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Se afișează postările cu eticheta should not marry. Afișați toate postările
28 octombrie 2018

Signs you should not marry

Signs you should not marry:BERBEC Man (March 21 - April 20)
The Aries man can not be the perfect husband because he is extremely stubborn and sometimes he can have anger crises that can lead to aggression. Most of the time, Aries man needs a woman to keep her under control.

GEMENI man (May 22 - June 21)
Nobody says that native Gemini is a bad husband, but he is not a good one. He is the man who escapes responsibility and the one who prefers to let his partner take care of everything. You can not count on it when it comes to serious problems, and, in addition, it will get you out of your mind with its jokes, the bad majority.

Male BALANCE (September 23 - October 23)
He is a loser-summer. That would be the best word to characterize the man Libra. Though he has the potential to get away, his nature is too bohemian, relaxed, and worried about taking an attitude. Only a very strong woman can bring him on the right path, but there is the possibility that he is scared and departed.

CAPRICORN Man (24 December - 20 January)
The Capricorn man has the impression that the whole world is spinning around him and expects his wife to fulfill all the lusts exactly when he expresses them. He is an egocentric and even lazy man, but he knows how to keep his appearances so that everyone around him thinks that he is even working.

THE VICTOR MAN (January 21 - February 18)

It has the character of an incomprehensible artist, so it's hard to try to build a home with him. If it were after him, you would live in a caravan on a deserted beach, practically not doing anything like the long day. It's like a teenager, so it's hard to convince him to work or treat things seriously.

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