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Cum cucerești o femeie din zodia Taurului

No matter how different planets are placed in her native chart, Miss Taurus is well made (even when she is a miniature) and beautiful in a healthy way. You will rarely see a faint, placid woman in the Taurus sign - and the few Taurus women of this nature must be physically fulfilled, otherwise they will destroy the zodiacal astral influx in vain.

Miss Taurus is the beast that loves everyone, both for her innate sensuality (and of which she is very conscious!), And for the sex appeal she has been intentionally cultivating since her adolescence.

The lips are beautifully curved and often full, their heavy breasts tightly wrapped in molded blouses or left with a shameless, naked goluti under the blouses of slightly indissoluble materials, provocative clothing colors - all of them contain an innocuous refinement that does not pursue sexual offer, but the erotic challenge of adolescent billing.

If it's taken too soon, Miss Taurus will tell you about a culinary recipe that has impressed her in her childhood and she's going to cook her whole life, or she'll tell you what much she'd like to live in Switzerland (the ideal country of the Taurus). Like she, the Taurus woman, looks irresistible to take gastronomy lessons, not to be assaulted by conquerors ...

Do not be fooled by the innocent conversation of Taurus! If she made you dependent on her tastes, you might be a definitive admirer. Because the Taurus woman is sufficiently conservative and erotic enough to never want to ever leave her.How do you conquer a Taurus woman?
To get closer to the Taurus woman, tell her she is beautiful (and she is). Tell her that you feel good with her (and again, you are not lying with anything). But especially, tell her that you like the house, the table, the drapery, the garden and all that she has prepared, arranged, bought to feel both of you in the seventh heaven.

If you find out that Taurus has financial debt, offer to help her! If you find out that she's been going through the same jewelry store for months, do her best to discover what she wants, because anyway, until she's got that object, she will not be left. Help her and it will not hurt you!

I invite her to a tasty, refined dinner, where the good world gathers. And if the Taurus woman is an elevated nature, meet at a renaissance art exhibition and talk about Boticelli.

All these efforts will be rewarded if you are a traditional man for whom the feminine ideal is "beautiful and early home".

After some time she had a strong feeling for the men around her (just to have a choice), Taurus will be a gift of God to her husband, to whom she will give her a stable, affectionate relationship, especially for an erotic gift for which many women can envy.

She will make her favorite cake to her infinite, but her infinite sexual charm will bring you to the home constantly eager for the "house specialty": emotional comfort, sensual plumage, sexual well-being.

In other words, let yourself be conquered by the way Taurus can teach you to love life through everything that gives good taste to being in two!

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