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Bone tips: Aloe vera or hair wondrous treatment

Top 5 Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel You Did not Know: Cleanse Oily Hair

Aloe Vera effectively cleans hair follicles, eliminating excess sebum and residues from other hair products. The plant's gel does not hurt your hair while cleaning it. Unlike other chemicals in hair products, aloe vera is delicate and preserves the integrity and natural condition of the hair.

Moisture damaged hair

Instead of a chemical balsam, you can hydrate your hair with a natural balsam. Mix aloe vera gel with honey and a little apple vinegar until the whole product is homogenized. Apply the balm to your hair along the length of the thread, wait for a few minutes and then rinse. In the end, the hair will be more silky, brighter and more vibrant. The hair will become softer and will be hydrated in depth.

Smooths rebellious hair

If your hair is electrifying and you can not arrange your hair in the morning? This is the miracle solution. Mix in equal amounts of aloe vera gel and water, add a few drops of essential flavor essential oil and put it all in a spray bottle. Apply this mask in the morning with a few sprays before you set up your hair.

Dry hair treatment

You feel your hair harsh at the touch, and the classic masks have not yet achieved results. Then take a leaf of aloe vera and cut it in half, long. Use the spoon gel with a spoon and apply it to your hair after washing it in advance. Put your hair in a warm towel and wait 15-20 minutes before rinsing. You will be amazed at how silky hair will be after application.

Antimatter treatment
Aloe vera contains enzymes that remove dandruff because they have an antibacterial role. In addition, keep your hair hydrated and the scalp ph will be balanced. Massage the scalp with aloe vera gel 10 minutes before applying the shampoo. Shampoo, rinse, then massage the scalp with a few drops of lemon juice mixed with aloe vera gel. After that, shampoo again and rinse with warm, not hot water.

Cautions you should take into account when using aloe vera gel

Do not use aloe gel if you are allergic to it. Before using the local herb, test on a small area of ​​the skin. Put a bit of aloe inside your wrist and wait for about two hours to see how the skin reacts. You also need to be careful about aloe, if you use hydrocortisone cream on your skin. The plant can increase the amount of cortisone absorbed by the skin when the two are used together. - dezvoltare personala de la a la z

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