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Horoscope for Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Horoscop pentru miercuri, 25 octombrie 2017

A lot of energy is available to you today in the career and business area. It's time to take a steady step forward, or move to action to achieve an important goal. However, you are preparing for the essential changes and beginnings, both in terms of professional projects and in terms of entourage, social life and relationships.
For you, it is a good day for legal or study related issues, diplomas, relationships with foreigners, travel ... It is possible that a persistent problem can solve today very easily if you stand and trust the possibilities still unseen and unrecorded. In other words, the future sounds good for you, especially as the imagination helps you paint it in the right version.
You are crossing an important family time and everything that is your intimate space. Now you get clarity, you know exactly what needs to be done and how to grow your well-being at home and in general. It is possible that today you also have some unpredictable gifts, favors or benefits. But the most precious gift is your intuition, which works exceptionally today.
The day brings good signs and clues to help you in your partnerships and collaborations. Although during this time, you find that you can not move by keeping all the relationships in the current form, so you have to leave behind some agreements to advance, it is however auspicious everything that opens in front of you by creating this new space. Ideally, you would be working pragmatically and geared to well-established solutions and results, from near to close.
A day focused on work, where you can have great satisfaction if you organize your time and resources efficiently. The Moon in Capricorn helps you find excellent solutions for boosting performance, but also for developing projects and activities that you are involved in. In addition, it is a good day to take care of your health, even by taking a few more breaks.
This day contains an excellent creative potential and the presence of the Moon in Capricorn is also an agent of love and openness of the heart. Even if you have no certainties in this respect, you even have surprises of all kinds, the good part is that you have the energy and strength to create what you want and to initiate clear, concrete and long-term impact. Just be mindful of what you really want and act accordingly.
The moon in Capricorn activates the family and home area, the soul and the need for privacy. It's a rich day of living, but it's pretty well organized in detail, especially if you're planning to invest in your home or make some improvements to where you stand. Relationship with your partner can be a challenge in the sense that you will be more difficult to synchronize during this time. His need for freedom does not fit your need for peace and security. Ask something more detached and follow your inner needs.
The communications area receives a lot of energy today, from all the planets present in Capricorn. So it's an excellent day for writing, studying, exams, talking, negotiating ... or rethinking relationships. If you have proposed to discuss some contractual terms, today is the right day. Also, if you want to put your order in documents or brush your thought and message forward, you can do it successfully.
The money zone is the most active today, in the sense that it receives a lot of energy that you can use in beneficial directions. Specifically, it is a day to look for solutions, preferring them to be nonconformist, unusual, to stabilize and even prosper financially. It's a good time to recognize the changes you should make. Instead, serious investments should be weighed or deferred.
With the Moon present in your sign, today you are very present to your needs and to what you want to do for yourself and your fulfillment. The truth is that you have energy for 10, and ideas like that. You also enjoy plenty of support from the outside, from friends and knowledge, but you can not say the same thing about family members ... who ask you for quite a lot of attention and involvement. So these days test your patience, tenacity and ... creativity
Sit and think. Or just sit down. This seems to be the note of this day, more jokingly, more seriously. Many planets meet in Capricorn, inviting you to be discreet, careful about what you feel, detached from the outside world and especially from the stories others tell. Still, inspiration is at home, so give it to creativity, if that's what you feel. It would not spoil some relaxing pampering, some therapeutic approaches and / or meditation.
It is possible that this day will bring both reconfigurations of friendship and project relationships, as well as consolidations where you feel it is worthwhile to have a relationship at the level

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