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Cum cucerești o femeie din zodia Peștilor - Cuceririle lui Pesti

How do you conquer a Pisces woman?
Obviously, Pisces is not the kind to attract the adventurous, passionate, Gigi muschi type. Top artists, philosophers, compassionate and charitable beings, scholars, poets. That is, all those who seek the ultimate reality beyond appearances. This type of people needs the Pisces woman.

Send love letters, short but impressive. Tell her the deceptions you had before you met her and you will see she is ready to offer herself as your great love and at the same time the soul doctor you have been looking for for a long time. Let yourself be cuddled with it!

Take her to vintage movies or give her DVDs with "Shakespeare in Love" or "Moise" productions. He will not refuse any quality drama, such as those signed by the BBC. He likes the picture. Of any kind.

Put the mirrors in the house, wherever he goes. I admire her and let her admire her. Discover his body with patience, with consolations with contemplation. He likes to be brought to the "boiling point".

Like any Water sign, Pisces has a sexually worthwhile sexual energy, but it is very implacably stimulated. That's why prelude is a slow but safe conquering tactic.

Woman Pisces whispers at every touch. Be patient with her slow movements, tantric mistress, from which you can learn the flavor of every erotic gesture! During the amorous fusion, spread petals of flowers on Satin linen, leave a room of discreet and diffused light in the room, and make sure that Vivaldi or Vanghelis music is heard.

Let yourself be taken wholly in possession of these waves of fusion with another type of life, experimenting thus "conquering the conqueror" by a fragile, delicate opponent, but with an unexpected subtle force to seduce by giving for the sake of giving.
Pisces Woman is somewhat serafic and fascinating through her native mystery air. Her deep eyes seem to look into worlds beyond our imagination. They are nostalgic, loaded with angelic desires.

He is not very talkative or, when he speaks, the meanings are always blurry, dual, unfinished, as if someone else would expect them to be explained. Appreciate this personal charm but be with all the mental motors in the outlet, because there surely is a pain unrelated to anyone or an ultra-sensitive sensitivity.

Pisces Woman is the woman of all romanticism and all the love stories of the world. It is the essence of all confusion, but also of all possible reveries and discretions. She never lied, for she herself does not distinguish the boundary between truth and untruth, constantly careful that her inner worlds not be divulged, assaulted, attacked.

Pisces Woman seems to resist a conqueror suddenly emerging, but in reality, she is afraid of what she does not know. She can be guilty of day by day, expecting in reality compliments and certainties that she is still loved and desirable.

From an erotic point of view, Pisces fights between fear of sin and fear of being abandoned, which is why love tends to always be a fascinating novelty for her.

This purity air, the state of nostalgia and the miracle of being a very woman are, for the man who really knows how to discover a woman, the intimate torments of an intimate couple fused into a love both alive and mystical, infinite or can help you transcend the limits of simple body mating.

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