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Se afișează postările cu eticheta the man is. Afișați toate postările

Legendary fashion designer from France has become one of the symbols of the fashion world. She has made her signature on many creations, has created her own style, unmistakable and unrepeatable, popular until nowadays.
In addition to these well-known elements, Coco Chanel had an original and original vision of life. Here are some of his immortal sentences, according to the
* Hands are women's business card. Neck - it's the bulletin, and the breasts - the passport!
* Attention! You will not be given a second chance to produce a "first impression"!
* Age is not the most important thing for a woman: you can be superb at 20, charming - at 40, but you can stay unique until the end of your life.
* Here is a paradox: the deeper and the worse the man is, the more his claims to the woman are!
* A man who is prone to making gestures is condemned to be loved.
* If a woman enchanted you with its beauty, but you can not remember what it was dressed for, it means that her dress was perfect.
* The ideal accessory for any woman - is a beautiful man.
Nothing ages a woman, unless it's too sophisticated.
* The real magnanimity is when you forgive the ungrateful people.
* For freedom, no amount of money is excessively high.
* There are people who have money, and rich people.
* Everything is in our hands, so we are not allowed to let it go!
15 things you did not know about Coco Chanel:

When we remember Coco Chanel, we actually remember the world's most powerful woman. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel was born in 1883 in Saumur, Maine-et-Loire, France. She managed to create her own empire in a men's world. He always wanted to be equal, and even, most of the time, he managed to be better than them. She was one of the most non-conformist designers and will remain one of the most influential and influential people in the fashion industry, especially because she gave birth to the look of the modern woman.
Before becoming a designer, she was a cabaret singer. In this way he succeeded in his performance being valued and earning the first money.
"Ko Ko Ri Ko". Gabrielle Chanel took the name "Coco" when he started singing. This was always identified with two well-known songs, namely "Ko Ko Ri Ko" and "Qui qu`a vu Coco". Later, she claimed that this was, in fact, the nickname given by his father.
He put his trousers in the feminine wardrobe. The first time Coco Chanel wore trousers was in Venice when she wanted to travel with the gondola much easier. She also decided that it is not at all comfortable for a woman to ride while wearing a long skirt.
She launched her first flavor. One of the most famous perfumes he has created is Chanel No 5, launched in 1921. It has also become particularly well known when Marilyn Monroe was asked what she was wearing when she was in bed, her answer being "Only a few drops of Chanel No 5". Chanel No 5 was created by a desire: "A Women's Fragrance with Women's Fragrance"
She was raised in an orphanage. When Chanel was 12, her mother died of bronchitis. Thus, his father sent the two brothers to work on a farm and left their three sisters at the orphanage of the Catholic church Aubazine.
She entered the fashion world when she started creating hats. In 1910, it opened a boutique on 21 Cambon Street in Paris, called Chanel Modes. Its first clients were simple women, but over time, important figures have emerged.
He has lived in a hotel for more than 30 years. Coco Chanel lived a solitary life, being the resident of Ritz Hotel in Paris where, in 1971, at the age of 87, he dies. During the day, she stood in his apartment under the workshop, and spent the nights at Ritz. Every day, after leaving the hotel, the goalkeeper always called an employee to perfume the stairwell before her arrival.
He invented the costume for women. The world of feminine fashion was revolutionized by Coco Chanel, which freed women from the dresses and skirts that were not designed to allow them to move. The most popular costume made by Coco Chanel was of military inspiration, with pockets and buttons that looked like jewels.

He had a sour personality. He never missed the opportunity to criticize his contemporaries. This accused Christian Dior of dressing women as armchairs. In 1954, she is interviewed by Vogue where she claims she has always been copied by others.
Lion. Have you ever wondered why the lion is present among Chanel's jewels? Well, Gabrielle Chanel was born in the lion's sign, so he chose to reflect this in his work. All his life kept beside cigarettes and scissors a statue with a lion. It is also engraved on the buttons of the costumes created by it.
Black - its favorite color. Even though the shades of white, beige, gold or red are emblematic for Chanel, black has always been his favorite color. Chanel thought that by this color a woman can be seen how she radiates, and the most essential pieces can be easily accentuated. The color also refers to the uniform that she wore at the orphanage.
Collaboration with the Nazis. According to the French Secret Service, it appears that Coco Chanel was registered as a member of the German intelligence group Abwher.
Boy Capel. Boy Capel was an English polo player, but was known to be Gabrilla Chanel's lover. They met in 1909 while he was the girlfriend of his friend Étienne Balsan. Capel made acquaintance with the young lady with literature and was the one who financed her store. His style inspired Coco Chanel, which helped create the Chanel Look. Boy Capel died in 1919 in a car accident, and that moment was the first and last time Coco Chane was seen crying. "Either I die, or I finish what we started together," she said.
Famous in America. After the Second World War, Coco Chanel chose his lucky number. On February 5, 1954, she watched her models on the podium. The French press ridiculed his design, but also his age, so he decided to affirm in America. Thus, one of the most popular and read magazines in America, Life, wrote about it: "At age 71, Gabrielle Chanel brings more than style, a revolution!"
Funeral. At his funeral, the first places were occupied by his models, and his coffin was covered with flowers (camels, orchids and red roses). Coco Chanel was buried in Lausanne, Switzerland. The stone from the tomb was created by the designer, with an emblematic lion.

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