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The Significance of the Dream Woman

The Significance of the Dream Woman

Interpreting the Dream Women

What does it mean when you dream about women? Well, you also need to consider the context in which "Women" appear. Try to remember as many of your dreams as you can.

Here are the explanations for the "Women" dream:

1. Beard if you see a dream in a family home.

2. Big stomach (to woman) Big business gain.

3. Woman If young, you will be slandered by enemies
- If he's old, you'll hear bad news about someone dear
- if you wash clothes, it is a good sign, you will be lucky and you will be advanced
- if he's sick, it's a bad sign, because someone's gonna die soon
- if you beat her, she's a bad sign of quarrel
- if she is pregnant, wait for the weights
- If there are more and work, it is bad sign, to quarrel
- if they quarrel with each other, they are going through difficult times, with shortcomings and dissatisfaction
- if a woman dies, it's bad, because you will be separated from a friend or close relative
- if you marry her, it's bad, because it means, quarreling and misunderstanding
- if there are more sick, it is bad, horses will have some intrigue from the people you work with.

4. WomanMinciuni, quarrels, betrayal, unpleasantness, paralamania, dishonesty, uncertainty, opinion of rau, scandal - old-time illness, bad news to one's dear -baby with wrinkles- illness - death-blonde-richness-brown-love-struggling between difficult times with material deprivation-cheala-happiness homemade-honest- defending your interests- with beard-death-cake- costume for lack of organization.

5. Old woman

The old woman in dreams promises a good illness or you will hear bad news to someone dear.

The dream of an old woman with wrinkles means that you will have an unpleasant journey.

6. Brunette woman

The brunette woman in dreams means love. It may be the love you feel for that woman or the love you will meet.

7. Woman with beard

A beard in a woman may mean that you consider the woman to have certain characteristics of male personality or some traits usually associated with men.

If you are a woman and dream that you have beard, she can represent:

a fear of not feeling pretty feminine or a loss of femininity your masculine attitude (courage, stoicism, etc.) the desire to have the same power as men in society

If you are a man and you see a bearded woman, such a dream indicates anger, fatigue, insecurity and frustration. Alternatively, the dream can foretell unpleasant associations and dubious characters.

For more details, read the general meaning of the Barba dream

8. Beautiful woman

A beautiful woman in dreams is your feelings about a resolution or a solution to a problem that makes you feel good because it offers you exactly what you need. The dream might reflect the fear of not shaving.

Dreaming a beautiful woman may also be a sign that you will be successful in business, but also personally and socially.

9. Empty woman

An empty woman in the dream indicates that you will be lucky, will enjoy the presence of some friends. At the same time, the dream brings with it a lot of fun, maybe even a marriage comes into question.

10. Woman in black

It seems like a dream in which a black woman appears might mean someone is getting ready to die. However, not all idiots think this dream suggests this.

If you dream that a woman in a black dress stands in front of you it means that someone you think has more control over you will be pursuing a steaming move.

Chinese tradition says that a strange woman dressed in black suggests success in business. If the dreamer is already a business partner with a woman then business will be very good, and success is guaranteed.
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