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You are the hero or heroine of your story

You are the hero or heroine of your story.
And any hero has to do "the hero's journey".
This is the professional discovery.
The hero walks through all the stories of his story, realizes that whatever happens to him leads to a vanishing, he notices that something is becoming, someone, after challenges and sufferings, knows himself and at the end he discovers the treasure he has been looking for.
Then he returns with the treasure back to the world and offers to others the riches discovered in his adventures.
Which stage of your story you find?
Did you get the wake-up message?
Have you been called to follow your path?
Does your entourage pull back, the old habits?
Have you given the "wise old man" who gives you some very well targeted tips?
Did you get the obstacles? Did you get your help?
The first step in your journey is to realize that you can no longer live in the old style or at least not for a long time.
Then it's important to know very clearly what you are pursuing, what vocation is. (cap.1)
Just before you go on the road, you get the fear, an absolutely natural fear. (we have a cure for it in head.3)
Once on the road, you are on the unblemished roads and crown your own path. The most important help is your intuition. Your inner voice. (learn to listen to what life tells you in chapter 4)
The following challenges will reveal what are your strong points as allies. You will discover that you have some talents, some passions, some natural inclinations. They are the key to ending this adventure. (Chapter 6 is about how to discover our talents)
Before the end, you will have the great battle and it will not be outside, as you thought, but the interior.
You will be tested, tested, to prove that you are worthy.
Trauma, fear, vices, all will challenge you so that you look like you're a little bit more than them.
At the end, after the big battle, you will enter a new era of your life, brighter and more beautiful than ever.
I am your guide on this journey.
I prepare you as well as I can tell you about the route. I can open some doors through which I myself stepped first.
But only you can cross the bridge. I can not do it for you.
We cross the bridge together?
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