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Interpreting the Child Dream

What does it mean when you dream Baby? Well, you also need to consider the context in which "Child" appears. Try to remember as many of your dreams as you can.

Here are the explanations for the "Child" dream:

1 childUnfairness, illness.- Little baby breastfeeding - happiness and plenty.- Adoptive child if you grow up - discontent.- Child Running - Discontent.- Child Running Through Home - Lucky Business.- Gathering more children - interesting news.- You dream of touching a child - you are dominated by responsibility.- Obedient child - cost-effective business.- Boy - passive anger.- Batting a child - injustice.- Baby beaten up - suffer a shame.- A baby is born - death.- Two children - great joys between husbands.- Children taken by the hand - the end of a lucky business.- Girl - great joy.- Child engagement - Reasonable initiatives on your part.- Nice baby - satisfaction, you will make it pleasant.- Child in the yard - pass danger.- Child in a man's arms - a boy will be born.- Child in the Beast - health, joy.- Child playing - understanding, love, good business - playing more - material success - playing with him - joy of winning.- Child to breast - happiness.- Cradle with a child - hope for the future, success of the projects started.- Leancing a child - makes you big hopes in the ongoing business.- Hitting the child - injustice.- More children together - trouble.- Child care - financial success.-Manging a child - doubts that need to be clarified.- Little baby in his arms - trouble, shame.- Very young children - raising the family.- To dream that you have many children - so do you have enemies too.- Must a child - good prospects.- Child dying - earning.- Getting up - trouble.- A girl dreaming - someone is trying to seduce you- You neglect a child - lack of understanding, resentment.- Newborn baby - fatigue that leads to distress.- Baby shoe - promotion at work. Sandals - you'll get good advice.- You punish a child - financial troubles.- Breast a child - good family relationships and loved one.- Strong child - health, you know how to focus.- Child laughing - bad news.- Baby stand - good weather.- Stand next to a newborn - great joy.- Kids talking to each other - joy.- Seeing tied children - serenity in the family.
- You see a child in a dream - you start a new sentimental connection.2. Sick child
The sick child in dreams means that your family's well-being is threatened.
If a mother dreams of a sick child it means that everything will be good with the baby, but the mother is concerned about other little troubles with the baby.3. The missing child
Having dreams about a missing child may be good or bad depending on whether you lose your child or you find it.
Many times, when we lose something, the image of a place to look for comes back to us. The dream of a missing child may have different meanings.
One of these meanings suggests that having a missing child is a very positive thing, because it seems you can see where the baby is and where you can find it.
A second explanation is a negative one that could mean the longing for youth. You want those times simpler, worry-free, stress-free, without bills or responsibilities.
More information can also be found on the Extinction Dream Interpretation page.4. Child leganandDo not make big hopes about the ongoing business.5. Small baby
Dreams for young children give us access to our baby. We all have parts of our being that are still curious and childlike. When we succeed in establishing a connection with this side of ours, we are given our own permission to explore the potential of unity, of accomplishment, which we have not until then recognized in ourselves.

6. A dead child
If you dream of a dead child, it means an upset or a disappointment in the future. Also, seeing your dead child means that your well-being is threatened. Alternatively, if you dream a deadborn baby suggests that you have lost confidence in something or someone.7. Lost child
A child lost in dreams may be a good or bad thing depending on whether you have found or lost your baby.
If you dream a lost child, it means you should pay special attention to the information you see and have not been addressed to the media.8. Baby cryingDisease in the family.9. Child laughingWorrying news.10. Childhood
To dream about your childhood indicates the desire to return to a life where you have no worries and responsibilities. Also, the dream is innocent.
Alternatively, the dream suggests that certain aspects of your childhood have not been integrated into the adult personality. On the other hand, some childhood anxiety may have not yet been resolved.

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