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Cum cucerești o femeie din zodia Capricornului - Capricorn 2018

Capricorn woman is not a dozen battles! Often serious, mature, more serious than it is, she only waits for a more "warm" atmosphere to unfold. You will never hear gossip or snares from her mouth, but if it comes to your attention, prepare to do a serious laugh.

The Capricorn woman has unpredictable resources, many of which are tempered by Capricorn's reputation as an "old" sign. In fact, the Capricorn woman does not think she has to spoil a good barley on any nearby present.

At first sight, it is possible that you first strike against Capricorn's personal anti-charms, a consequence of clothing that does not care very much, or a constant lack of desire to blush.

The eye of a man who claims to be a well-known woman will know how to provoke the hidden female feminine of Capricorn to reveal herself naturally and spontaneously. It will come to light in pastel tones, in elegant lines combining vintage cuts and up-to-date intimate underwear, in a conscious neglect of shapes and flavors.

The Capricorn woman does not impress anyone at first glance, but her presence will be felt by a conscious separation from others by silence and, at the right time, through core interventions or very healthy humor.

The Capricorn woman knows how to combine the often-without-romantic romance of Pisces with the well-calculated Scorpio woman's attack. Do not be surprised if you wake up the night that you have become the protagonist of a great love affair that involves rigorous discretion, but also an erotic arsenal that you would not have suspected of this being in your broken head.

The passage of the Capricorn woman through your life could be like a book about missing civilizations or the program for the last three months at the cinema. The Capricorn woman has a special relationship with time, which will make you feel that it has come too early or too late to meet your destiny.How do you conquer a Capricorn woman?
First of all, make sure you really want to mature. The Capricorn woman does not work, even if you have made love since your first date. She is too much of her own existence to stop her breathing prejudices.

Be honest in this relationship! The Capricorn woman will guess very quickly if she has a certain interest in her. Challenge her wonderful state and the joy of being a woman up to the tip of her nails, and she will flourish as a reward for the discovery you are enjoying.

The Capricorn woman may seem like an unpretentious young lady: she does not die for the weekends or expensive exits in the world, and she does not dream of wasting her life saving her to buy who knows what artwork. But it is, in fact, very expensive. You will find this by inviting her to a discreet but select place, which she will be happy to come back once a month.

Your relatives do not care about it, but it will be glad if you will visit relatives from time to time, and they will often tell her what a particularly beneficial effect she has on you.

The Capricorn woman does not look like a person, but if you are a cultivated man, it is worth a challenge: you will find in her a pleasant conversation partner on scientific topics, suddenly linked to who knows-what metaphysical meanings. The Capricorn woman is a master in the art of syntheses, as the Virgin Mary is a master in the art of detail and analysis.

The Capricorn woman loves the flowers, but exactly the flowers that are not fashionable or that everyone seems to ignore, such as climbing roses or climbing roses.

He does not leave home easily, but if you give him the chance to travel to Singapore, for example, you will find that in ten minutes he has his baggage done.

Learn to guess in the palm of your hand and tell him something at every meeting! She'll be your ideal girlfriend just for that, because nothing worries her more than time.

Some astrologers say there is no female typology specific to the Capricorn sign, so it does not take the above as a benchmark, but as a general characterization of the Capricorn sign. God has reserved here the surprise of discovering a miracle in every feminine being, especially in your intimate moments.

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