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Why do you wake up during the night? What are the reasons that can spoil your sleep?

Every one of us has, at some point, sooner or later, waking up from sleep and not resting as it should.

Why do you wake up during the night? There are many reasons why these night-time awakenings do not let you charge your batteries for a new day.

A restful sleep is extremely important to you, for the health of the body, for a beautiful and bright skin, and especially for your mood. However, it can happen that sleep is disturbed for various reasons!
Sometimes you know them, sometimes you just wonder why you wake up. Here, according to the Self, some of the causes that prevent you from having a quiet and restful sleep:

The room where you sleep is not suitable for a quiet sleep

Sometimes, one of the reasons that makes you wake up in the middle of the night can be the atmosphere. The room is either too hot, too cold, or an unfriendly smell or a light source bothers you.

To avoid these problems, you can change the place where you sleep. The room should be quiet, dark and the temperature is not too high or too small.

Anxiety and awakening from sleep in the middle of the night

Another reason that can get you out of sleep during the night is anxiety. Specialists say these moments when you wake up from sleep, either because of panic attacks or because of rapid heart beats, are a common sign of anxiety.

This time, if you think you may have anxiety problems, it would be best to talk to a specialist. You do not have to be ashamed or afraid, there are things that can happen to anyone. Talk to a specialist and see how you can solve the problem.

You wake up often to go to the toilet

Why do you wake up during the night? Here's another simple reason: going to the toilet. It is unpleasant to wake up from your sleep because your bladder can not wait until morning, but it is not shameful.

Going to the toilet during sleep has a lot of causes: either you drink too much fluids, suffer from a urinary infection or have a very active bladder. In this case, it is advisable to quit the liquids you drink before bedtime, and if nighttime urination occurs along with other symptoms, consult a specialist. He is able to tell you if you have a urinary infection or if there are other health problems that could cause you frequent urination and help you solve the problem correctly!

Alcohol can ruin your sleep

Drinking alcohol, especially before bedtime, can have effects on the quality of sleep. Because we are different, the body of each of us assimilates alcohol differently, and sometimes one of the reactions is this.

Specialists recommend avoiding alcohol before bedtime, so as not to spoil your rest. Another reason why is not it good to drink before bedtime? Being liquid, I can emphasize the need to go to the toilet, and so you will be disturbed by your sleep.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a problem with the respiratory system. You may happen to suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, believing that you are losing your breath. In this case, it is best to talk to a doctor. It will help you solve this problem in a more efficient way.

You are hungry or too sad

Why do you wake up during the night? Feeding can play an important role in how you rest. For example, you may happen to wake up in the middle of the night either because you ate little before bedtime or because you did not eat enough and you were hungry.

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