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Interpretation of the Pampers dream / diaper

What does it mean when you dream of Pampers / diaper? Well, you have to consider the context in which "Pampers / diapers" appear. Try to remember as many of your dreams as you can.

Here are the explanations for the "Pampers / diaper" dream:

1. Pampers / diaper
As a rule, pampers (as they say to your diaper again) are something of your life that needs constant care. A very demanding problem or something requiring recurring responsibility.
Seeing or wearing a diaper in your dream symbolizes your childlike attitudes and actions. You may be too dependent on others.
Visiting changing diapers suggests the need to clean up your behavior and change your childhood paths. Perhaps you should change your attitude and approach to a new idea or project.
Dirty diapers in dreams indicate the need to cleanse the misery of your life. This dream also symbolizes the awareness of a daily life issue that needs attention. A need to take care responsibly or discreetly. A need to involve you in someone else's problem.
Dream Example:

A woman dreamed a baby in a diaper that led her by holding her wrist in a dark room. In her everyday life, she had thoughts of rethinking about a fertilization procedure at a clinic. The baby in the diaper reflects her desire to raise a baby.  

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