Se afișează postările cu eticheta to be together. Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările cu eticheta to be together. Afișați toate postările

It is a pity that the notion of "soul mate" has begun to be perceived by many as a cliché, because the strong bond between two people and their souls - is a positive symbol of the connection and the happiness of men.
EWAO writes that the fundamentals of this concept are set forth in Plato's "Banquet", where Aristophan claims that man is a creature with eight limbs and two heads. It seems that the gods divided man into two halves to make him weaker (that's why man does not feel fit). Theoretically, everyone can find their half, and then both will feel a whole.
Here we have to talk about that invisible thread linking two soulmates that is considered to be inseparable. According to ancient legends, the gods have linked this thread invisibly to people's ankles, and the color of this thread is red - the color of passion or love.
The positive symbolism of the bond between the two souls and the thread that binds them is obvious, these bonds never break, so when the soul souls meet, nothing can separate them. In other words, everything is possible!
Fortunately, the concept of "soul mate" has not become an illusion for everyone, and many remarkable people support this idea. Here's what the painter Julie Dillon says:
"Our universe gives each one of us a soul mate - a reflection of ours, a related soul. And wherever these souls are, no matter how far they are apart - even in different dimensions, they will find each other. This is fate, this is love. "
But the famous medium Edgar Cayce said:
"Soul Souls are a permanent connection with another person that the soul feels in different moments and places throughout their lives. Another person draws us to a spiritual level, not because it complements us in a unique way, but because in its presence we feel an impulse to reach full fulness. "
Another interesting opinion is expressed by Linda Brady:
"We recognize the soul of the pair because of the high degree of comfort and security that we feel in the presence of this person. This does not mean there are no issues that need not be resolved. Rather, it means that people feel intuitive if they can solve all the problems with this person without losing their respect and love. "
Finally, writer Elizabeth Gilbert states,
"People think the soul mate is the person who suits you perfectly and everyone wants it. But in reality the soul mate is like a mirror that shows you what prevents you from developing, a person who draws your attention to your own life and helps you change. "
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