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6 signs that you will not have a serious relationship as much as you try

Do not make plans

If he does not make plans with you then he does not want a serious relationship. If he announces you at the last minute he wants to see you is a sign that he likes to spend time together. But if you just come out when he invites you in the city at the last minute, it's not a very encouraging sign that the relationship will work. It is not necessary to plan your appointments weeks before, but if you briefly announce it, it is clear that he does not want to get involved very much.

Do not show it to your friends

Someone in a relationship will want his girlfriend to spend time with his friends too. If you have not yet met friends, there is a reason. He will not show you to his friends if he does not want to be with you in the future.

You're a secret

If besides not presenting to his friends, they do not even know that you are alive, then you should certainly ask a great question mark. If it keeps you secret, then it's obvious that he does not want a long-term relationship with you. Do not accept this kind of game because you will suffer very much. Yes, of course you want privacy in your relationship, but that does not mean that no one has to know about your existence.

It just disappears

Generally men tend to flee their responsibilities, and a serious relationship is certainly a responsibility for them. Unfortunately, they have no courage to tell you that they are afraid of a serious relationship, and prefer to behave strangely, not to respond to messages and to make you decide to separate. If you notice such an attitude, you better go and try to move on. The most important thing in a relationship is communication, if it does not exist then it is better to move away to avoid suffering later.

It challenges quarrels

It is precisely because of this fear of responsibility that the partner chooses to provoke various quarrels for no particular reason just to get away. Think well if you want such a person near you in the long run.

If you encounter one of these signs is your decision if you want to confront your partner and solve these problems. But you should think very well who you are, what you really deserve and not be content with the little one offered by your partner, maybe something better and a partner that really deserves you.
Septembrie 2018

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