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Lifestyle: 10 things that are NOT proof of love and 4 things that show love


We confuse this feeling with love. Attachment is, in fact, due to insecurity. When we want or need non-stop affection, well, that's not love. Jealousy is not love. Fear is not love. Knowing your partner is not love.


No, love does not hurt. And we do not take revenge on someone we love. Here's the ego. It's not love! Whoever says that love has its ugly parts, that love can hurt you ... probably wrong. Because when you love a person, you can not hurt her.

Our needs

When you hear I want to be with you, it's not a declaration of love. When what you want becomes the most important subject for you, hmm, you do not love that person.

The beauty

His beauty is fleeting. Who's telling you I love you because you're beautiful, "he probably does not really love you. You can not love someone for what it looks like. Love is more than that. A lot more. Emma Linday once said anyone telling me that I'm beautiful, she proves she loves him. These people tell me that they want people and things around them that make them happy, and the way I look at them brings them happiness. "


Do not create your own expectations about certain things about your loved one. It's normal for us to want the best for that person, but you do not have to expect yourself to be satisfied in one way or the other. We just have to want what is best for the loved one, not what's best for us. And what's good from our point of view, is not necessarily good for the loved one.

For example, when our mothers are upset that we break up from our boyfriend, saying they want someone to remain with, it's not necessarily for our benefit. It is for their benefit. Because they want to know us at our house, with our family. Let them be quiet that their duty is over and they have done their job properly.


For example, when you ask your boyfriend why he loves you and he tells you because you agree with me all the time. " Interesting. It does not interest him that you have common opinions and thoughts. His interest is just not to be contradicted.


That is, when you love your partner because it is what you are not. In fact, you're happy to see there's someone out there who does what you do not. Which can help. Which can complete you. It's in your interest. You do not enjoy it. For example, too masculine men, not at all sensitive, will feel good to have women with very feminine, sensitive and fragile features, that is, at the other extreme. - dezvoltare personala de la a la z 2018

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