Se afișează postările cu eticheta to learn. Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările cu eticheta to learn. Afișați toate postările
02 noiembrie 2018

Canadian quotes from which we have to learn!

 Every nation has its wise men. People who, as gentle fines or from their own sharp minds, synthesize human traits, facts, and situations.
The teachings, coming from such diverse sources, only reflect repeated and time-proven truths.
Whoever has eyes to see and ears to listen to, has only to win in life.Today, we will stop at a bunch of Canadian proverbs:
"Some books are read in the kitchen, others in the drawing room. A good book is read anywhere. "(Sam Slick, 1853)
"The only way to defend your ideas and principles is to make them known." (Discourse, 1877)
"It's easier to buy a book than read it and read it easier to read than to understand it." (Oslerisme, 1905)
"You ask for counsel only to strengthen your beliefs." (William Duke, 1925)
"Form may be more important than substance. An ice cloud can act as a lens and ignite the fire. "(Canadian Tales, 1927)
"Stubborn hearts and rambling minds are alike." (John Macnaughton)

"It's harder to be a hero in the eyes of a servant than a hero for biographers." (J. Laur, 1922)
"It is easier to attract sugar flies than vinegar." (Jean Luc Dubry, 1931)
"Peace makes nests, the war destroys them." (Anonymous)
"If you're stupid, ask a scholar." (Phillipe Aubry, 1933)
"Whoever does nothing, never fails." (1956)

 "Why complicate ourselves when we can make it simple." (James Rose)

"Sometimes it's good to be deaf." (Jaques Chiffre)

"Learn to think before you act." (Jean Lourd)


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