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Se afișează postările sortate după relevanță pentru interogarea Live. Sortați după dată Afișați toate postările

No one is losing anybody, because no one possesses anyone. This is the true experience of freedom: to have the most important thing in the world without possessing it. "- Paulo Coelho
Jeanne Louise Calment was a person who reached the age of 100 and met Vincent van Gogh. Well, it seems she has spoken about the presence of signs that attest to the fact that a person can have a long life.
Let's see what these are!
You are full, but not sick
Centennial people do not necessarily have a low weight to reach older ages, but it's enough to keep their normal weight so the body mass index is between 18-24.
Go fast
It is scientifically proven: the speed of walking is closely related to the state of health. Thus, following a large study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh on nearly 35,000 subjects, it has been shown that those who go faster are less likely to get sick and have 50% fewer risks of heart attack. An average speed of 3 meters per second is enough to realize that you are relieved of health problems in the future, so move around daily and avoid sedentary.
You are stubborn
Emotions can influence health, which in turn influences the aging process. Optimistic attitude, stubbornness, lack of stress and positive emotions balance cortisol levels, also called stress hormone. An excess of cortisol can lead to damage to brain cells, favoring the emergence of age-specific illnesses such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, which significantly shorten the duration and quality of life.
Do you have many friends
Social involvement can play an extremely important role in our overall health. Numerous researches have revealed that isolation and loneliness are responsible for various mental disorders that can affect our quality of life, the most common being depression, the disease that afflicts over 121 million people around the globe.

You are educated
A few years ago, the Berlin Institute responsible for Population Development argued that people who come from an educated family or have a particular education have a tendency to live longer, and even more, we think about 100 years addition. Another reason that it is worthwhile to be educated.
You're socially involved
If you did not know, volunteering or helping, without waiting for something in return, can help you live longer. So if you're the kind of guy who helps unconditionally and without waiting for a reward, you're all set to live a lot!
You steal a nap
Do you remember our articles telling you how important it is to sleep a day? Well, the researchers have come to the conclusion that this practice can even help you live more and more healthily, because through sleep we can get our cells back much faster.
Consume lots of vegetables
Okinawa, in Japan, is recognized as the island with the most elderly and most longevity. Scientists believe the secret lies in the high consumption of vegetables every day.
You think positively
No matter how much weight you go through, you have a positive thinking and you are sure you will have something to learn or you will go through all over. Well, scientists say about this thinking that it can help you live even 100 years!

You're a woman

Sorry, men! In 2010, there were about 80,000 people passed in the US for 100 years, of which only 15% were men. The cause of this gender imbalance is not known precisely, but specialists believe that the low risk of various diseases in women may be due to female sex hormones and menstruation, low cardiovascular disease rates, and the lower incidence of smoking compared to men.


"Life can only be understood by looking back, but must be lived forward." - Soren Aabye Kierkegaard

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A live-action Star Wars TV series is on the way – will it see Disney reviving George Lucas’ unused Star Wars: Underworld concept? The idea for Underworld dates all the way back to 2005, just after Revenge of the Sith was released. In the years after the prequels ended, Lucas and his team kicked around a number of projects, but the one that intrigued fans most was a proposed live-action television series. It was going to be something we’d never seen from the Star Wars universe before; gritty, seedy, raw, the series was to take place in the shadowy underworld of Coruscant in the early Empire days. No good Jedi and powerful Sith, just crime lords and those living on the fringes of society.
This stalled, however, and then, when Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012, they officially killed Underworld. The plug was pulled for a number of reasons, not the least of which was because the raw, dark tone of the series clashed with Disney’s family-friendly brand. But the saga is now set to come to the small screen in live-action again; along with the announcement that a brand-new Star Wars movie trilogy is in development from The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson, it’s been announced Lucasfilm is also developing the first live-action Star Wars series, set to air on Disney’s  proprietary streaming platform that will launch in the second half of 2019. Could this as-yet-untitled Star Wars TV project be the long-awaited Underworld series? It’s not as far-fetched as one might think.

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Back in 2015, Lucasfilm and Disney both expressed interest in reviving the series, and it seemed like the project might have been resurrected. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy confirmed there was a definite interest in updating George Lucas’ pre-Disney projects and seeing what they could do, though she cautioned nothing was set in stone:
“So our attitude is, we don’t want to throw any of that stuff away. It’s gold. And it’s something we’re spending a lot of time looking at, pouring through, discussing, and we may very well develop those things further. We definitely want to.”

Disney Star Wars Is Already Using Underworld Ideas

Planet Jedha in Star Wars Rogue One Will the Star Wars TV Show Revive George Lucas Failed Underworld Series?
Last year’s Rogue One is a prime example of how Lucasfilm plans to incorporate those older ideas, and why this mystery TV series might very well be the long-awaited Underworld. The Death Star plans heist wasn’t a new idea at all, but another concept that had been slowly percolating since well before Disney purchased Lucasfilm. Originally the brainchild of longtime Star Wars visual effects supervisor John Knoll, the first seeds of the story took root in his head as far back as 2003. He’d gotten wind of the fact that Lucasfilm was developing a number of stories for a planned live-action television series and thought his idea might work as an hour-long episode  within the series. In speaking to series producer and developer Rick McCallum, however, Knoll realized his story wouldn’t quite work within the setting and context of the Star Wars series, so he dropped it. A few years later, Kathleen Kennedy announced plans to do a number of standalone, anthology Star Wars films and Knoll’s story eventually became Rogue One.
A number of the pre-Disney ideas appear to be making their way into the Star Wars universe in the anthology films now, and Star Wars: Underworld appears to be the common thread that runs through it all. True to its word, Lucasfilm has been smart about not completely killing good ideas, but revamping them to work within the context of the modern universe; a young Han Solo and Lando Calrissian were set to appear in the show, and next year we’ll get them the big screen instead with  Solo: A Star Wars Story .

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Likewise, a particular beat in Rogue One feels like it may have been lifted from those old Underworld scripts. Cassian Andor’s introductory scene made it clear from the start he was a new kind of Star Wars character. If Han Solo was a lovable rogue, then Cassian was a downright scoundrel, willing to do the dirty work necessary to gather intel for the Rebel Alliance. When we first meet him, he’s deep undercover to gather information from one of his underground informants, who he kills when stormtroopers discover them to avoid his mission being uncovered. It was brutal. It was dark. It was exactly what you might have expected from something that wanted to realistically depict the gray morality of espionage and war.

There Are Dozens of George Lucas Stories Ripe For Reuse

George Lucas Star Wars 1 Will the Star Wars TV Show Revive George Lucas Failed Underworld Series?
So, what about those aforementioned Star Wars: Underworld scripts? Yeah, there were scripts. Many of them, in fact. At the time, Lucasfilm assembled a team of writers, including Battlestar Galactica showrunner Ronald D. Moore, to pen a number of stories for the show. Between them, the writers finished about 50 scripts , but Lucasfilm was hamstrung by what it would have actually cost to produce for television, largely because of entirely digital characters that George insisted on having major screen time, a concept that would have been insanely cost-prohibitive even a few years ago.
But that was then and this is now. Digital technology has taken leaps and bounds forward, and Lucas is no longer in control. For a taste of how everything we’ve discussed could work, look no further than the success of Star Trek: Discovery . When it was first announced the show would be on CBS’ streaming app, audiences were skeptical that the effects would be up to snuff. Yet the series is visually stunning, utilizing a mix of digital FX and prosthetics and makeup. If CBS can achieve such a high production value, then Disney certainly can.
Of course, this isn’t to say the new show is just a repurposing of Lucas’ old ideas – Disney-era Lucasfilm already rejected his story treatments for the sequel trilogy – but, considering they seem loathe to let old ideas die on the vine, the prospect of an already-developed world and story with dozens of finished scripts feels like something they’d find a way to utilize, especially now that audiences have proven receptive to darker television fare. If we get a Star Wars TV show that explores the timeline of the original trilogy that mixes movie canon with largely unexplored characters and stories, you know where it came from.

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That you may receive and not be what you need. I think you've often heard this expression in American movies. I, one, have been in my mind since my childhood without being aware of what it really means.
I did not understand if you wanted something and you might not have to. You just wanted that thing, why would not you want it?And, as usual, when I ask such questions, existence does not delay to give me the answer.
In life, I have often experienced this experience, but only a few examples have been clearly identified in my mind and today I will tell you one that is most relevant.I never wanted to leave the country ...
... to move, to live elsewhere, but in the last few years I thought it would be great to live in California. It seemed brilliant to have so many extraordinary things, such as access to conferences with various interesting speakers, organic shop paradise, a yoga studio at every corner of the street, meditation halls, a climate to make you you feel privileged and more. I had so many reasons to want to go to live in the land of health.
I was thinking about it every day, and I really prayed for God to find a solution. And as God is up and listening to all we want, he gives me what I wanted with so much fervor. He has organized the perfect way to move me to California: a man with whom I have begun an incredibly beautiful relationship.Every month we leave and spend at least a few good weeks.
Things were so beautiful, just as I imagined, especially because I had one of my good friends there. But after a year of traveling and returning, I began to feel at every departure that took more than a month that I was missing something. It was wonderful there, but it was not complete.
Although I had everything I wanted - a healthy lifestyle, great places where I could go anytime, the paradise of organic stores and the latest trends in health - I missed my home. Every day I missed my family, home friends, work and everything I had at home, especially as the distance and the time zone difference were so great.

Enthusiasm from the beginning has changed ...

... and I wanted more and more to come home, which I hardly decided to do in the end. I realized that I wanted to live in Califormia because it seemed to me wow for various rational reasons, but my heart showed me that it was not what I really wanted.

Sometimes we make decisions that can change our lives without being the best for us, so you have to think about whether you really want that thing or just attract you for rational reasons. Because if you choose the second option, it may not necessarily make you happy.

So what I recommend you do is to think well why you do what you want to do after you make a decision.

Rumi is one of my favorite poets, all his words of spirit are full of inspiration, love and peace for the soul. Perhaps most of all I Love Love, as Liviu Gheorghe recounts, you find at the end of the post. Until then, however, I have collected several Rumi quotes that if I assimilate, I would live much better.

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī, also known as Rumi, was a 13th century Persian poet, but also a jurist, theologian and Sufi mystic, who wrote some of the most profound and most beautiful poems of all time. But do not forget that reading and awareness is only the first step, because if you do not put into practice and act and everything is in vain.

"Study as much as you will, you will not know me, because I am different in hundreds of ways of your perception of me. Put yourself behind my eyes and see me how I see myself, because I have chosen to live in a place you can not see "- Rumi
You will then read about the 20 lessons you can learn from Rumi to have a more authentic, beautiful, loving life.1. Stop acting without meaning. You are the constantly moving universe.
"You were born with potential. You were born a god, full of self-confidence. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born full of greatness, with wings. You were not made to coexist in a larval state, so do not force yourself there. You have wings. Use them and learn to fly. "
"Why should I stay at the bottom of the well when I have a strong rope hanging by my hand?"
"Become the sky. Dismiss the prison wall. Free yourself "
"Do you know what you are? You are the manuscript of a divine letter. You are a mirror reflecting a noble face. The universe is not outside of you. Look in your interior, everything you want to be, you are already. "2. Your job is to live your life in a way that makes sense to you, not to "you".
"Start a great, stupid project like Noah ... no matter what people think about you."

3. Never give up on yourself
"When you go through a difficult time, when everything seems to resist you, when you feel that you can not resist for even a minute, never give up. Because then is when life changes its course. "
"Suffering prepares you for happiness. She purges all that you have in the house of the soul with violence, that happiness may take place. Blow yellow leaves, so fresh green ones can grow in place. Remove the old roots so that new ones grow from underneath. Any kind of suffering afflicts your soul takes place to make places for good things to come in. "4. Ignorance is the closure of God
"Ignorance is the prison of God. Knowledge is the palace of God. "5. The treasures found outside you can not compare to the inner ones
"You look from the room in the room the diamond necklace that's already on your throat."
"If you knew each other, if you could see the most beautiful face, maybe you would not dive into your clay house. Why do not you move into a house of happiness that shines from every corner. You are the one who holds the treasure and you have always been. "
"Everything in the universe is in you. Ask yourself".
"Why are you so excited about the outside world, when a gold mine lies in you?"
"A fountain is inside of you. It does not go with an empty bucket.

6. When you give up who you are, you become who you could be.
"Knock at the door and Nothing will open to you, and will make you shine like the autumn sun, will make you rise up in heaven becoming nothing and turn you into everything"
"Forget about safety. Live where you're afraid. Destroy your reputation. Become known ".
"Do not be satisfied with stories about others. Become your own myth.
"Give your fire to life, and surround yourself with those who have the fire."
"Be the snow that melts. Wash yourself. "7. You do not have to be the whole scale, just be the first step
"As you walk on your way, it appears."8. When you want to do something, do it wholeheartedly.
"Half the measure does not bring you close to greatness. If you propose to find God, but then you stop for long periods on the road, you never get anywhere "
"Wherever you are and whatever you do, be in love."9. Good things come to an end for even better things to happen
"Do not get sad. Every piez is returning in another form. "10. The grave is the place where light enters you
"What hurts you blesses you. Dark is your light "
"When you are a ruin, there is hope for treasure"
"Suffering can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open for everything, pain can become your ally in search of love and knowledge. "
"You have to hurt your heart until it opens."

11. Think Less. Feel more.
"Reason has no power in the expression of love."
"Spend your thoughts, do not let them obscure the moon's heart. Quit thinking. "
"Only from the heart can we reach heaven".12. Love deserves everything
"Play everything for love if you're really a human being. If not, leave the game. "
"Let your lover be mad and dreamy. Any waking man would worry that things would not work well. Let your lover be. "13. Change the world by changing yourself.
"Yesterday I was smarter, I thought I could change the world. Today I am wiser, so I change myself "14. We are made of love and love
"We are born of love, love is our mother."
"Your job is not to seek love, but to seek and overcome the barriers in thee that you have built against you."
"By love all that is bitter becomes sweet, by love all that copper becomes gold, by love all water becomes wine, through love all suffering becomes medicine"
"I have no companion outside of love, no beginning, no end. Soul shouts in me: Ignorant, release me! "15. Your soul is not part of this world, body yes
"When I die, I will go to angels, and when I die as an angel, I will become something you can not imagine"16. At the soul level we are all one
"All religions sing one song. Differences are just illusions and vanities. The sunlight looks different on this wall than on the other, and much differently on the other, but the light is all light "
"I'm not either East or West, there are no boundaries in my soul"17. Choose your life partner carefully
"Choose someone who does not score, who does not seek to be rich or is afraid to lose, who has no interest in his own personality: who is free"

18. True love transcends the material plane and even if the two bodies are separated, the souls will always be connected

"Separations are just for those who love their eyes. Those who love with heart and soul do not have such a separation. "
19. Quietness is the language of God

"Quietness is the language of God, everything else is a bad translation"

"Words are pretexts. The subtle connection attracts one another, not the words "

"Eloquence is quiet."

"Change your words, do not lift the tone. In the rain grow flowers, not under the sound of thunder "
20. Just living is not a suffix

"Do you think you're alive just because you breathe? Be ashamed that you are living so limited. Do not stand without Love, otherwise you will feel dead. You die in Love and live forever "

Lifestyle: 20 lessons to learn from Rumi   

Every time you sit on the yoga mat, you give yourself the opportunity to learn all sorts of lessons.
Sure, maybe you initially thought you were going to yoga because you want to see if you get out and get those complicated positions, but you will see that when you get out of the training room you have new information about yourself, about those around you and about world. If you keep going and have your mind open, there are many life lessons you can learn from yoga - after all, you are your best teacher and every time you sit on your mattress you are rediscovering completely new ways.
If everything I said above appears to be in the category of "hurrying hiccups", I understand you. I used to think yoga is just a workout that makes me more flexible and yes, if you practice it just for the physical benefits, it's ok and so.
But for me, what originally started only as another form of sport gradually turned into the opportunity to discover me emotionally in ways I never thought possible. Yoga exercises have been with me in times of depression, pain, confusion and turbulent changes, and have constantly and patiently reminded me that I am stronger than I thought.
Because yoga is a gateway to acceptance, self-love and unconditional compassion. Here are the lessons I have learned over time.How you like that you live
The most important lesson we learned about yoga is how much I control my reality how I think. When I first started practicing yoga, I focus rather on how difficult positions were, how weak my muscles were and how much pain I felt. Over time, I learned to control my thoughts and give up the negative ones that did not help me. Instead of focusing on how my muscles burn in a certain position, I'm just teaching my emotions that I feel, focusing on breathing, and trying to live at the moment without focusing on suffering. When I applied this rule outside the training room, I realized I did not have to stress myself with the negative things that happened to me. Everything is how you choose to see things. Now I know how important it is to think about the things that I can control and that will go out well instead of being caught by the agony of those I do not have the power to change.

Weakness is, in fact, a force
Of course, at first I did not leave all my positions. The tendons stubbornly did not help me, and no matter how much I wanted, I could not move as fast as I wanted. There were times when I was injured because I exaggerated, but that helped me to learn to be more gentle with me, to understand my body and not to compare my progress with others, but only with my own the day before.It's so good to stay completely immobile
Yoga taught me the power to stay completely immobile. Savasana looks like you pull a nap, but the fact that you are completely present at that moment, completely relaxed, helps you to start your journey to yourself. Uncluttering brings the benefits of yoga practice from the outside to the interior, to the spirit. In Savasana you completely teach your life, create space inside yourself for a pure, pure peace that helps you enormously, even if only for a few moments.Nothing is ever alive
Nothing lasts forever, be it a position, an injury, a state in the plan, everything is temporary. In yoga, as in life, we like to attach to what we like and to avoid what we do not like. But when you are in the middle of a workout, you realize that everything is in continuous flow and if something hurts in this second, in the next second you will feel a huge relaxation.Yoga teaches you to be a better person
Sometimes I wonder how I've managed to go through life without the things I've been aware of during yoga exercises. Yoga taught me how to live my life in a way that celebrates goodness and compassion and showed me how important it is to accept myself as I am. In addition, she taught me the importance of treating others in exactly the same way.

All my life I did everything I could to not feel vulnerable, to feel protected, to know that no one can attack me.

I was so afraid to leave the guard down, not to be hurt, that I would have done anything to feel safe.

I remember one of the workshops I attended in India where, in an exercise, I was asked how I feel when I'm vulnerable and what makes me feel that way.

Very proud of me, I replied that I am doing my best not to be vulnerable, which is why there are not many situations that could make me feel that way.

The facilitator smiled and asked me to come in without the group of about 25 participants. He continued to ask me questions that, easy, easy, made me feel vulnerable to them.

I would have done anything to run, to hide, not to see anyone ...

... not to notice the things that made me feel so exposed. She prayed not to do anything but to be careful about what is happening in my body, what sensations I experience.

I felt a wave of cold that had invaded my body, and a tremor that had taken hold of me. It was so much that I felt faint. I could not control my body anymore. The facilitator sat behind me, as if he wanted to protect me, not to feel that fear.

I felt naked in front of all those who could see me and felt the state of fear, a state that provoked me so much shame. It seemed terrible to me that someone was seeing what was happening to me beyond the strong and smooth woman mask I was so used to.

I knew from past courses that if you let your condition be consumed, it passes and you are not afraid next time of it.

This thought gave me strength and I waited for minutes to pass that seemed endless.

Slowly, I slowly began to feel a warmth in my whole body and a relaxation that I did not understand where she came from. Suddenly I felt good and very quiet. I felt a huge smile on my face and I jumped up with joy. I felt free. I took the facilitators in my arms to thank her for what helped me live.

I was released. I had wanted to live that state of which I was always fleeing and I always covered: the state of vulnerability.

I realized I was always afraid to let others see me just as I was really, in trouble, in fear, in hard moments, in circles, because all this made me feel vulnerable.

I was so attached to my image of a strong woman ...

... independent, that does not need anything (conditioning created since childhood) that I have built up dozens of masks that would look like this and that would not let them see what was really inside.

The thought of letting me be seen differently than I had proposed made me feel the way I felt in front of the working group, for which I never allowed that.

But when you wear the mask, you do not let anyone see you the real one, but you only see what you are showing to them, not who you really are. You can never have genuine relationships if you do not give up all the walls and masks you just created to avoid being injured. It is impossible.

I'm not saying it's easy, but it's the only way you can live freely.

I want to challenge you to think about what makes you feel vulnerable and how you feel when you are feeling this condition. You can take a diary to write what you feel or talk to someone you trust.

I can hardly wait to tell you about your experiences.

Leave should be a period of rest and relaxation, from which to return with the charged batteries, but in most situations it happens to come back from vacation more tired than you left and it is difficult to get back to the office.You know the feeling. But how would you live your daily life as a holiday? Sounds impossible?Today I asked Constantine Cornea, a psychotherapist, if there is a magical solution for that."I will use two terms: vacation and leave," says the specialist. "Leave is the number of days the employer can offer. Holiday is a state of mind that can be found anywhere, anytime. Because it is within us, because it depends only on us, on the way we build our inner world, but also on the external relations ", explains the psychologist.But how do you discover this state? "The simplest example is if we look at a child for a whole day. He wakes up with the desire to play and to sleep with the smile of the satisfaction of the day that passed and the taste of the day to come. For him, life is a game. No promise of life links and no expectations of certain qualities. Everything then sets, from ad-hoc rules, to roles that change as you blink. Because life is a game and it has the purity of childhood, that equilibrium that a mature man searches everywhere and finds it increasingly rare, "continues Constantine Cornea.Live every day as if you were on vacationThe psychotherapist even gave me some ideas of how to turn every day into a holiday. Here's the secret:"On your daily holiday you enjoy coffee or morning tea, enjoy the lunch menu or watch nostalgic from the wheel or from the balcony a sunset, the stars or the moon. Holiday is anywhere around, you just have to see it.Then the weekly vacation can also benefit from a sum of ingredients, such as a show with one of your favorite bands, a dance with your partner that can re-engage the fire or maintain it, a delicious art movie without the popcorn and juice , just with a story that makes you dream with your eyes open. Or a psychological film that puts your mind at the helm. Or a comedy? Since when did not you laugh? On saturated? With your partner, with your friends? ", Recommends psychotherapist Constantine Cornea.In addition, you choose to make a sport that you really like."And when I say sport, I do not mean the torturing hours in the gym. That's not sport, it's torment. That's why you do not lose it. Or quickly gain weight again. After the sport, you no longer have any need. After the sport, you feel just tired but happy, "says the psychotherapist.Equally important are the exits in the city, with friends, or why not, alone. Take the city at least once a week. You will surely discover other new places every time. Build as many memories as memories of holidays are always the most enjoyable, are not you? It is important to be open and to enjoy the little pleasures of life. I'm right under your eyes!

What can we do to keep our young and healthy brain as long as possible? Discover below the most beneficial habits you can adopt.

Stress, agglomeration, chaotic lifestyles and pollution make our brains slow and secure. That's why it's good to train him / her daily for a long, healthy life. Neurosurgeon, Alexandru Vlad Ciurea, head of the Neurochirurgia Section at Sanador Hospital, recommends some simple, but important steps for young people without old age.

Be positive!
It is not in vain to say that we are what we think. For example, if we think negatively, we draw negative experiences and we are even more vulnerable to illness, says the doctor. Instead, if we are optimistic and always see the full side of the glass, the immune system is ready to fight anything.The brain needs a restful sleep.
"The best sleep is between 10 and 12 nights. Rest is maximal in this interval, so it's the appearance of the "soldiers" who are doing brain cleansing, so to remove everything that we have accumulated during the day. If we have activity between 10-12 night, what happens constantly, I do not let the brain rest. Overwhelming exhausts the nervous cell, and in time can lead to dementia and Alzheimer's, "says Professor Ciurea, who has performed tens of thousands of brain and spinal surgery.Wake up early.
Even if it's going to be hard at first, try to wake up early. Professor Ciurea explains: "This morning's awakening, followed by some rejuvenating exercises, plus a glass of water at room temperature, cleans the body. Open the windows wide, breathe deeply and smile. The best friend of the brain is the smile. It's great to start your day like this. "Do not jump over breakfast.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, say all doctors. Studies show that breakfast is essential for stimulating the brain. In the morning, she eats only and puts healthy foods in the plate.

Adopt a Mediterranean diet.
Have you ever wondered why Greeks live longer than the rest of the Europeans? Fruit, vegetables, fish and cheese consumption provides good brain activity and a long life. In addition, do not forget to hydrate. Water plays an essential role for optimal brain activity.He never gets angry at home.
If you start nervous and agitated, you will continue until the night you come home. Your brain needs to be relaxed and quiet if you want productivity to be at its peak. Get out on the door with a wide smile on your lips, even if a busy day is waiting for you. In addition, do not let your traffic spoil your mood.Reading stimulates your brain.
Equally important is reading daily. In the century of modern technology, books have been replaced with gadgets. But scientists say reading is very beneficial. Even a few pages a day can make a difference. Memory should not be left to laziness, so stimulate your brain all the time.Socializes outside the virtual world.
Socialization holds your brain healthy. "We isolate ourselves in the phone and in the tablet, and the brain gets sick. People need to socialize. We are made to live in social groups, not isolated. The exchange of ideas leads to the development of brain structures. Today there is no socialization, and discussions are more virtual, "says the neurosurgeon. Meet your loved ones as often as possible and do not waste your time in toxic relationships. In addition, to get rid of technology addiction, replace it with "another drug" that stimulates your brain: sports. In order to have the desired benefits, the movement needs to be done outdoors, "Dr. Ciurea recommends.The weekend takes a break from technology.
"It would be advisable on the weekend to close the phone, so that we can no longer be subjected to his aggression. Mobile phone is a necessary bad, it is important to find the balance. Try not to use it excessively and do not always keep it in your ear - use the earphones. "(Prof. Dr. Alexandru Vlad Ciurea, neurosurgeon). In addition, the doctor recommends that free time be spent with the gang outside outside the screen.


Try to practice meditation, yoga and reflexology as often as possible. It is proven that these alternative therapies help remove stress and all the negative elements.
Be present in your life!

Besides all this, it is important to be present in your life and to live consciously every day. Take care of the health of the brain, but also of the entire body. Just so you can enjoy your youth for as long as possible.
What does it mean when you dream of Water? Well, you have to consider the context in which "Water" appears. Try to remember as many of your dreams as you can.

Here are the explanations for the "Water" dream:

1. To dig
If you dream of digging in the dream is a good sign because your life may be on the right paths.
It is said that if you dream of digging and having a large amount of land, it means that you will be lucky and you may have a large amount of money, it can be an inheritance or a salary increase.2. Get away
The dream of dropping a bottle on the floor means you have family problems.
If you dream of escaping from hell suggest that you will have good luck.3. Anchor (throwing in water)Hopes will be fulfilled.4. WaterThe symbol of the subconscious, water gives us life and keeps us alive, cleaning us from dirt. If the water flows normally, the dream has positive meanings. If it floods and floods the surroundings, it poses a danger, about which we can find out more details of the other symbols. Clear water symbolizes happiness, and the cloudy one, an unfortunate turn of life (see also flood, and other water-related symbols).5. WaterIf you dream of drinking hot water means you will have money difficulties and personal problems If you dream of throwing water on someone means you will bother your friends with your actions.

6. Water
This dream with more explanations depends on the type of water:- If you dreamed the cloudy water - bad sign, heavy illness, bodily or soul suffering.- If the water is hot - bad sign, adage, preloading galcevi with the others, other angry in everyday life.- If the water is clear, standing or running - you will have good thoughts and work power.- Deep, dark water - unpredictable dangers are announced.7. Deep water
Deep water in dreams is a sign of quarrel, misunderstanding, but also of fear.
Deep water influences the soul of man, causing restlessness and irrationality, which causes conflicts in relationships with others.8. Shake water
Rugged, turbid water describes a period of great negative emotions. You will experience unpleasant sensations, anxiety, fear, impulsivity, hate, insincerity.
If you dream like a water stirred by a storm means you will suffer from suffering, trouble.9. Hot water
In all the traditions of the world, the dream of drinking hot water is considered a bad sign. It tells you the most difficult time you go through, you will suffer from a disease, you will go into trouble or you will only be disappointed.
In the Islamic tradition:

if you dream to go with hot water means that the stress level will be low
the dream you go through hot water means that you will worry about your family
if you dream that someone is washing on the face with hot water means that the people around you will be mad at that person, depending on the temperature of the water
In the Russian tradition, the dream of warm water indicates that you will have unexpected pleasures in the future.10. Water flowing fastYou are envied by the enemies, but your business will go in full.

11. Flowing water
The flowing water in the dream can be of several ways:- evil - social success if you are attentive to your actions- para - usually suggesting wealth, honor, inheritance, luck, but if it is deep it means fatigue, worry- If water flows quickly it means envying enemies, but business is going well12. Rainwater
Rain water in dreams means well-being and impeccable crops.
If you dream that the rainwater is dirty and dark, then it means that it is a terrible time, maybe even a tribulation.
The dream in which rainwater is clean and flowing in the swing more surely you will get a financial gain in a very short time.13. Boiled water
Boiled water in dreams suggests a strong spiritual connection with the inner self, which implies that you will develop a passion for a hobby in the near future.
The dream of boiled water may also suggest emotional disturbances or very negative active thinking moments. You have fears, desires, guilty thoughts or other unbalanced or excessive thinking. The dream could also reflect the evil intentions that you have for a particular person you are upset about.14. Hot waterBitterness.15. Ice cream
Frozen water in dreams leads us to cold, indifference. However, ice may suggest a state of instability, uncertainty, fear, which could mean certain problems in emotional life: distrust, distancing or lack of affection. You could try to strengthen your relationship with your life partner a bit, to solve your problems.

16. Clear water
If you dream of a clear, lake-shaped water, it means that you will be friends with a young man who will make you feel good.
The dream of clear, flowing water means that you have good thoughts and workforce.17. Clear water, lakeGood friends with a young man.18. Large water
Big water can have multiple meanings, depending on what you dream about.
If you dreamed of deep water, it suggests that unnoticed dangers are announced.
The dream of stretched water is divided into two categories:
- the ocean - indicates a spiritual state of peace, renewal. You are very positive in thinking and feel free, do not limit anything. If you navigate the ocean means you have a state of independence, freedom. If the ocean is tough, you have to face ups and downs in your life.
- the lake - means an emotional restriction, you can not express your free feelings. At the same time, the lake brings an inner, secure peace.
For more details about the dream visit the interpretation of the Water dream.19. Mineral water
The dream of drinking mineral water means that you have a stable base of chances in life. This base will satisfy the craving to enjoy the fine and inaccessible things to others.20. Dirty water
If you dream-dirty water,- represents the negative or uncertain situations with which you have to be very careful all the time and take care of them. It can also reflect an initiation method that has been compromised or distracted.

21. Black Water
Dark water, dark in the dream, announces unpredictable dangers. You must take great care and compute your steps with great care.22. Cold waterStraight Friends.23. Salty water
Salty water in dreams symbolizes tears. The dream may indicate an emotional outburst or suffering.
If you dream of tasting salty water means that you will have a heart-breaking pain, you will most likely suffer from love.24. Holy water
Drinking holy water in dreams means the need for spiritual purification and rejuvenation. You are looking for peace and quiet.25. Poor waterAwaiting illness, madness or trouble.

26. Apparatus(radio) events that you do not attend, but who are interested- You will hear news- (TV) special events to which you will be / are witnesses and which are important to you- (measure) you have to weigh the details of your actions well, lest you exaggerate or make mistakes- self-control, self-censorship, prudence- avoiding excesses- (any other type of device) routine, the fear of banality, the need for new- the feeling that you always do the same things, boredom, the desire to change.27. Dental appliance
The dental device in dreams symbolizes your criticism against others. You should not hurry to criticize. You have to stop and listen and what others have to say.
If you dream of wearing a dental appliance then you should realize what you wear. Some people wear it because one day they will have beautiful and straight teeth, and others think it looks unattractive when wearing it, and it's also an impediment to talk and does not help too much.
The dream in which you wear dental appliances may also mean that you are a very patient person. Be patient to wait for better signs and you are able to look for a better, more beautiful future.28. Camera
The camera in the dream signifies certain desires to cling to the past, to live in the past. On the other hand, it may indicate that you have to focus on a particular situation, perhaps you should see things more clearly.
If you see or use a dream camera, it may also mean you may have difficulty maintaining a friendly relationship.
If you dream of a broken camera it means you try to ignore a problem, you do not see the whole picture.
The dream in which you do not find the camera means that you are not focused on the problem, you will easily lose sight of it.29. Apartment
If you dream of moving to another apartment, it means infidelity in love. Alternatively, if you live in an expensive and spacious apartment, you will be blessed with lots of money. Also, if you live in a small and inexpensive one, you could soon have a family quarrel.30. New apartment
Seeing a new apartment in dreams suggests that your family will support you and become the owner with this financial support and what you have saved.
If you dream living in a new apartment it means you start a new chapter, a new phase in life.

31. The frog in the waterYou will get an unexpected visit.32. Bulgari de zapada
The dream of beating snowballs means you have to surround yourself with nice people. It might also mean that you are struggling with embarrassing issues, perhaps a rivalry in entourage.33. CapCunning.34. OnionsIts beneficial effect on health is well known. So if you dream about eating onions, it means you will get new forces that will ease your work. If you are crying because of onion, in reality, you will not give tears from anything else.35. OnionsIf you dream that you eat boiled or crusty onions you will have health If you dream that onion is fried it means you will have an enemy If you dream of crying when you clean the onion it means you go to a carnival or some other exciting party.

36. Onions eatingUnpaid relatives.37. Cutting onionsBig offense.38. Green onions
Green onions in the dream, with leaves, means that the people around them are stubborn to make you stick in the wheel because they envy and want to let you advance.39. Ship on waterYou will receive unimportant news.40. Crapatura
The crack in dreams suggests a possible failure in business, you have to be careful not to become a reality.
If you dream a cracked mug means you may have a family quarrel.
The dream of a cracked plate indicates possible financial losses.
If there is a deep cracking in your dreams, it means there is a danger of breaking the ties with your loved ones.
The dream of a high-rise building with a cracked foundation means that you have assumed too much responsibility, and things go wrong.

41. Snowflakes
Snowflakes in dreams symbolize rebirth, hope and new chances after a period of stagnation or inactivity. You are about to break out of a dark cycle of life, armed with a fresh, positive attitude.
The dream of falling snowflakes predicts sadness.42. Groap
The dream in which you see a pit in the ground denotes hidden aspects of your activities. On the other hand, it may mean that you feel your interior is empty.
- If you make a hole in your dream, it means a long journey and a family break.
- If you fall into a hole in your dream it means that you will, with difficulty and effort, accomplish your plans. Alternatively, the dream can also represent a certain trap in everyday life.
- If you drew a hole in your dream in your ward, a sign of death in the family.
- If you dreamed that you could jump over a pit, it means you get rid of dangers but with money sacrifices.
- If you have dreamed that you are entering a pit (goodwill), sign of illness.43. Handicapped
Being handicapped in a dream or meeting or dealing with a person or a handicapped child usually refers to your appearance, skill or custom that has not reached its full potential. For example, your activities or efforts can be held back by feelings of inferiority or lack of confidence. These are due to the fact that in the past your feelings have been hurt or you have lost your self-esteem in some way.
A disabled person in a dream may also appear after a trauma suffered in his youth or a premature stroke.
If you dreamed of someone else having some kind of disability, it means that in the subconscious you think about that person and that it does not meet your expectations.
If handicap is associated with a sport, it means that you are in a social circle that challenges you and you have to stay in it to become better. When disability is associated with mental capacity, this dream indicates that you encounter a blockage where you have to find a way to crush it before it progresses in life.44. Iapa
Dream dreams are your intuition. Alternatively, it means sexual involvement.
- If you've dreamed a goat on the pastures is a sign of financial loss, but your friends are near.
White dreams in dreams symbolize your spirit and creativity.45. Snowman
A snowman in your dream suggests that you are emotionally cold or cold (a). You may have been a little cold and insensitive to heart, but you will have to show more warmth and love for your partner.

46. ​​Pope
Often, when a pope appears in a dream, it is the sign of confrontations with religious beliefs. The pope's image may be mild or harsh, depending on how it was portrayed in childhood.
The dream we meet the pope is spiritual orientation and beliefs. This dream serves as inspiration.
The pope appears in the dream as a substitute for his father's figure as a personification of God.
From a spiritual point of view, the figure of the Pontiff sovereign can symbolize the spiritual mentor or the Supreme Self.47. Papadiethe feeling that everything is desertion, bad mood, bad words you say or say about yourself.48. Papagalgossip, gossiping threads that can bring your service to you later.49. Papagalholy friends- first- singing-humiliation- coloring-shame is society- feeding on a insulting woman- in the cage - bitter weather- just one - waiting with love and miss- seeing indiscretion- Speaking - you're dirty- Dreaming a lot of shit in society.50. PapagalThe parrot dream is not good, you will not shoot and you are not guilty of anything. In addition, it's a difficult time for you to work, you'll work a lot.

51. Gapfrustration, stress, the feeling of something missing, fear, fear, things start to get out of control, the collapse of hopes, feelings, courage.52. Dripfear, distress- to pass near - near danger- Permanent danger- the edge of new sentimental encounters- jumping - ending the dangers- passing over - the removal of needs- You fly over, you're angry with the others.53. Rapa
If you dream of a rapa signifies your need to be sheltered and protected. You are in deep contemplation of your own emotions.54. Sapa
Sapa in the dream means the tool that makes the work unpleasant and difficult, difficult. Also, the hoarding provokes some difficulties and you will have to make a great effort to get through them well.55. SapaligaIf you dream of giving sapaliga is a sign that you will thrive in business, partnerships will not delay to appear, may get some business ideas, some tips, new paths will open to much desired success, large projects will make their presence felt, and trustworthy personalities will look interested in embracing you and your ideas, making the most of these opportunities.

56. DigIf you dream that digging is a good sign that things go in a normal way, at home, at service, the relationship with your parents enters a period of normality, you feel fulfilled, and no one can dig you out of this state of euphoria , if you dream of a large quantity of land, you may be in possession of a large amount of money, an older debtor may return a substantial amount of money, or you may be in possession of an inheritance, or you may grow your salary is given a premium as an appreciation for the extraordinary results at work.57. Snake in the water
The dreams in which a snake appears in water are about emotions and the fact that elemental living can influence your life in a way that you are not aware of them.
Snakes in the water symbolize unconscious fears or potential for emotional healing. In this case, such a dream could indicate strong emotional currents that can influence your course of life.
Alternatively, the dream can also occur due to overwhelming pretensions, especially concerns about the direction to which someone's life is heading.
Consider that snake appears in dreams as a warning sign or a wake-up call about a potentially dangerous situation associated with strong signs.
If the snake swims quietly in calm waters, it means that you have to deal with positive emotions.
If you dreamed that a snake would bite while you swim, then this dream could be interpreted as a warning. Pay more attention to emotions before you hit and get out of control.
You also need to consider the type of water the snake swims, your reaction to the snake and its behavior to interpret what emotional state will influence life.
If you are in the water and the behavior of the snake is friendly or neutral, it means that you are embraced with your feelings. The presence of the snake could indicate the healing of emotional wounds. The dream can also reflect the desire or hope to erase some worries about a relationship or a situation that will deeply reach you.58. Stapan
If you dream of having a master is the sign of a possible inability to lead others- You will get better results under the command of a strong person.59. Glass with water
When you dream of seeing a bottle of water, it can usually mean a pregnant woman, a wife, a husband or a host. The bottle itself symbolizes a pant, a money bag or an unpleasant person. Water in dreams can mean prosperity, fertility, long life, because water can bring everything to life.
If you dream that you carry a bottle of water means that you will earn financially if you are poor, you will marry if you are a bachelor or maybe you will have a child if you are married.
The dream in which you stand to fill the bottle with water means that in the future you will witness an ecological disaster.60. SnowSnow is the symbol of repressed desires and critical thinking. If you dream of moving hard among the names means you will have luck if you work a lot. The fall falling from tree branches is a sign that you will have luck in investments. If you dream of removing snow with shoveling means you have to be careful about the actions of an influential person.
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