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Se afișează postările cu eticheta you start. Afișați toate postările

How does it happen that some women, although they are older, seem to be aging?
Most of the envy will say that everything is due to the genetic factor or "luck". In fact, the basis of this "injustice" are some golden rules, which, if any woman respects them, would look just as good.
Today, we propose 6 golden rules to follow and do not feel aging, but enjoy the beauty of every age.
Rule No.1: Be careful about digestion!
The digestive system normally has a biorhythm. Constipation is an indication that the intestinal tract does not work properly.
Some think that the thin intestine of man is like the roots of a tree. If the roots are strong, then the tree will also live for many years. That is why we must take care that the "roots" of our body are always alive.
And for that, we need to feed ourselves properly, with lots of fruits, vegetables and water.
By the way, water is good not only for digestion but also for skin. Insufficient water in the body will be felt through a dry and devoid of skin. So, the 2 liters of water per day are required for a healthy body and skin.
Rule No.2: Sufficient rest!
Insufficient sleep is enemy # 1 for skin and hair. It is very important that we sleep at least 8 hours a night and wake up.
While some think sleep is just a waste of time, it has been shown that sleep, besides restoring the body, erases emotions, useless information in the brain, and gives vitality to the body.
Rule No.3: Clean air is so necessary!
Walking in clean air is miraculous for the health and beauty of the body. If you work all day in the office, you'd better walk home, at least a few stations.
On rest days, long walks to clean air are the most recommended.
A special point for beauty is sitting in the sauna. With excessive sweating, the body gets rid of numerous toxins, especially if the sauna is made of organic wood.

Rule No 4: Vitamins.
I think it is not appropriate to list where most vitamins are found, even children know. Surely not in cigarettes, alcohol or cakes.
If during summer the vitamins are everywhere, winter is harder to find. You should know, however, that greenhouse fruit and vegetables do not bring any vitamin intake, in the winter you can opt for dried fruit.
There are a number of products that nutritionists recommend as the most vitamin: beans, blackcurrants, broccoli, oats, oranges, pumpkin, soy, salmon, spinach, tomatoes, turkey meat, peanuts and classic yogurt .
Rule # 5: Inner Layout and Emotional Status!
Negative emotions poison us and we get aging faster. That's why we have to smile as much as possible, envy as little as possible and have at least one activity a day that brings us pleasure.
Our inner condition greatly affects the way the body works. We must have a desire for life and a good mood to be always young and beautiful.
Rule No.6: The woman's age is betrayed by the skin of the neck and the hands
We do not know why it happens so the skin of the hands is often ignored, though it suffers the most.
It is exposed to many factors that aggravate it faster than the face of the face. For example, while on the face, before we leave the house, we apply a cream, a skin foundation that protects it from harmful factors, the arms remain unprotected, especially when it is cold.
Gloves must become a mandatory accessory as soon as the degrees of the thermometer fall below +4. Do not forget to wear special gloves and while we wash dishes, clean and whenever we use chemical products.
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