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Virgo's Compatibility with Other Signs

Virgo and Aries

The two seem very good friends, but their characters will soon bring them into conflict. Aries will dare the Virgin with his boldness. Also shocking will be Aries' intention to go together on an adventurous journey without knowing any details. Planning always deals with Virgo.

Virgo sees Aries scornless, and he feels constantly criticized. It is a vicious circle that lasts until Aries leaves the door, without looking back.

The two feel insecure in the relationship. Virgo needs stability and Aries likes to live adventurous.

Virgo and Taurus

The two really get along and form a strong couple. Taurus takes the lead, and Virgo does not bother it, as long as there is a good plan. Both are romantic and spend a lot of time analyzing the situations around them. Virgo is always attentive to what she likes and does not like Taurus. Taurus is melted by Virgo's sensuality and this can only be relaxed in the presence of Taurus.

If Taurus deals with the financial part, Virgo helps him analyze the options. If Taurus gets into trouble, Virgo helps and inspires him.

Both are aware of the need for security, so discuss whatever is related to their feelings. Taurus is very resistant to the Virgin's criticism, but at the same time will appreciate its perspicacity. Virgo sometimes believes Taurus too rigid and unchanged. However, both are very sensitive and their quarrels will not be greater than these misunderstandings. The house of the two is convenient and practical. Taurus admired Virgo's dexterity in bed.

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