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Why is it so difficult for the Romans to save money?

And more than that, why when they start doing this, most people are afraid to invest and prefer to keep their money "on the mattress" or in a savings account?
Savings have nothing to do with your salary; you can save month of month, no matter how you win. The difference is to the saved amount ... I bet that those who say they do not earn enough to put their money off, have expensive phones that they do not really allow, and kids the same. Savings must also be preceded by a change of mentality in terms of money and their management!
 I abstain ... "the money does not have the tail" tells us the article ... I also say it is not "elastic" to shoot too much of it. I consider myself a "tight hand" and still ... I can not save. And in "charity games" let me stop believing in. What about "investments" ... to be serious ...
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