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6 signs that you have a healthy relationship, codependent

In such a relationship, partners need excessive attention. Love turns into obsession and dependence, and this can only turn into a sort of serious illness.
This kind of relationship will not be good for any of the partners. It is assumed that a couple should grow together, never to do more harm than good. 2018

When a man is narcissistic and selfish, he will always ask for various things. He will never be content with the man beside him and will have more and more demands as his previous desires are fulfilled.
In a healthy relationship, there is a balance. It's normal to want to rely on the one next to you. But there is a difference between having the loved one's support and failing to have some independence.
So here are the six signs that you do not have a healthy relationship!

1. Only one of you thinks for two

One of you being too selfish, there will still be one to think for two. Only one will have the responsibility to try to make the relationship go. There is no reciprocity, for one of you will always have demands, while the other will always try to respect them. If this happens, the relationship has taken it in an unhealthy direction.

2. You have to change to match your partner

Each of us has half, so we should not try to regulate our partner, so we'd like it. Of course, each of us lends some gestures and habits to the loved one, but it is not ok when this does not come naturally. The relationship starts awesome, then you get to know the person next to you better. You realize that this person is not, in fact, what seemed at first, but you try to get accustomed and accustomed to this. In reality, relationships are healthy when there is mutual respect, trust, and when both people in the relationship are sincere.

3. You lose your privacy

Of course, in a relationship, you open yourself up in front of a person and you feel like yours. However, a person is trying to get rid of every corner of your life. Which is actually obsessed with you and your relationship.

4. You do not feel that you have a life beyond the relationship

In any relationship, it is important to maintain a balance between couple life and independence. You should not be so dependent on someone to lose yourself. You would not want to lose that detail that makes you unique. Since too much time together makes more harm than good, you should, besides nights together, plan yourselves sometimes with your friends or alone. You should give each other the chance to feel and to miss each other. In addition, if you manage to do things on your own and succeed on other plans, you will be more attractive to your partner. And vice versa, of course.

5. You need approval

If you feel that you can no longer make decisions on your own, that you need your partner's permission to do ordinary things in the life of the day, something is wrong. If you have entered this trusty relationship within yourself, as you lose your relationship throughout the relationship, you may not have a relationship that does well.

6. Eliminate the unhealthy habits of your partner

Another sign of an unhealthy relationship is that you start to take over from the unhealthy habits of someone next to you (excessive alcohol or fast food), even if you do not like it.
A good example of this is Leah and Phil. He knew he had to stop eating sweets with diabetes. However, Leah made some very tasty sweets, and her boyfriend always complimented her for this. Although she was aware that he was not doing well for them, she was still cooking because she felt good to receive compliments.

If you do not know whether your relationship is going wrong or wrong, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Are you always afraid, you or your partner, that the other will want to separate you? Do you have any of you ever need to confirm that the other loves you? Create yourself or your partner, false mistakes, just to get more Do you think that you or your partner are dependent on your relationship, without having a life outside it? Are there frequent tensions and waves in your relationship, and will you often separate and replicate?

Well, if you answered yes to most questions, unfortunately, you may have a relationship that is not doing well.

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