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Cum cucerești o femeie din zodia Săgetătorului - Sagetator

Sagittarius has big dreams. Not ambitions, but dreams - remember this, because there is a fundamental difference between the two! The ambitions could be of Leo's or the Scorpio woman. The Sagittarius woman will dream with you to discover a new Atlantis or explore together a planet from other universes.

Sagittarius is interested in both who really discovered America or what Buddhism is for the human being. You may charm at the first meeting with her frenetic aspiration to truly discover God, but she will be glad if you will help her realize that He is just as good in a cookbook or in the cosmogonic myths of the Dogon.

No, the Sagittarius woman does not resemble the Gemini woman except as an informational appetite, but her sphere of interest is just above the informative logs of all television stations. The Sagittarius woman is dynamic, but far less than the Aries woman; is willing to sacrifice for the sake of the other, but less than the Virgin Mary.

Because she likes to travel, the Sagittarius woman knows a lot of stories you'll get dizzy from your first date. And because he likes the changes of tradition, laws and politicians, he will be aware of all this and will know how to make some honest parties. The belly is part of Sagittarius's charm, because she is a rich lady, both in her own and in the figurative.

The Sagittarius woman of the hedonistic type is tall, strong, corpulent - a sign of the sincere love that she carries on her life. Next to this woman, you will taste the cheerful, often bucolic, pleasures left by the good God on Earth for the people who embark on this planet for a well-deserved holiday after their many work and effort. If you feel homemade, do not miss the opportunity! You will have everything and you will make love leisurely and carefree until deep old age.

The Exploring Sagittarius woman is more fierce, golden and sunny, with a special will, with an enviable mental dynamism that will force you to broaden your mental sphere so that it will fit the whole universe.

The Sagittarius woman is always warm, fresh, fierce, enthusiastic, talkative, quick in execution and very generous. Do not be surprised if, naturally, he will pay the note to the restaurant. He will do it the second time, but if he sees this as a habit, he will prepare some long slippers for you so that you never look for him again.How do you conquer a Sagittarius woman?
First you have to focus, so you know what kind of woman Sagittarius you are dealing with.

The hedonist type of rapist will react very quickly to a trip proposal around the world. If he finds out that you have bought a ticket to Loto, he will exalt sincere prayers to the God-Father to win the big lot.

If you really love her, be willing to go with her at the Cannes Film Festival or the UNITER Awards or even the horse races. The elevated pleasures of life, derived directly from the aristocracy of the epoch, are a necessity for her. Upon returning home, Sagittarius will happily bear the expenses, because of such an event she will tell the grandparents.

The explorer will be grateful for life if you put your backpack on your back and you will go with her to make Piatra Craiului, sharing a preserve and some future projects, sheltered by a heavy rain that knows what rocks. Her infatuated love will thank you for giving her a more "cold" moment to decay her feelings.

If you accidentally discover a cave, or if, in a moment of rest, you will dream of it in the child you will have and who will surely discover a new solar system at a stick of ours, it is you can definitely give it up, because no one has made such a request in marriage.

In fact, for both types of woman Sagittarius, the perspective is as broad and universal as possible, so that it encompasses the whole world.

Be generous at all levels and you will never regret it! The Sagittarius woman is "sweet" by nature. He will not refuse either the ice cream offered at a luxury terrace or the attempt to experience a new erotic position. For both, give the spiritual meaning of the gesture! You will have time to thank God for Thanksgiving to have your Sagittarius in your way.

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