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Cum cucerești o femeie din zodia Fecioară

The Virgin is a pudgy - because it was born, but also because she was so educated. In fact, the personal charm is drawn from it: from this inner conflict between the fear of bodily sin and the naturalness with which it sins through the body.

Do not take away from her permanent criticism, she does not pay attention to her fears of all sorts! Do not forget to polish the parquet as desperate, and the general cleanliness in the honor of the burglaries ceases just 5 minutes before they ring at the door! All these are just the consequences of her inner purity, which can not otherwise be manifested.

If you stimulate it a little (not mentally, but erotic), you will discover a virginal inner beauty, ready to sacrifice at any time on the altar of mentalities and prejudices, captured in a total gift that will make you feel the absolute god of to all human loves.

The Virgo woman has a cure for any failure. Look at her harmonious legs, the ferocious thighs of gaily nasty tightening, the middle often surrounded by a barely provocative chest, the beautifully arched breasts, in a never-to-be-infinite, mature line, and the neck of the cameos, with the Renaissance zulufs, small spruce. Especially when arguing like a felled feline, the Virgin Mary suddenly puts into light a femininity that neither the Libra woman equals.

Let her get a little hysterical because you came to the meeting with a wrinkled shirt! She knows how much she loves you and how much she wants the perfect couple to be you, not her.How do you conquer a Virgo woman?
If you go shopping with the Virgin, make the list of expenses before leaving home and prove that you know how to be very economical!

Keep track of news stories. Well disinfects the toilet seat after you've used it. If you go together to dine somewhere, choose a place where, first and foremost, the toilets are clean and the waiters waited.

Talk about the latest news on the stock market and tell her that the second-hand clothes store has recently received cargo. Virgo women do not like poverty, but not extravagance. However, once in the world, it does not accept an invitation, a vacation or a journey, but from excellent to upward.

The constellation of the Virgin was often represented by a virgin who holds the horn of abundance. The fact that the Virgin Mary is very careful with the expenses does not mean either bullshit or avarice, but only a good thought of the resources.

Virgo woman is easily impressed if you tell her how you saved a drowning animal, but it will make a crisis if, once brought into the house, the animal will find the hair on it. So you'd better have a handy vacuum cleaner and instantly restore impeccable cleanliness.

At home, a slightly insignificant curtain, reminiscent of a gallows light, very suitable for love affairs, is recommended. If she is sure that no one can violate her intimacy and, on the other hand, is encouraged to put her in the patch, the Virgin Mary will prove to you that beyond the perfectionism that made the natives of this sign some evil beings in the plan affectionately, she is a very daring woman in love pleasures, practicing an indecent erotic game in a fascinating way.

Make every effort to keep Virgin Mary in the socket! You do not need either the virility of Taurus or the lion's passion, but only the incandescence of a native Fire and the agility of an Air sign.

Caution: For the Virgin, prelude is very important! Otherwise, the rapid movements of the mind may decouple her from any love fantasy.

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