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Cum cucerești o femeie din zodia Balanță

In the Libra woman, charms still exist from the moment of birth, which makes her concern her not to accentuate one's quality or another, but to make them all worthwhile.
Old astrological considerations state that Libra is the ideal lover, which in many ways can be true. If we are dealing with ancient considerations, yes, we can trust them; of medieval ones, however, we must doubt, because it refers to the perfect woman from the point of view of her physical presence in society.
Indeed, the Balance woman knows, like no other, to be an authentic female presence, from the most rebellious hair to the smallest (apparently) cut of the dress. To her everything is well seated, joined, added, because everything must emphasize the harmony of colors, forms, gestures.
Ladies' dress is always cheerful and carefully combined, as a balance between extravagance and common sense. Jewelry is always effective and fragrances add a note that urges you to embrace it, to have it as an ornament to delight all the moments of life.
Yes, the Libra woman is made to attract appreciations, compliments, statements, eyes, men, love, and when she is more terrestrial, even money. She likes the relationship to madness - her life would not make sense without people around him - and in some cases, especially marriages. He marries very easily, not necessarily to have a husband, but to have a "pair".
The Libra woman is not a traditionalist, not the family and / or the perpetuation of the species, but the complementarity, the opposition, the polarization - both affectionally and erotic. You will always recognize it for the pleasant smell it scatters and for the pleasure with which it purchases anything - that is, everything that is related to her physical person and personal beauty.How do you conquer a woman from the Balance signWomen Libra likes to be exposed, to act, to talk, to be admired, photographed, involved in social scenes (whether ephemeral), present at collective events (no matter if it is a country wedding or a revolution); loves love notes. To be sure he will receive, he is the first to write them.
The Libra woman is waiting for you to invite it somewhere, not necessarily to go out in the world, but to be presented to someone - a cenacle, a group of friends, the future mother-in-law, or why not the former / current / future rival. But if you have come into a large society, do not make the sin shut or mournful, or restrict your freedom of speech!
Just like Geamana, the Libra woman has a lot to talk about and wants to know just as much. Not because she is concerned about her knowledge, but because she knows a lot about many people and likes to be told at all times all sorts of stories, snooses, happenings.
If you find the woman Libra in the company of a woman, be sure she does not gossip, but only "gets in touch" with the neighborhood's events or what she spends in the "good world".
If - God forbid! - you upset the Libra woman, you'd better have some money for you to take her somewhere in the city, anywhere, from the bazaar in the market to the luxury shops, not necessarily to buy, especially to see . Especially stroll around where there are zorzoanes (bracelets, rings, sabers, earrings) with a short-term effect. That comforts her and instantly dispenses her.
Once you get home, you do not make the mistake of stopping with the woman Libra directly in bed! Make some amorous secrets and brush her slowly, full of admiration for the cut and the quality of the material that "hides" her. Excite yourself for the most shocking or the finest intimate underwear and let yourself be overwhelmed by its insinuing touches and adolescent sensuality, as if only then did you first discover sexual communication!
The Libra Woman is a refined being, and any stupidity, rudeness, wildness, or greed can instantly beam you to the other side of the apartment door with everything in your arms.

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