and conspiracy. Because you are a creative and powerful person, you will be successful as a scientist, gynecologist, surgeon, sexologist or medium.
You are an optimistic person and target higher than most. You like the change and you will try out more trades until you find one that will satisfy your desire for adventure.
Your destiny is marked by unexpected changes and unprecedented experiences, not necessarily in a bad way. It's best for you to be a pilot, a businessman, a travel agent, or a spiritual leader.
You are a persevering and patient person, and even if you are slow, you will take better positions than the other natives. You are an ambitious man, but you will only know success in the second part of your life.
You are not lucky or extrovert, but you work hard and have a vision. The best job is your manager, bacher, scientist, geologist, or education minister.
Your life is full of changes due to your nature thirsty for freedom and independence. You do not like monotony and you are not afraid to get it over.
You will have a fluctuating social evolution and you will do it in the right way, because you are not the kind of person to care only for her.
You are an idealist and you do not want to compromise to get where you want. You have a high intelligence and you are fit to be a pilot, electronist, astronaut or neurosurgery.
Your destiny is marked by indecision, but you are a flexible person and you will find your place anywhere. You are not motivated by the material part of life, and you are used to dreaming more than you live.
In some moments you will have money, in others you will have financial problems. You will know success as a musician, dancer, actor, priest or medium.
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