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Se afișează postările cu eticheta women on. Afișați toate postările
03 noiembrie 2018

Why more and more women on Instagram look the same?

Personal identity seems to be a dust-covered concept in the Instragram era, that virtual dimension where most women are drawn to indigo.
For some time I have been following the women on this platform and I realized that more and more of them look the same. Starting from teenagers to women in all their flesh. I have noticed that although many have a special beauty, they tend not to differ from the others. They all have the same style of dress, the same type of post, their attitude is the same, and the way they communicate is similar.Why do they want to be the same and why they do not like being unique?
I think women who tend to copy someone or something do not really know their identity. They do not know themselves, they do not accept and do not love for what they are.
First of all, I think they want to feel accepted by those around them, that gives them confidence, but it's a momentary, illusory trust. In fact, it's a trust they depend on, a false trust.
They are simply afraid to be who they are, they are afraid to say what they like or do as they like. It seems to them that what they like is not what society accepts, so they will be rejected and they will feel awful.
In another order, to be accepted, you have to follow a well-tested plan, right? A standard of perfection, imposed by magazines or advertisements ...

Because everyone admire them and want to be just like them. They want their popularity. I start to step by step on their example, they buy the same clothes, the same accessories and they start to pose as they look, expecting to be appreciated in social media and not only. Thus, they feed their inner wounds. But she is not aware that the lives of those women she is trying to copy have extremely edited pictures and that often reality looks completely different.
When you wake up in the morning and look at Instagram, you see plenty of perfect pictures of the seemingly perfect lives of others, and then you wash your face, look in the mirror and it looks like you're not beautiful enough, you do not have a beautiful life and that you are the only one who has problems. Not everything you see is true, but, and does not believe that the perfect life of women on Instagram is really something you want. It is impossible, every man has problems, frustrations, defects and bad days.What prevents you from being yourself?
The following questions will help you figure out who you really are, how much you value and how beautiful and unique you are. They will help you understand what wounds you have and how you feed them. It's terribly boring to be all the same, we need you the way you are, we need diversity, your true beauty.
What do I think of myself?
If I met myself, would I like what I see?
What is my goal in life?
How do I want to show my life and relationships with those I love?
What are my defects and qualities and how do I work on them?
What do I enjoy doing in my spare time and what are my passions?
What are my values ​​and what really matters to me?
What kind of people motivate me and make me happy?
Can I drink my own coffee without feeling abandoned?
How do I like to dress?
What are my favorite colors?
What is the location where I would go anytime if I could?
What relaxes me?
Do some things just to be appreciated by others or because I really want to do it?

Answer these questions yourself, be honest with yourself and look carefully inside. Ask yourself if what you do really makes you happy. When you are alone, without people around you but just with you, are you happy and fulfilled?

I think many of the women do not realize they will never be happy if they try to be what they are not really. You can be happy and fulfilled when you feed your needs, and not on someone else's. When you do what truly fulfills you, not for the moment, but first of all it tries to identify what represents you and fulfills you as a woman.
Why more and more women on Instagram look the same?

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