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Personal Development, The Revolution of Positive Thinking

To transform stress into good energy, to know how to control the unpredictable, to see life from a positive angle, we all want it. I got out of my mind, but only with the help of awareness, psychology and positive thinking.

Positive thinking is the most insane concept in the world of coaching, you have certainly heard of it. The discipline founded in 1998 by Martin Seligman, a psychology researcher and professor at Pennsylvania University, positively psychologically tries to find out what makes people happy, productive and optimistic in everyday life.

Twenty years after the emergence of this approach - based on studies that borrow concepts from neuroscience and humanities - its success can no longer be challenged. Moreover, today we can scientifically prove, thanks to the progress of medical imaging, that it is possible to train your brain to see life in a seperate way and to enjoy more satisfaction without meaning to distort or avoid reality.

It helped me a lot, so I thought it might be helpful to start the autumn in a positive way, especially as the autumn is usually not the busiest time for anyone: you come back to the office after vacation, agglomery starts and rush and discontent.

Here are 7 ideas that will make you feel good and will change your long-term behavior.

Train your emotional memory

Just because you went back to the office does not mean you have to throw your head in the big ocean of the newspaper. Positive holiday-related emotions are a good source of energy. To reactivate them, give yourself a transition period. Do not come back to the office right after a vacation - take a few days to sit at home and think about moments of happiness and joy on vacation. Enjoy them because they are your best souvenir and a good way to enjoy another bit of serenity. Studies prove it: the more your emotional memory becomes, the longer the calm you get on your vacation.

Educate your brain

Shawn Achor, consultant, researcher and author of the book Advantage of Happiness: The seven principle of positive psychology that stimulates performance and determines success is one of the most famous ambassadors of positive thinking. His studies at Harvard show that 75% of professional achievements are related to the level of people's optimism and their ability to see stress as a challenge, not a threat. Its advice? Make a daily, 21-day list of three things that have brought you satisfaction. At the end of this workout, the brain is accustomed to better identify the positive aspects of your life and to focus on them as a matter of priority. So you become more productive and creative.

Smile more, smile all the time

Smile is at the center of positive psychology. It influences your mood, making you feel better, and changes the attitude of others towards you. Always smile wherever you are - at the supermarket, at Anaf's cash desk, at the office - and thanks to the mirror effect you will also get a smile to exchange. Latifa Gallo, coach and author of the book Negative emotions: How to get rid of fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, aggression, shame, explains: "This generosity encourages the brain to produce endorphins, the hormones of happiness." See why it is so important to cultivate relationships with others?

Prepare for unexpected

Once you accept that the unpredictability is part of life, everything becomes much simpler. Sure, you have to learn to adapt, to find solutions, but the fact that you can predict it decreases much of your anxiety. And, ultimately, solving an unexpected situation must not always be so disagreeable. It's a challenge that you have to take with your arms open, the opportunity to know more about your inner strength, the moment when you can change certain behaviors for good. As philosopher Charles Pepin said, "He who trusts in him and in life is the one who accepted the unpredictable, who came to love him."

Socialize, socialize, socialize

The happiest people are those who have a rich social life. I know it's hard at the beginning of autumn, when work tends to become a priority, but try to schedule at least a weekend with your friends. And not countermand! It's important to have fun, laugh, amuse yourself. It is important to redefine the importance of moments that do well, treat them as priorities without being guilty.

Watch your office happy

Take the last days of vacation (if you have them) to retreat to a quiet corner where you can close your eyes and try to imagine how it will be when you get back to the office. View yourself smiling, full of resources, energy and beautiful projects. Let this picture be printed on the retina along with the sensations it provides, and you will see that the first day at the office will be exactly how you imagined it. Highly used in sofrology, this practice has impressive results. Studies have been made with a pianist who has a gypsy hand. Although he could not play the piano, he was asked to see that he was doing it. When the gypsum was taken down, its hand was twice as operationally quicker than in those who did not do this exercise.

Have a look at the others

In positive psychology, the other is essential. Give yourself time to listen to others, find out what's going on and give you your help. Do not forget about compliments, because the altruism that you prove when you make someone happy brings you the most happiness. The effect it has on the brain is the same as when we smile: produces endorphins and instantly brings your smile on your lips.

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