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What is micro-cheating and what does it mean for your relationship?

Infidelity has, in fact, various forms. You do not have to kiss or sleep with someone else to deceive your partner. In fact, when we get into a relationship, yes, we need freedom, but there is a difference between being free and lying to your partner and hiding things from him.

As a relationship to go as it should be, it is important to discuss with the boyfriend from the beginning and to establish some common ideas about the good course of the relationship.

To understand better what I mean, here are some examples of micro-cheated!

1. When you follow and appreciate someone you find attractive from a sexual or romantic point of view. A person you're curious about and commenting on social network posts.

2. Send messages to another man, behind your lover's back.

3. Have intimate conversations with someone you feel attracted to.

4. Try to hide your relationship when you find someone who attracts you and start talking to that person about your relationship problems (false or real issues) so that your relationship does not seem so important, and you can manage to keep that person's interest.

5. Flirt with someone, although you are aware that if they find out, your partner would be disturbed by this. You mean to act publicly when your partner is not present, as if you were alone.

6. Again, when your partner is not present, you are hiding your engagement ring or other evidence that you have a relationship.

Does technology play a role in this?

Yes! Because today, it seems that a potential new partner is only a click away. Thus, technology plays a very important role when it comes to micro-cheated. You have access to many more people alone and probably interested in you. Even if you are not physically deceived, but through the virtual environment, we can still talk emotionally cheated.

Why should both partners be on the same wavelength?

Because there is a balance, there are many cumplings that would be very upset to find out that the partner is flirting with someone else in the virtual environment, feeling disappointed and offended.
At the same time, there are couples who do not care about things like this and who do not have the problem of flirting with other people in the virtual environment, as long as it does not become real, verbal.

Is micro-cheating a launch ramp for something more serious?

The natural answer is yes! Because this becomes a habit and leads to the deception itself. When someone gets used to hiding things from a partner, it may be just a matter of time before it goes to the next level. Starting from nothing serious 'something very serious can be reached'.

How can you discuss this issue with your partner?

You talk about it when you really have time for it, when both of you are in the right condition.
Explain to your partner that you have learned about this new term called "micro-deceived" and that you have read articles on this subject.

Tell him what your opinion is about this topic and what kind of behavior you catalog as micro-cheated.
Ask your partner what their opinion is about without uncomfortable or offended. Show yourself compassionate and do not make him feel bad because he does not share your opinion.

Explain how your opinion makes you feel and, if necessary, develop a plan of struggle. " Reflects on your relationship. If you can not agree with the differences of thought, it's time to tell if this relationship is right for you.

There are many different opinions on the definition of micro-deception, so you should make sure that you and your partner are on the same wavelength. 2018

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