Se afișează postările sortate după relevanță pentru interogarea lifestyle. Sortați după dată Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările sortate după relevanță pentru interogarea lifestyle. Sortați după dată Afișați toate postările

Do you plan to have a diet to reduce the excess of pounds? Before you consciously follow your eating plan, eat food for a while, which lowers your appetite.
Before you adopt other dietary principles, you should adjust your caloric intake and appetite. Make sure you do not face various deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, which can give you the feeling of increased appetite. To feel the feeling of satiety for several hours of the day, consume these foods that lower your appetite and saturate quickly. I've found the most properties list on It's time to rethink your strategy to lose weight.
If you did not know, the protein diet saturates you faster and the feeling of satiety persists, and a recent study in the field focuses on foods that have this effect. The findings of the study were published in the Journal of Molecular Metabolism.
Important is that certain amino acids in proteins can diminish appetite and give the feeling of the village.Foods that reduce appetite - the most delicious
The human body does not produce lysine, only arginine, but in small quantities. Therefore, you need to get these essential amino acids in your diet. Both maintain optimal health parameters and promote weight loss.
What foods contain both arginine and lysine? Beef, chicken, mackerel, avocado, linden, almonds, walnuts and pistachio have the highest concentration of these two amino acids.
On the other hand, plums and apricots, which do not contain protein at all, are rich in arginine and lysine. You can conceive a food plan based on protein foods, but also include these fruits. You can eat them as snacks, between meals, or at least one hour after dinner.What's your new diet?

If you plan to keep your eating habits and consider them auspicious for your health, call the next strategy: gradually add one meal to the breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack menu. All you have to do is ensure that at each meal you have foods that contain both lysine and arginine. Also, the daily menu should include unrefined carbohydrates, good quality protein, and healthy fats.
For example, the macro is rich in arginine, lysine, Omega-3 fatty acids. You can eat it two or three times a week.
Linten contains high quality protein, which contributes to the formation of muscles, and contains good carbohydrates. Almonds also contain proteins, fiber and healthy fats. Avocado is also on the short list of precious foods that lower your appetite and quickly induce the feeling of satiety.
Bonus: Have you eaten a slice of toast with the avocado paste, which chopped almond presses? It is a satiated, tasty and very healthy snack.
Lifestyle: Foods that reduce your appetite - Consume them as often as possible!

That you may receive and not be what you need. I think you've often heard this expression in American movies. I, one, have been in my mind since my childhood without being aware of what it really means.
I did not understand if you wanted something and you might not have to. You just wanted that thing, why would not you want it?And, as usual, when I ask such questions, existence does not delay to give me the answer.
In life, I have often experienced this experience, but only a few examples have been clearly identified in my mind and today I will tell you one that is most relevant.I never wanted to leave the country ...
... to move, to live elsewhere, but in the last few years I thought it would be great to live in California. It seemed brilliant to have so many extraordinary things, such as access to conferences with various interesting speakers, organic shop paradise, a yoga studio at every corner of the street, meditation halls, a climate to make you you feel privileged and more. I had so many reasons to want to go to live in the land of health.
I was thinking about it every day, and I really prayed for God to find a solution. And as God is up and listening to all we want, he gives me what I wanted with so much fervor. He has organized the perfect way to move me to California: a man with whom I have begun an incredibly beautiful relationship.Every month we leave and spend at least a few good weeks.
Things were so beautiful, just as I imagined, especially because I had one of my good friends there. But after a year of traveling and returning, I began to feel at every departure that took more than a month that I was missing something. It was wonderful there, but it was not complete.
Although I had everything I wanted - a healthy lifestyle, great places where I could go anytime, the paradise of organic stores and the latest trends in health - I missed my home. Every day I missed my family, home friends, work and everything I had at home, especially as the distance and the time zone difference were so great.

Enthusiasm from the beginning has changed ...

... and I wanted more and more to come home, which I hardly decided to do in the end. I realized that I wanted to live in Califormia because it seemed to me wow for various rational reasons, but my heart showed me that it was not what I really wanted.

Sometimes we make decisions that can change our lives without being the best for us, so you have to think about whether you really want that thing or just attract you for rational reasons. Because if you choose the second option, it may not necessarily make you happy.

So what I recommend you do is to think well why you do what you want to do after you make a decision.

There are some very effective relaxation techniques to calm ourselves in difficult situations and to find inner peace. One of the most appreciated comes from the Japanese and is hundreds of years old.
Stress is related to many health problems, but it is a factor that is part of our everyday life, which is why we need to learn how to manage it effectively. There are some very effective relaxation techniques to calm ourselves in difficult situations and to find inner peace.
Stress in small quantities can be even beneficial as it helps us get out of the comfort zone, think differently, look at the situation from several angles so that we make the best decisions. It is very important to learn to use it in a positive way in our lives; otherwise it will be a real nuisance not only for the mind but also for the soul and the body.
There are many ways people have tried over time to master daily stress. Nowadays, more and more people use methods such as meditation, exercise, massage, yoga, pilates, listening to the right songs or even watching a movie.
However, there are some hundreds of years old methods that are not so well known and that are very effective in fighting stress.
One such method is this Japanese technique that many people say reduces stress in just a few minutes.Why not try older relaxation techniques to eliminate stress in our lives?
According to Japanese technique, each finger is connected to specific emotions. If you know what these connections are, you can handle many problems.

Here's what this is about:
- Your thumb can help you get rid of anxiety and worries;
- the index finger can help you overcome your fears and trust you;
- the middle finger can help you control your feelings of anger, anger and bitterness;
- the ring finger can help you treat melancholy and depression;
- Your little finger can help you stimulate self-esteem, restore optimism in your soul, and eliminate the stress of your mind.How do you put this relaxation technique into practice:
There are two ways to perform this exercise.
1. With your fingers on the left hand, pull your thumb from your right hand until you feel the pulse, then continue with your next finger. Finally, you can place a slight pressure in the center of your palm with your thumb on the opposite hand for 30 seconds-1 minute. In this way, you can get a deep relaxing state.
2. Depending on the emotion you want to work with, grasp your finger and massage it for a minute. After a minute, tighten your finger using your fingers from the opposite hand.

Lifestyle: Relaxation Techniques - There is a Japanese technique to relieve stress in just a few minutes 

We know what it is like to want to leave your hair free, without ending it by catching it in a queue, using all sorts of gadgets to curl or straighten it. But if you start to know about the products right, you can get silky hair, as you always wanted. When your hair is fine from roots to peaks, it means it's really healthy.

Be careful when you wash it

When you wash, you tend to clean only the roots without worrying about peaks. Not only do they get a lot worse, but they get a lot more dry. In the case of straight hair, natural oils come from roots and tops very quickly due to gravity.

Cuddly hair needs a lot more careful care, because oils go a long way to hydrate peaks. People with cold hair should not wash so often, but if they do, it is advisable to use a purifying conditioner to separate the hair from the secreted oils.

Spin when hair is dry

Most of us are not so delicate with our hair when we comb it. As you handle your hair, its cuticles suffer. The easiest and easiest way hair will no longer suffer is to use a special brush for wet hair. Start first with peaks, and then with the length of hair and roots.
sources: 2018
Use a T-shirt to dry your hair

The towel method around the head is not the best option to dry your hair, because it will break much easier. It is advisable to use a cotton sweatshirt and just absorb from the excess water that the peaks have, without rubbing your hair because its texture will suffer and you will not have that silky hair you have it want.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase

The reason why your hair gets tangled much easier than usual may be the face of the pillow you are sleeping, especially if the fabric contains cotton. Cotton absorbs the oils that hydrate your hair, while silk or satin pillows hold on the length of your hair, giving it a healthy look.

Dry your hair with cold air

You will notice a significant difference if you replace the hot air of the hair dryer with the cold air. Not only will it block the excessive volume, it also helps the cuticle. Make sure that the direction from which cold air comes is from roots to peaks and use your fingers to make it much easier.

Eat healthy fats

Nutrition plays an essential role in the hydration and appearance of our hair. It's hard to have silky hair with those healthy reflections if you do not stick to a diet made up of natural foods. That's why it's important to eat healthy fats such as nuts, avocados or salmon. Even Omega-3 supplements can be helpful. You also need to hydrate and drink plenty of water every day. Maybe it sounds strange, but if your skin is dry, then your hair will be the same.

Add sodium bicarbonate in your shampoo

Sodium bicarbonate increases the level of surfactants, acting like a hair exfoliator. It also has benefits on the scalp. Add a little sodium bicarbonate in your shampoo, at least once a week, for effective cleaning and natural looking.

For silky hair choose products containing keratin

When you buy hair care products, look for the ingredient called keratin, a substance that provides that silky hair look on their label. Keratin helps restore hair resistance, especially in damaged hair, because it acts inside the hair.
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I used to think I was the only person in the world who experienced anxiety and states of this kind. But then, I started talking about it, and soon I found out I was not alone. Now, it's hard not to find a story or an article about Internet anxiety every day. I always wonder, what's going on? Why do so many people suffer from anxiety? Is this a more common problem than it was before?
After my research, I discovered that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness all over the world. They affect 20% of adults over 18 years of age
After talking to a lot of people and reading a lot of forums, we found that anxiety in general could be something that most of us can "deal with", be it prescription, holistic medicine or mental and physical practices.
You can start your day very well and suddenly, from nowhere, your body becomes numb, hot, envelops you in a sweat that burns your toes, causes knee pain, causes a stomach void, alters sight, stiff neck, causes hair to feel in the fire ...
When this happens, the physical world feels so far away, you feel faint. But often, others around you do not immediately notice what happens to you because you internalize this extreme and sudden feeling.
For me it is about breathing and returning to earth with mudra and words. A lot of words. Speaking with self or words and repetitive phrases can be an incredible tool when anxiety hits you.Here are the following 20 statements that help you get out of panic:

I'm cold, calm and gathered.
This is only temporary.
Every inspired breath soothes me and every exhaled breath eliminates tension.
It's not your thoughts and feelings, and it does not have to hurt you.
Every cell in my body is relaxed and calm.
Smile, breathe and walk slowly.
I love deeply and unconditionally.
There is peace in me that can not be disturbed.
Transcend stress of any kind. I live in peace.
Inspiration calms my body, exhalation makes me smile.
Everything is good in my world and I'm safe.
And this will pass and I can cope.
With every breath, I release the anxiety and I become more calm.
Feelings come and go like clouds in a wind. Conscious breathing is my anchor.
I have overcome the fear of nothing and everything and live life with courage.
Understand this and be free: we are not in our bodies; our bodies are inside us.
I admit that the only constant in life is change and I'm ready for it.
You are exactly where you are right now, because you have to be there.
I am free of anxiety and continue to be so.
Act in the way you want to feel.

Lifestyle: 20 positive and sedative affirmations for panic states 

Rumi is one of my favorite poets, lived in the 13th century in Persia, was an Islamic dervish and a Sufi mystic, being recognized for his poetry in which he seeks truth and love.
The story says that Rumi once gave a holy man to Shams, who became his spiritual master, friend and inspiration. The spiritual link between them took an unexpected turn when Rumi's son killed Shams. Rumi fell into a state of intense bitterness, which was the basis of over 70,000 verses of poetry.
A few Rumi verses expose you below for a day full of omnipresent love. The translations belong to me, probably do not fit exactly with the official 🙂

Lovers do not meet in any particular place. They are in each other every moment.

I once had a thousand wishes. But in my only desire to know you - all the others have melted.

That's how I would die in the love I love you: like a cloud dissolving in the sun.

When I'm with you, we can sit up all night. When you're not here, I can not fall asleep. Praise be the Lord for the two insomniacs and the differences between them.

You will never find me. Because I've always been with you since my inception.

Love is the bridge between you and everything.

If light shines in your heart, you will find your way home.

A thousand love must be abandoned so that the heart can find its way home.

Patience does not mean to stand and wait, but anticipation. Look at the night and see the day. Lovers are patient and know that the moon takes time to become full.

There is a subtle truth: you are what you love.

Come on with love. Since love is all that exists.

Close your eyes. Fall in love. Stay there.

Your duty is not to seek love, but to seek those limitations within you that you have built against it.

I'll whisper to you - just nod and stay silent.

Love told me - there is nothing I can not be. Remain silent.

I'm all yours. Do not play me back.

I will wait here until silence dissipates until your soul moves, and your love will wake up.

Love is propping up on the foundation. It is an infinite ocean, without beginning or end.

From a distance, you see only the glow. Come closer and find out I am you.

The only beauty that lasts is the beauty of the heart.

Farewell words are only for those who love their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no concept of separation.

Throw your life in the fire and look for those who make the flames.

In your light I learned how to love.

Love is everything. We are just pieces.

If I love myself, I love you. If I love you, I love myself.
The search for love keeps us alive, and without it we can not live. Love is the very thread of Ariadne - it is that invisible force that guides us and all we have to do is to receive it every moment in our life and embrace it.

Lifestyle: 25 love quotes from Rumi 

Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged, because there is always someone next to you wherever you go.

Here are the most important tips for you:

1. Get out into the world. Travel. Visit. You will be glad that you have seen so many.

2. Find a partner to make you laugh. Find a partner who smiles and who is willing to share his happiness with you.

3. Take time for yourself. It's so important.

Call your mother every day and tell her you love her.

5. If you want to eat a full chocolate cake at midnight, with your best friends, do it. No one will kill you.

6. Do well in this world, because you will enjoy more than you think.

7. Get out on a stroll after a stressful day and listen to your favorite music. You will be surprised how well you will feel after this activity.

8. You laugh at yourself. You're probably more fun than you think.
9. Make mistakes. From mistakes you learn the most beautiful lessons of life.
10. Sing with fire when you feel the need. Why? Because you can.
11. Never apologize for being yourself.
12. Love. Fall in love. You will learn so much about yourself when your heart loves.
13. Understand that life is a gift. Do not lose it.
14. There is a perfect line between true friends and friends. Only time will tell you who your real friends are.
15. Take care of the people you love.
16. Choose to be kind. It's not at all difficult to be better with the people around you.
17. Respect your body and respect yourself. Always!
18. There is real work needed to change the world. Be prepared to work hard.
19. Choose a job because it's exactly what you want to do, and not because that's what others want to do.
20. Learn to give up people who bring stress in your life, even if you care about them. It will be much better without them.
21. The only person who can save you is yourself. Be your own heroine.
22. Always remember that what frightens you most will make you thousands of times stronger.

Lifestyle: 22 tips for every woman trying to find her place in this world 
One thing that you realize when trying to make a nutrition and sports plan is that the diet that worked for your mother or your best friend may not be the same for you. Fortunately, there are many diets you can choose from, such as Vegan diet, Paleo or WeightWatchers,

Ayurvedic diet is a very good option, but it is less well known so we will give you all the details.
The first thing you need to know is that the Ayurvedic diet is a traditional medical system dating back to 5000 years in India, and the principle is that you choose your food according to your "dosha", which is an energy present in the whole body affecting your digestion and governing your physiological activity.
Ayurveda is called the science of life, so it involves much more than what you eat, more precisely balancing your sleep, state and attitude in general.
There are three types of dosha - Kapha, Pitta and Vata - and although all three are in a person's body, we each have a dominant one. Once you know which one is, follow the ayurvedic diet appropriate for her. Ayurvedic diet can definitely help you lose weight, but it's not about counting calories or macronutrients, it's about eating whole foods and reaching a balance, which will help you get the optimal weight for your body your.The three types of dosha and the foods associated with them in Ayurvedic diet:1. Kapha
The predominant Kapha people tend to be stable with their feet on the ground and deep. According to Ayurvedic diet principles, people with Kapha dosha tend to have a higher weight. They have a regular digestion, they sleep deeply, and they do not face the changes too well. Typical physical aspects may include hair often, large eyes and fine skin.
These people get cold easily, so it is recommended to keep them warm. Also, Kapha people are known to be slow, so many of the suggestions of diet, as well as lifestyle suggestions, are meant to stimulate them. The Kapha elements are earth and water.
Diet recommendations are as follows:
- Eat a little dairy, or not at all- Cook with strong spices such as ginger, cayenne and pepper- Consume small amounts of fat and oils- All vegetables are recommended- Consume preferably weaker fruits such as blueberries, apples and pomegranates than fruits such as bananas or pineapple- Limit red meatpitta
The elements associated with Pitta are fire and water, so the people at whom this dosha is predominant are known to be intense and daring, with abundant energy. They have a good digestion but it is easy to exaggerate with eating, which can cause stomach problems and even peptic ulcer.
Pitta people are very easy to concentrate on, they are open, sincere, but they are also irritable. I sleep well, but usually not enough. Because they are so temperamental, the diet of Pitta individuals must balance their agitated lifestyle.
These are the food recommendations for Pitta:
- it is recommended not to skip over the tables and do not wait until you get very hungry- Eat butter or drink milk to balance the "warmth" of this dosha- Cook with olive oil, sunflower or coconut- eat sweet fruits such as melons, cherries, mangoes and pineapples- Recommended cucumbers, asparagus, sweet potatoes, salads and broccoli- avoid tomatoes, hot peppers, spicy food, bacon, onion and garlic

Vata people are generally weaker, have hair and dry skin, and cold hands. They have a sensitive digestion and get very angry. I love adventure and have new experiences, but at the same time I can show signs of anxiety. According to an Ayurvedic principle, when a Vata individual is unbalanced, he loses weight, he will be constipated and will face insomnia and even arthritis.
Because the Vata elements are air and ether, it is important that these individuals keep their feet on the ground. Light activities such as yoga or short hikes are best suited for, and heavy and warm flavors such as basil, cinnamon and lavender will soothe and soothe.
These are the food recommendations for Vata:
- Rice and wheat are recommended daily- Choose to eat cooked foods, not raw- Avoid beans, less tofu, as it can aggravate digestive problems- Eat fats and oils like olive oil- Eat fruit such as avocados, bananas and figs instead of lean fruits such as apples and pears- Dairy products are encouraged, especially those with low fat

Bărbatul Taur și Femeia Balanță

Bărbații Taur sunt adesea văzuți ca fiind cu picioarele pe pământ, lucru care nu se poate spune despre femeile Balanță – sau cel puțin oamenii nu observă această parte a personalității lor. Adevărul este însă că există această parte și este atât de similară cu cea a nativilor Taur. Tot ceea ce au nevoie este de o persoană care să le-o scoată la lumină. Aceste două zodii au mai mult în comun decât își pot imagina cei din jur.

Bărbatul Scorpion și Femeia Fecioară

Acesta este un cuplu perfect, dar la care nimeni nu s-ar fi așteptat vreodată. Se presupune că nativele Fecioară sunt genul de femei cărora le place să își trăiască viața după un plan bine stabilit și nu lasă nimic la voia întâmplării, în timp ce bărbații Scorpion sunt spontani și trăiesc în funcție de ceea ce simt în momentul respectiv. De fapt, femeia Fecioară caută un bărbat care să o poată scoate din carapacea sa, iar nativul Scorpion caută o femeie care să îi arate un alt fel de lifestyle și să îl aducă cu picioarele pe pământ.

Bărbatul Fecioară și Femeia Pești

Nativele Pești sunt creative, persoane relaxate care își trăiesc viața mai mult cu capul în nori. Ceea ce este contrar genului de femei de care nativii Fecioară sunt în mod normal atrași. Însă, a fi cu o femeie Pești este exact ceea ce are nevoie bărbatul Fecioară pentru a învăța să fie mai relaxat și pentru a-l determina să își exploreze latura artistică. În același timp, el o va ajuta să devină o persoană mai concentrată și mai atentă la lucrurile care îi pot aduce succesul.

Bărbatul Balanță și Femeia Rac

Este nerecomandat să te implici într-o relație având în minte numai faptul că partenerul tău se va schimba de dragul tău. Nu spunem că este imposibil, dar nu ar trebui să ai asemenea așteptări. Însă atunci când vorbim despre bărbatul Balanță și femeia Rac, el se va schimba cu siguranță în mai bine datorită ei. Ea va scoate la lumină tot ceea ce este mai bun în el și va fi uimită de omul pe care îl va avea alături toată viața.

Bărbatul Pești și Femeia Leu

Bărbații Pești au tendința de a fi mai tăcuți și de a păstra lucrurile numai pentru ei. Ei bine, oricine a întâlnit o femeie Leu știe că aceasta este exact opusul. Deci cum ar putea un astfel de cuplu să treacă peste diferențele lor și să reziste pentru un timp îndelungat? Este simplu: faptul că are alături o femeie Leu îl va încuraja pe bărbatul Pești să se exprime așa cum nu a mai făcut-o niciodată. Va reuși să renunțe la toate limitele pe care și le impusese singur și își va schimba complet stilul de viață.

Bărbatul Capricorn și Femeia Săgetător

Cum ar putea oare bărbatul Capricor,n care poate munci fericit chiar și 60 de ore pe săptămână, să formeze un cuplu cu femeia Săgetător care ar prefera să traiască liber și să colinde întreaga lume doar cu un rucsac în spate? Ei bine, chiar se poate. Faptul că are alături o femeie Săgetător scoate la lumină o latură complet nouă a bărbatului Capricorn. El va simți că dorește să își testeze limitele pe care și le-a impus singur, iar ea îl va duce în aventuri la care nu s-ar fi așteptat niciodată.

Bărbatul Gemeni și Femeia Taur

Este dificil și să ni-l imaginăm pe bărbatul Gemeni ca având o relație serioasă mai ales pentru că vorbim despre nativii care ar prefera să petreacă până dimineața și să nu stea acasă să urmărească un film la televizor. Însă toate acestea se vor schimba atunci când bărbatul Gemeni va întâlni femeia Taur. El va realiza brusc că există mult mai multe lucruri importante în viață decât a sta târziu și va fi dispus să își schimbe vechile obiceiuri pentru ea.

Bărbatul Leu și Femeia Capricorn

Ai putea asuma că acest cuplu ar fi imposibil pentru că amândoi sunt prea competitivi pentru a fi fericiți împreună. Este adevărat că nu vor renunța la scopurile lor pentru nimic în lume, însă a avea alături o persoană competitivă și ambițioasă nu este descurajantă pentru că nu se vor vedea ca fiind rivali în drumul lor către succes. În schimb, ei vor acționa ca o echipă și se vor încuraja non-stop.

Bărbatul Vărsător și Femeia Gemeni

Pentru ca relația dintre aceste două semne zodiacale să fie una de succes, amândoi trebuie să fie pregătiți să comunice onest și să facă unele compromisuri. Însă cele două semne zodiacale sunt atât de atrase unul de celălalt, încât toate aceste aspecte chiar nu contează. Femeia Gemeni simte nevoia să fie o persoană socială, în timp ce bărbatul Vărsător preferă timpul petrecut de unul singur. Dar, după ce vor găsi o balanță între aceste aspecte, relația va fi una perfectă.

Bărbatul Gemeni și Femeia Taur

Este adevărat că nimeni nu s-ar aștepta la o relație între bărbatul Gemeni, care este un fluture social, și femeia Taur, care ar putea petrece și o săptămână fără să vorbească cu cineva și să fie în continuare fericită. Însă, cumva, o astfel de relație are șanse de succes. Da, prietenii lor vor fi șocați, însă nativii acestor două zodii nu pun mare preț pe părerile celor din jur – o trăsătură care îi unește. Vor fi foarte fericiți atâta timp cât nu îi vor lăsa pe cei din jur să le influențeze alegerile personale.

Bărbatul Rac și Femeia Vărsător

Ce este cel mai important pentru femeia Vărsător? Autenticitatea și sinceritatea. Din acest motiv îi este foarte dificil să găsească o persoană cu care să rezoneze în totalitate. Sunt persoane selective, atât atunci când vorbim despre relații, dar și despre prietenii – nu își petrec timpul cu oricine. Și ce calități găsește la un bărbat Rac? Ai ghicit – autenticitate și sinceritate. Deși personalitățile lor par foarte diferite la prima privire, atunci când nativii acestor două zodii se vor întâlni, vor afla cu adevărat ce înseamnă dragoste la prima vedere.

Bărbatul Vărsător și Femeia Săgetător

Bărbatul Vărsător și Femeia Săgetător au una dintre cele mai adorabile conexiuni. Femeile Săgetător trăiesc după propriile lor reguli și deși ar putea părea că stilurile lor de viață nu sunt deloc compatibile, exact acest lucru este cel pe care bărbatul Vărsător îl admiră la ea. Ei par să se înțeleagă unul pe altul la un nivel adânc, ce poate părea inaccesibil celor din jur. Nici măcar nu au nevoie să vorbească pentru a comunica despre ceea ce simt – ai senzația că se cunosc dintr-o viață anterioară și în sfârșit acum au ocazia de a fi împreună.

Bărbatul Berbec și Femeia Pești

Mulți nu vor considera că această combinație ar putea fi una de succes din simplul motiv că femeile Pești sunt romantice incurabile, în timp ce bărbații Berbec sunt mult mai relaxați atunci când vine vorba despre relații. Da, există această diferență între ei, înspă în momentul în care vor ajunge să-și înțeleagă unul altuia punctul de vedere vor descoperi că au mult mai multe lucruri în comun decât s-ar fi gândit. Amândurora le place să călătorească, să citească, să învețe lucruri noi, să își facă prieteni noi – vor forma acel cuplu care are mereu parte de aventuri incredbile.

Nu mai pierde timp prețios ocupându-ți viața cu nimicuri. Este timpul să acționezi. Dacă te simți neliniștită, ești nemulțumită sau nu mai ai chef de nimic, înseamnă că sufletul tău trage un semnal de alarmă; este timpul să încerci ceva nou. 
Dacă observi aceste semne, atunci nu mai sta pe gânduri. Este timpul să îți schimbi viața.

Nu mai pierde timp prețios ocupându-ți viața cu nimicuri. Este timpul să acționezi. Dacă te simți neliniștită, ești nemulțumită sau nu mai ai chef de nimic, înseamnă că sufletul tău trage un semnal de alarmă; este timpul să încerci ceva nou. 

Iată care sunt cel emai importante semne că este timpul să îți schimbi viața:
1. Simți că muncești non-stop
Nu mai ai timp pentru tine. Tot ce faci este să te ocupi doar de viața profesională. Te trezești și imediat îți îndrepți atenția asupra problemelor pe care trebuie să le rezolvi la locul de muncă. Seara, după o zi întreagă în care ai stat la birou, nu te gândești decât ce să mai faci pentru a te ocupa de alte sarcini... și tot așa. Timpul trece și tu nu mai reușești să te bucuri de viața ta.
2. Trăiești în trecut sau visezi la viitor
Ești prea concentrată asupra momentelor mai bune mai frumoase care fie au avut loc, fie urmează să se întâmple - iar acesta este un semn clar că mintea ta încearcă să scape de momentul prezent. Nu este ceva greșit în a visa la o viață mai bună, însă atunci când visezi prea des și nu mai trăiești acum trebuie să tragi un semnal de alarmă și să descoperi ce se întâmplă de fapt.
3. Oamenii din jur îți spun tot timpul să te relaxezi
Dacă toate persoanele la care ții sunt îngrijorate pentru tine și încearcă să îți spună să iei o pauză, să te relaxezi, atunci poate că este cazul să le asculți sfatul. Ia-ți puțin timp liber și încearcă să îți pui în ordine gândurile și sentimentele, să înțelegi care este drumul tău în viață și ce îți dorești de la viitor. 4. Te trezești foarte obosită
Dacă în fiecare dimineață tragi de tine să te trezești și să te ocupi de taskurile obișnuite, înseamnă că ai intrat într-o oarecare rutină și că ar fi bine să ieși din ea cât mai repede cu putință sau chiar că este timpul pentru o schimbare.
Când trăiești într-o stare de oboseală constantă, aceasta poate însemna o luptă a sufletului tău cu conflictele dificile. De asemenea, indică faptul că ești pregătită să recunoști înfrângerea. Însă nu renunța, află ce poți face pentru a te întoarce pe drumul tău și a merge mai departe.
5. Te tot gândești că nu trăiești viața pe care ți-o dorești
Gândirea că există ceva mai frumos, mai bun sau mai măreț pentru tine înseamnă de obicei că ești pregătită să îți întinzi aripile și să zbori. Fii deschisă față de lucrurile care îți pun zâmbetul pe buze, care chiar te fac fericită.
Decizia de a face schimbări poate fi imediată, însă schimbarea propriu zisă nu se întâmplă întotdeauna atât de repede. Ai răbdare, chiar și cei mai mărunți pași te pot ajuta să scapi de sentimentele negative și să îți păstrezi motivația pentru a lupta pentru ce îți dorești.
Noi începem anul 2019 cu o provocare pentru tine: te invităm în tabăra Kudika Body&Spirit Camp pentru a face schimbarea pe care ți-o dorești în viața ta.
Este timpul să iubești și să te iubești fără teamă. Este timpul să te accepți atât cu calități, cât și cu defecte. Este timpul să privești adânc în sufletul tău și să descoperi cine ești și ce vrei de la această viață.
În tabăra de lifestyle sănătos vei descoperi care sunt nevoile tale spirituale și corporale și, mai ales, cum să răspunzi acestora într-o manieră personalizată și echilibrată, alături de un nutriționist și un speaker motivațional. Te poti inscrie aici.

If positive thinking seems to be the key to a happy life because it can affect both your health and your bank account, should you make lucid dreams a priority? No matter what you think, the answer is not exactly what you think.

Is it like a world in which thoughts would catch life, according to the criteria of the law of attraction, so intensely publicized in recent years? For me, I think it would unfold as follows: I would successfully investigate the secret of eternal youth, or at least self-esteem, and share it with ELLE readers instead of camouflage tricks or intervention articles - I bet that it would be worth it and a Pulitzer Prize. Then I would schedule a world around with my girlfriends, because, deh, someone has to win the lottery as well. And on a wild safari afternoon, my soul mate would be knocking on a white horse so I could recognize it first.
But if I dreamed white horses on the walls, I am very good at it, unfortunately, the ancestral or fabricated fears can not control me, no matter how much I try to think positively. And materializing the things I imagine, with or without permission, could easily make a black comedy script. For example, every evening when I arrive home I would expect a Japanese strike with long and dark mowing in the bushes, as in The Grudge. The authorities would pick up my car whenever I parked in an unacceptable place. Where do you find that the mother's insistent phones would tell me about family deaths and not about the weather, as it often happens. And I would probably end my glorious existence in a tsunami, an earthquake, or a hot air balloon accident during the detour of the world.
Because we can not just have beautiful thoughts, do we? And I double my negation, even if the rules of American journalism would suggest I abstain because I came to believe I would not want to live in such a world - and one day I would be fatal. On the other hand, I tend to think that the law of attraction, popularized by the book and the documentary The Secret, can have a bit of truth. I think we all convinced to some extent that sometimes the planets are aligned favorably and fulfill our desires, and others apply the reverse of the medal and we can not escape even what we are afraid of. And under these conditions the pressure to think positively has a stake ... incomensurable. What to do?

The power of visualization
I recently shared with my friend (much more initiated than I in spirituality) the hypothesis of a loving failure when he gave me a reserved glance and interrupted me: "Shss, do not say such things because this year I entered fourth dimension and everything you verbalize materializes much faster. ' Oops! That may be so? A short search on Google approves its sayings (although the search engine can confirm or refute any theory ever issued). But many medical studies support the idea that how we think affects our lives and health.
"We are the only creatures on Earth who can change their biology through thought, feelings and intentions. Our cells constantly eyelinate and are influenced by them. When we fall in love, positive emotions invade our body by strengthening the immune system, while worries and depressions predispose us to diseases, "wrote Deepak Chopra, a guru (with medical studies) of self help literature. Moreover, scientist Masuro Emoto revolutionized the scientific world when he demonstrated that water molecules crystallize under the influence of thoughts. Let's not forget that we are about 80% H2O and maybe happy people can not really be perceived as ugly.
Another measure of the power of visualization is the experiment led by Dr. Guang Yue of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio (published on The doctor divided the study participants into two equal camps. One half has been physically trained, and the other half imagined just doing sports. The results surprised many people, because the exercises showed a 30% improvement in muscle mass, and the participants who viewed only in the excellent form achieved a muscle growth of 15% (half of the the result of those who mobilized).
It's fascinating, but also bullish to know that you are responsible in such a way for the way you look. Because it's far more convenient to blame genetics, stress and food chemicals than to recognize that you are your own architect in a much deeper way, not just about lifestyle control. According to these conclusions, we can look at our minds as a muscle that can be trained. And that can get us closer to everything we dream - after all, and the plasma is made by it too. "We are living a moment when oriental philosophies (Buddhism, Hinduism) unite with the latest conclusions of quantum physics, and we realize that the universe is actually consciousness. All of our relationships are based on images, so there are no real relationships with others because they only link us with some impressions. And the exercise of mind power is just as important as exercise, if not much more important, "says Alin Simion, Shakti Center manager and a passionate person in this field.

It is said that your destiny is written in the stars, so we thought you wanted to find out what awaits you in this life, depending on the zodiac.
Ram. You will destroy everything you create, then you can rebuild everything better. It will be very difficult for you to settle in, because you are in a continuous search.
You must understand that the anxiety you have will not disappear in a particular city, but it is your inner power to eliminate it. You have independence, and this desire turns your destiny into a carousel.
You want to be the best in everything you do and your leadership skills, so you're looking for a successful career. You will not have a problem to make money, but you will go through some financial cash.
It is best for you to engage in risk-taking jobs, such as a cop, prosecutor, racing pilot, firefighter, forester or businessman.
You are a conservative, working and powerful person. You will slowly evolve in your career, but surely. By the age of 40, you will be able to have a bank account that you can rely on for old age.
The natives of this sign are understandable and have a lot of patience, a quality that will help them easily cross obstacles.
For them, failure is an opportunity to discover new paths for success, and they have no trouble quitting a dream if they do not seem to have a chance to do so.
The family is all for them and they will have a lot of them. They are best suited to financial jobs, but they will also perform in the artistic environment.
You will only do what you want and you will not be willing to compromise at any point in your life. You are full of ideas and you know how to get in touch with people who can help you achieve your goals.
Because you are very good at words and given advice, you could make a career in literature or business.
You move fast, think fast and make decisions without much thought, so you will be very much appreciated in your field. The right job for you is a journalist, poet, travel agent or teacher.

You are a cautious person and you think very well before you make a decision. But when you do, do not go back. At the beginning of your life you will not be very successful, but you will work hard to get where you propose.
You are prone to a sedentary life, and you will not feel comfortable just around the closest people.
It will be very difficult for you to trust people, which is why you will not have many friends. It is best for your hotel or arts craftsmanship.
If you can get rid of fear of the unknown and the sedentary lifestyle, you have the chance to travel and see exotic places.
All your life will be your focus. You have a passion for luxury and you are keen to be part of the society's elite. The confidence you have in you will help you easily make a career in the arts or business.
If you do not get famous, you'll do whatever it takes to get around in the circle of celebrities. You will be extremely unhappy if you will not know success and lead a mediocre life.
You are an organized person and do not like to take the risk. Because you tend to underestimate yourself, you will occupy functions that are below your capacity. You will always seek to evolve, and in the second part of your life you have every chance of knowing success.
You like to contribute to the community you are part of, and you will be more helpful to help others than to get rich. It is best for architect, designer, computer specialist, mathematician, scientist, banker or psychotherapist.

You are not interested in material goods and you put more value on the people you know. You like to make friends and maintain relationships of all kinds, but at some point, your destiny will experience a change.
There is little chance of getting rich, but you have a special sense in arts or fashion and you have a great chance to work in these areas.
You do not really get tired of working, but you can make yourself known by your personal charm. No matter how much money you will earn, you will never have enough, because you like to spend.
You are a flexible person, so you can do all kinds of crafts, from a journalist, to a singer, florist, gardener or fashion designer.
You will not have an easy life, but you will not lose your patience at any time. Money is very important to you, so you'll tie all your relationships accordingly.
You have an overwhelming sexuality and you are passionate about occultism and conspiracy. Because you are a creative and powerful person, you will be successful as a scientist, gynecologist, surgeon, sexologist or medium.
You are an optimistic person and target higher than most. You like the change and you will try out more trades until you find one that will satisfy your desire for adventure.
Your destiny is marked by unexpected changes and unprecedented experiences, not necessarily in a bad way. It's best for you to be a pilot, a businessman, a travel agent, or a spiritual leader.
You are a persevering and patient person, and even if you are slow, you will take better positions than the other natives. You are an ambitious man, but you will only know success in the second part of your life.
You are not lucky or extrovert, but you work hard and have a vision. The best job is your manager, bacher, scientist, geologist, or education minister.
Your life is full of changes due to your nature thirsty for freedom and independence. You do not like monotony and you are not afraid to get it over.
You will have a fluctuating social evolution and you will do it in the right way, because you are not the kind of person to care only for her.
You are an idealist and you do not want to compromise to get where you want. You have a high intelligence and you are fit to be a pilot, electronist, astronaut or neurosurgery.
Your destiny is marked by indecision, but you are a flexible person and you will find your place anywhere. You are not motivated by the material part of life, and you are used to dreaming more than you live.
In some moments you will have money, in others you will have financial problems. You will know success as a musician, dancer, actor, priest or medium.
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