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Cum cucerești o femeie din zodia Leu

Miss Leo is one of the most fascinating beings! She is one of the women who know how to get value, regardless of their financial or intellectual level. The good God has equipped the Leo woman with an affective capacity which, if left in the shade, becomes a true engine of manifesting her erotic, sentimental, physical vitality, etc.

The Leo woman will never think of a garment or adornment, no matter how much it costs, if it's "okay". At the subconscious level, the more expensive it is, the more it is worth to be bought and worn - and this enhances and even enhances Leo's pleasure to live on the stage of life in various interpretative roles.

The Leo woman will always play successfully the role of the great love or the misunderstood artist, from the position of the devoted mother to that of the ideal mistress. Passionate, beautiful, sunny, bright, intuitive, full of creativity, and often with a surprising erotic imagination, the Leo woman can become the target of any man who wants to make a good impression among the aristocracy of time, having a character arranged by the latest fashion and a sumptuous royalty.

Who could guess that the native charm of the Leo woman is the ability to refuse exactly what she wants and that her way of saying "no" - full of candor and naivety - is a conquering authenticity? Her big dog, her large eyes with long genes, her lips always open, and barely perceptible tremble, can tear off all the fidelity promises made to other women by unconscious husbands or weak angel males.How do you conquer a Lion woman?
I invite you to the Cote d'Azur, promise her sandal perfumes and go to the most famous performances of the time - not only for the artistic value of that show, but also for the selected place and for possible encounters with people in high society. Then present it as the most successful relationship of your life and do everything that people listen to and applaud! An authentic Leo woman will immediately get into her role and never disappoint you.

If you have relationships, help Leo to engage in a celebrated firm or authority or organization. Be sure it will not make you laugh! All he wants is to be the first, the best, the absolute boss. "The State Is Me" is an account that made a career from the Sun King (Leo, of course).

Once the sentimental contract with Leo is signed, it will not be easy for you to leave the scene on which your sentimental life unfolds. It would be a pity to desert, especially if you are adept at living strong sensations and if you feel that sentimental dramas are salt and pepper of existence. Give your girlfriend a role every day and your relationship will become inexhaustible!

Come home with flowers or with sincere compliments, and you will never know what the monotony of couple or sexual abstinence means. Challenging and authoritative, the Leo woman occupying the no. 1 in your life (whether or not you are married to another woman) will know to give you that cocktail that any man in the world would give anyway.

If you want to "pull the big loser" into love, consider from the beginning that the Leo woman will give you a frenzied passion and an overwhelming sexual vitality.

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