Se afișează postările cu eticheta to the zodiac. Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările cu eticheta to the zodiac. Afișați toate postările
14 septembrie 2018

Horoscope Love: How do you spend the fall according to the zodiac

What are the favorite activities of each fall sign.
For some autumn it is synonymous with the cold, with the sadness that it has passed for a year, while others are just waiting to cool the weather, enjoy the painting of the Aramaeum, the drowning of dried leaves and the outdoor activities. Here are the favorite activities of each zodiac in this season colorful and aromatic!Aries - move you under the open sky
Fire sign, love movement and nature, so autumn is the perfect season to test your limits. You walk more, run faster, hike, climb mountains. It's not too hot or too cold, yet you feel almost as motivated as spring, your favorite season.Taurus - flowing wine and must!
Very practical, Taurus gets the best of any season. And autumn is excellent for a rich season, especially culinary. A true Heaven for this gourmet zodiac, who will savor every cup of must and will test all the delicious recipes!Gemini - Book your next vacation
You do not like the autumn, you depress the dried leaves, the cold and gloomy weather, so make the most of the friendly September, and from October you shut up in the house, to the heat, under the blanket, with a cup of hot tea and a good book , looking for holiday deals in warm countries.Cancer - garnish the chamber
Bone baked, pickles, jams, nothing missing from the house of an accomplished housewife like the Cancer woman. If you did not have the time to take care of all of this, you are still happy as a child of the evening where you share with her a delicious apple pie or sliced ​​hot pumpkin slices.Leo - Count the days until the summer
Leo loves summer and warmth. If you could live in a continuous torpor, you would be the happiest one, so the days that end faster and the more cool air make you think about the coming summer. You divine every ray of sunshine and pray that winter will be delayed at least ...

Virgo - spend more time with your family

For you, autumn is a good time to reorganize, care for your flowers, change the decor in your home, to care for your family and your home. Organize recreational activities with loved ones, cook together, make themes, visit a nature reserve or a farm with many animals.

Libra - you're happy to change your clothes

The only thought that comes up when the autumn comes is that you can show off your favorite scarves, sweaters and seasonal accessories. Or give a rash through the shops looking for new ones. On the other hand, your romantic and warm nature makes you adore long walks and falling leaves.

Scorpio - you're immunizing

Your melancholic and anxious nature is not well understood with this season considered by many sad and depressing. You are debussing the changing weather and you are not thinking about how to put yourself in shelter of colds and flu. It's time to fill up with teas and supplements from the pharmacy.

Sagittarius - take the tent and go!

For Sagittarius, separation from warm weather, sunshine, is neither desirable nor easy. You like to walk around, explore, and an unfavorable weather forecast unlearns you. Until you can, spend your spare time outdoors, go with the tent, with the caravan, do a lot of moving in clean air!

The holidays are over, and you take advantage of his autumn to meet with your dear friends. At your home, at a glass of speech, boiled wine and a portion of baked chestnuts, or at a café, among the leaves that fly beneath the soles and make you nostalgic for the summer stories.

Pisces - see the sea once again

The responsibilities of starting the school, the year-end balance sheets impoverish and get you tired. You are already nostalgic after the summer, so let everything go and relax at the sea in these last warm and friendly days. For emotional comfort, try a quince pie and a good pie!

Horoscope Love: How do you spend the fall according to the zodiac
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