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Se afișează postările cu eticheta you unique. Afișați toate postările
28 octombrie 2018

The 3 qualities that make you unique, depending on your sign

If you're like me, you're certainly reading all sorts of articles about the zodiac, and you wonder where you fit. Who am I actually? What is my purpose in this life? Are we all the same? Learning astrology can be very difficult at first. Sometimes the horoscope tends to be very specific, which can make you really ask yourself where you fit as a typology.

It does not matter what the horoscope actually says about you, because some things remain constant. There are different characteristics that represent each zodiacal sign in part. It does not matter whether you are introverted or extrovert, it does not matter if you are good or bad, each sign retains certain qualities depending on the month in which they were born and where the sun was at that moment on their map.

Here are some qualities that make you unique depending on your sign:

Enthusiast - Maybe you're not always the liveliest of your group, but when you care about something, you really care. People generally do not talk so much about their passions as you do!
Directly - Even the most introverted Aries have their limits. If it seems to you that someone is committing an injustice you will support your point of view in white cloths, even if your opinion is subjective and you react impulsively.
Ambitious - You are the type of person that everyone around you relies on will not let you down and accomplish whatever you propose.
Comod - Taurus is said to be lazy, but this is a totally erroneous preconception. In fact, Taurus knows their comfort zones very well and manages your energy very carefully.
Elegant - Taurus are people with a lot of class and good taste. They know best what suits them and how to take things to have a certain strength.
Incidentally - You are the kind of person with very well established principles, and it is very difficult for someone to change your mind.Gemini
Curious - Gemini is eternally keen to know as much as possible and to be up to date with everything new. They are very lively and want to know everything about the people they interact with.
Unpredictable - When they want to detach, they will do it in their own way and when you expect less. And if they decide to come back from the road they will do anything to get you to get them back.
Rapid-They will always know what and how to say, they are spontaneous and will never be caught on the wrong foot.Cancer
Careful - Cats are generous people and are always attentive to the needs of others. You can rely on them for good and evil because they will not disappoint you.
Receptive - "Sensitive" can have a negative connotation, as if you were crying. But surely the rabbit is the most receptive and emotive zodiacal sign. This makes them much easier to understand and help others when they need it.
Loyal-Raci, they do not move away unless they have a good reason. They are the most loyal of the zodiac, and you can rely on them at any time and can confide without any problems because they will not betray you.

Optimist - They are very optimistic and have the power to reassemble easily after any failure. Proud, but always seeking a reason to believe further, the Lion will always struggle for his happiness.
Honest - The zodiac king will always be honest and will say what he thinks. The lions feel it's their duty to protect those around them by always telling them the truth.
Real - You are the kind of person who will always say what he thinks regardless of consequences. You will not hide and you will not try to lie just to get what you have intended.Virgin
Analytic - Fetters are very attentive to detail and will always analyze any angle of each problem before solving it. Without your intelligence the world will certainly be more chaotic and meaningless.
Genuine - You will never meet a Virgin that does not respect your promise. They are hopeful people who will always support you when you need them. Obviously he has to believe in your cause to support you.

Careful - Although they do not seem to be very attentive to others, they prefer to leave the impression that they do not care, but they will always be attentive to their loved ones. They are naturally pragmatic, calculated, punctual people who will always keep their promises.Libra
Charming - You will never get bored with a Libra. They will always find a nice way to convey what they feel.
Diplomat - He will never do you feel stupid and will not make a decision before looking at the situation well. They will always be careful not to hurt the others, and they will trace in a fair way what they think without favoring someone.
Open - They can be perceived as undecided and uncertain about what they want, but Balances are actually very open to everything new. Many underestimate you when you try to learn new things, but do not let you down.Scorpion
Intense - Scorpions are people who live their lives with great intensity and passion in everything they do. You can tell them anything about you even the most secret secret that they will not be shocked and try to understand you.
Intuitive - You can read thoughts, your intuition works so well. It is very difficult to hide something from a Scorpio. They will do their best to discover what you think and to make you trust them.
Reserved - You do not like to share so much about yourself as you like to know about others. You are the kind of man who prefers to analyze as an observer instead of actively engaging.

The philosopher - Sagittarius loves to philosophize about life and to interpret everything that happens to them to reveal the true intentions of others.
Adventurous- They love adventures and are extremely spontaneous. They love to risk and be surprised.
Honestly - You will never be able to lie to someone in the face or to hide what you feel. Your friends will always appreciate this to you.Capricorn
Responsible - Capricorns hate to depend on others and prefer to always be the ones who solve all their problems. Even if sometimes you can look careless, you always make your part of the story.
Disciplined - You are a person who always pursues his goals and always has a well-established plan to fulfill them. You are not necessarily a person dependent on work, but when you like what you do, you get very involved and you are very careful not to be wrong.
Basically - Capricorns are realistic and very analytical. He prefers to rely on facts and not on theories, because that is the only way they can really solve the various problems that arise in their lives.Aquarius
Eccentric - Aquarians are dynamic and very lively. Their desire for life is curious and unforgettable. You are the kind of person attracted to mysteries and puzzles, precisely because you love to uncover them and discover what's behind them. You are an open person and always looking for the most effective ways to discover what interests them.
Creative-You are the kind of creative person that can be considered strange by some. But your overwhelming imagination will always make you original.
Individualist - Aquarians are rebels and often revolt against the status quo, they love to live their lives in their own way without taking into account other views. You are not the kind of person who suspects the opinion of the group, or if you certainly do it inside your consciousness, you are calling to be who you really are. You love freedom and you love people the same way, so you hate when conflicts come between the two.Fish
Imaginative - Fish are very sensitive and sometimes complain a lot, which can exhaust the others. I get used to putting the wrong first and think too much about what can happen.
Idealist - Fish will always see good in humans, will choose to look only at the qualities of others and overlook their defects.
Spontaneous - You will always be left with the wave. You hate to make plans, you prefer to be spontaneous and surprised.

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