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Interpretation of the dream Money

What does it mean when you dream Money? Well, you have to consider the context in which "Money" appears. Try to remember as many of your dreams as you can.

Here are the explanations for the "Money" dream:

1. Find money
Finding money in dreams means that you will have to face certain difficulties but, at the same time, you will experience major and happy changes.2. MoneyPaper money or coins symbolize the energy of the soul. Who finds money in a dream, so he charges his batteries. Those who dream of losing money will complain of the loss of a special quality or of one of their emotional driving forces. It's about soul values, potency or impotence, gain or loss, wealth, or poverty. It is the origin of money, the place where we receive it, we find it or we lose it. We also have to remember the color and number of money (see colors and figures). Some psychoanalysts believe that money, especially gold coins, symbolizes men's ability to love and succeed in life, while silver coins represent their orientation towards women. In women, money is always the symbol of erotic speculation.3. MoneyAn important dream with many meanings:- If you dream of a man with money, it means you are in a worry-free time in your existence money you find in your dream, sign is that you will lose the money you have money losing.- Money in the dream - you will be a little careless and you will have some losses.- If you dream of giving money to someone - sign that you are a hearty man.- If you dreamed of counting money - you will have wealth, luck.- Silver money - you will do business with much winning in general, the romanian explanation of a dream with money is that they are talking, often these words are not good.4. Money throwingLittle trouble that will cause you a lot of trouble.5. Silver money
Silver money in dreams means that you will do business with much gain.
The Romanian tradition explains the dream of silver money as a lot of talk, gossip, bad words.
If you dream that you hear the clink of silver money is a sign of illness.

6. Gold Money
Generally, gold coins and silver coins are considered to be auspicious.
The golden money in dreams is an unfortunate improvement in material denial.
For more details, read also: Galbeni (golden money in the Romanian tradition)7. Paper money
Paper money in a dream usually means bad luck.
It could mean a warning. You may have emotional and material loss.
For more details visit the dream banknote.8. False money
False or counterfeit money in dreams suggests that not everything we see is what seems to be. You may feel unworthy or someone will underestimate your talents or efforts.
Alternatively, this dream is a sign of the subconscious's warning that you will claim what you are not.
All fake money can be a warning that you may have problems with some undisciplined or worthless people.
Using or borrowing someone money in dreams means that the dreamer is trying to conceal something. Alternatively, if the person who dreams receives false money from work done or as a salary, then it is a sign that he is not able to take advantage of career opportunities.
From a psychological point of view, counterfeit money can indicate disappointment or deception in which you have been involved or staged. They are considered to be a symbol of falsity.9. Money stolen
If you dream of stealing money means that you have some financial problems, but try not to be ashamed to get yourself done to fix the situation.
The dream of someone stealing money from you suggests that you exaggerate too much, that you lead to extreme love for someone.10. Money on the wayYou will get rid of some worry that kneads you.

11. Small money
Some talkative think that marginal money in dreams tears tears, others think it means happiness, plenty.
For more details, see the interpretation of the dream money.12. Money receivedYou will hear unpleasant words and you will travel soon.13. Money zornaindBig offense.14. Money box
It is very important to think about the way you feel when you dream of a box of money. By seeing a box of money, it can be a good business and you will overcome all the obstacles to ensure your well-being and easy life in the future.
If you dreamed of a box of money and when you open it it turns out to be one with tricks or clownware, this indicates that someone around you will not be honest, will deny you and take you with the joke . If opening the box causes agitation, jumping from it, or playing music, it means that your enlightening personality will cause worries in everyday life

15. Galbeni money
According to our tradition, gold money (yellow) represents success and wealth.
- If you have gold coins in your dream, it means you will multiply your wealth.
- If you dream yellow, your words will upset somebody.
- If you dreamed that you received from someone yellow, it means you will be accepted in an influential group of rich people.
- If you dreamed that your pocket is full of gold coins it means you are getting help in solving a complicated problem.
- If you see in other people's dreams, your situation will change for the better.16. Borrowing money
Visiting borrowing money from others, most likely your recent economic situation is not good, lack of money. If in reality the money situation is not a problem, maybe you just want to get help in what you do or just look for a recognition of others, a way of recognizing how hard you work.
Visiting that you borrow money to others, indicates that the person / person needs your help. Hinting that you have taken the initiative to borrow money to others, foretell a possible loss of money, even bankruptcy, but you prefer to do good deeds. For example: donate money, objects to people who need it.
Bribing money from the dead. This dream is not a fear, but it indicates that few friends will come to help if you face difficulties or obstacles in reality.
Visiting that friends refuse to refund your money loan. This type of dream reminds you that lately you do not understand very well with certain people, and the responsibility may be yours. In short, you need to be more careful and cautious about what you are saying and what you are doing.17. Wallet with money
A wallet with money in dreams means that you are an extravagant thread and you like to show your grandeur in front of others, you make useless expenses.
The dream of finding a wallet full of money suggests that you will make a trip.  

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