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Cum cucerești o femeie din zodia Vărsătorului - Cum seduce Varsatorul..
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The Aquarius woman is "electric": it has the ability to "electrocute" anyone who comes in direct contact with it. In the usual language, it can be said that it is shocking.

Unpredictable, original, uninhibited, intelligent, full of ideas and ready to invent anything - from a faster sewing needle to a cosmic craft such as the Mahabharata (the famous Indian epic) - the Aquarius woman is the woman of the dreams of all men who want an "exciting" relationship.

It is ready to lead a revolution for the well-being of mankind or is the first to use newly-invented electro-household objects because they help it to gain time.

She has beautiful eyes the Aquarius woman, like you have nobody else. Few are those who can look into their eyes for more than a few fractions of a second. Whatever their color, these eyes have something special in them, their light comes from another galaxy and penetrates into other universes.

The negligence of the Aquarius woman can be herself conquering herself by the unexpected combinations of old and new, things clothed at random, and things searched for days through luxury stores, in often surprising combinations. They can use their forms, whether they have a thin body or more fulfilled.

The vagrant is not too laughing, and if she does, the shade can be strident or disarming: strong, phosphorescent colors, visible "on the plane".

The Aquarius woman has a lot to do, moves a lot, talks a lot, knows many people, and can inadvertently confuse a friend with a possible lover - or vice versa. Especially here be careful, because it is irresistible! She gives it easily, if she is an elevated being, or subjugates it forever to the unfortunate who has the courage and the patience to bear all her tyranny.How do you conquer a woman from the Aquarius sign
Never let the Aquarius woman fall in time! If you have a meeting with her, be prepared to wait for it as long as possible, perhaps reminding her that she has a meeting, or be ready to accept a meeting of the meeting exactly when you arrive at the appointed place, barely holding on to the flower bouquet and desperate you're late.

If, however, the Varsator came in time at the meeting, it is pointless to give her the flowers, because she does not know how to deal with them. The sensibilities of the Aquarius woman are especially mental, intuitive, civic.

Do not bother if unexpectedly the Varesea announces that she has initiated the first world parapsychology congress and puts you in a pile of documents whispering to you that you have been called the secretary of the congress. You would do well to accept without hesitation, otherwise you will be considered obese and unharmed. Someone has to sacrifice to help.

Prove that you live in high temperatures and that you have progressive concepts! Aquarius women do not like men without initiative and attached to the conservatism of their parents or the breathtaking comfort of the age.

Show him that you are dreaming of a more evolved human civilization, talk about solar systems in neighboring galaxies, and pull a raid at a salon of inventions. It will suddenly fall in love with you when you first amaze the refrigerator who automatically buys online or when he enjoys the fitness bike that charges the mobile phone.

Then, as a chance, you come to a friend who just celebrates his birthday. She'll be happy to talk to people about new planetary changes and telepathy. He likes friends and friends - he has a lot, but he never has time for them. Love an Aquarius woman is a great act of courage, because you will actually love a half globe!

Eventually, when the Aquarius woman is erotic, tell her that you are interested in a new aesthetic direction in contemporary painting, or the foundation of a charity. A less-developed Aquarius woman will be ready to serve as a secretary. A more elevated Aquarius woman will have an ample project but at the same time she will reveal all her feminine charms and start with a frenetic amorous revolution in which it is good to keep the ison up to the end.

The imagination of the Aquarius woman knows no limits, and her erotic refinement does not accept any opposition. Her relationships follow the formula "everything or nothing".

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